can you cook raw chicken with vegetables

Can you cook raw chicken with vegetables? Well, maybe you have just bought a slow cooker and are worried about putting veggies and meat together. 

Or, someone may have warned you about what could go wrong with mixing raw chicken and veggies.

Why is the meat not browned before being placed in the slow cooker when the instructions indicate to do so?

Is it even supposed to be mixed uncooked with the vegetables?

Yes, it is generally safe to cook raw chicken and veggies together in the pan as well as in your slow cooker.

Can You Cook Raw Chicken with Vegetables or Not?

cook raw chicken with vegetables

No matter how weird it might sound to some, it is usually fine to cook raw chicken and veggies together in the same pan.

All that matters is whether or not everything in the pan has cooked thoroughly. 

You should be worried about food poisoning and other issues only when you consume undercooked meat. 

Can You Put Raw Chicken in a Slow Cooker with Vegetables?

how to slow cook chicken

Even though it may sound strange, raw meat and veggies can both be placed in a slow cooker.

A slow cooker, as the name implies, cooks your food slowly. 

Because it cooks at a lower temperature, it takes longer to finish the meal.

The good thing is that bacteria cannot survive in the steamy environment and behind the snug cover.

An Important Consideration

When mixing chicken and veggies in your slow cooker, you should steer clear of stuffing it with a whole chicken or slab of meat (like a pot roast). 

The meat will cook more efficiently if it is cut into large portions.

Tip: It is usually fine to sear the meat first and then cook it in the slow cooker without changing the taste or texture.  

Is It Possible to Cook Frozen Chicken in Your Slow Cooker?

Yes, you may safely use frozen chicken in your slow cooker, just like you can do with raw chicken. 

slow cooking frozen chicken

The only consideration is that the cooking time for raw meat is less than that of frozen.

Frozen boneless chicken breasts can be used as a base for a soup, followed by the rest of the ingredients. 

The chicken only needs to cook for a very long time (around 6-8 hours) for it to be tender and juicy.

Tip: Be sure to store leftover chicken in the refrigerator no later than 2 hours after preparation, or 1 hour if exposed to temperatures exceeding 90°F. 

How Do You Cook Chicken and Veggies in the Oven?

cooking chicken in an oven

Many people wonder, “Can you cook raw chicken and vegetables in the oven?” 

And the answer is a resounding yes.

In fact, cooking in the oven is a great idea, especially for busy weeknights. 

Pre-cutting the vegetables and storing them in a closed container in the refrigerator is a good thing to do.

You can store them until you are ready to put them on the skillet with some olive oil and herbs is a great way to save time. 

The night before, simply add the chicken thighs, season with salt and pepper, and place in an oven that has been preheated. 

What are the Best Veggies to Cook with Chicken in the Oven?

what veggies to cook with chicken

Many types of vegetables are excellent candidates for oven roasting. 

Ideally, you should use veggies dense enough to caramelize in the oven’s dry circulating heat.

Listed below are some of our favorite vegetables for sheet pan roasting.

  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Baby red potatoes
  • Asparagus
  • Bell peppers
  • Green beans
  • Onions
  • Cabbage

How to Make Roasted Chicken and Veggies in Your Oven? 

chicken with veggies

In just one baking dish, you may get perfectly crisp veggies and juicy, flavorful chicken.

It takes only 15 minutes to prepare the chicken and vegetables for roasting, and then you can sit back and enjoy the aroma and warmth as they bake to perfection. 


  • 2lbs of chicken thighs
  • 12 oz each of green beans, whole carrots and baby red potatoes
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • A medium red onion
  • 2 tbsp of fresh thyme
  • ½ tbsp of avocado oil or olive oil
  • ½ tsp each of black pepper and sea salt 


  • Set oven temperature to 425F.
  • Take parchment paper and use it to line a rimmed baking sheet.
  • Add all your veggies and herbs to the baking sheet with olive oil.
  • Take chicken thighs and spread them nicely on top of your veggies.
  • Use salt and pepper to season chicken and veggies.
  • Bake for about half an hour or until the chicken cooks through perfectly.
Tip: Be sure to toss and turn your veggies while cooking for at least once to ensure thorough and even cooking.

Can You Use Raw Chicken and Veggies in Soup?

chicken and veggie soup

Soups and other dishes that use raw chicken and vegetables may cause you to question the safety of your meal. 

But the truth is that you can still use raw chicken in soup so long as you know how long to cook.

The time required to cook is variable, and depends heavily on the method of cooking.

For instance:

When Using Stovetop

Cooking time for raw chicken pieces sliced into cubes typically ranges from 15 to 20 minutes.

To handle it properly, you need to bring all your ingredients to a boil in a big saucepan. 

Then, you should allow them to simmer over medium heat.

use stovetop to cook chicken

It can take up to 30 minutes longer to cook a full chicken breast, whether it be boneless or with the bone still in. 

When Using a Slow Cooker

Using your slow cooker and making chicken soup is a good idea, but you have to be a bit careful about the cooking time.

A slow cooker can be used to prepare a whole chicken in as little as four to six hours, even when cooking in the lowest setting. 

An Important Consideration

Do not forget that raw chicken can be used in soup.

To ensure the chicken is well cooked, simply increase the soup’s cooking time.

It is also important to remember that a chicken breast is going to take longer to cook than one that has been sliced into smaller pieces.

Why Do People Worry about Cooking Raw Chicken with Veggies?

raw chicken vegetables

Chicken has become the most popular type of meat in the United States. 

Even though cooked chicken is safe to eat, raw chicken is a different story.

It can often be contaminated with Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Clostridium perfringens, making people skeptical about using raw chicken with veggies.

Therefore, chicken that has not been fully cooked presents a significant risk of food poisoning. 

It is not just the raw chicken itself that poses a health risk, but anything that comes into contact with it, such as salad dressings or drinks.

Tip: Never use a cutting board, plate, or other surface that has handled raw chicken to hold fresh produce or cooked food.

How Do You Cook Raw Chicken Safely?

According to CDC, around 1 million individuals become ill after consuming tainted poultry annually in the United States.

cooking chicken safely

Follow these guidelines when shopping for, preparing, and consuming chicken to reduce your risk of getting sick: 

Pack it Right

When transporting raw chicken, be sure to seal it in a disposable bag. 

This helps prevent any of the juices from leaking and spoiling the rest of your groceries.

Wash It Properly

It is possible to use raw chicken directly without pre-washing. But if you do choose to wash, you should do it properly.

One USDA study found that even after a thorough cleaning, one in seven persons still had bacteria in their sink after washing chicken. 

wash raw chicken

Here is what to bear in mind when washing chicken:

  • Avoid splashing the chicken too much by running the water slowly over it.
  • Use hot soapy water to disinfect the sink and its surrounding area.
  • Do a quick 20-second handwash.

Cook Properly

Ideally, you should always use a separate cutting board for preparing chicken and not use it for other food items without washing.

And when it comes to cooking, ensure that you always cook it thoroughly. 

Check the internal temperature of the chicken using a food thermometer to ensure it has reached 165F for safety.

Tip: Be sure to treat frozen raw chicken the same way you would fresh raw chicken if making a microwaveable dish. 


The issue of food safety can be very stressful. Is there a way to ensure that what you are eating is truly safe? 

When preparing it, what precautions should be taken? And above all, can you cook raw chicken with vegetables? 

Generally, you need to focus more on “cooking” everything thoroughly. 

If you cook the chicken perfectly, you do not have to worry about using raw chicken and veggies in the oven or slow cooker.