can you freeze greek yogurt and eat it frozen

Are you wondering if you can freeze greek yogurt and eat it frozen?” We usually freeze things for the sake of preservation but on some occasions, we freeze treats just to be enjoyed frozen. 

Ice cream, ice pop, creamy mocha, and frozen yogurts are all examples of these said frozen treats enjoyed especially on hot summer days.

This brings us to the main question of this article: can you freeze greek yogurt and eat it frozen?

So in answer to your question, it truly depends on your taste. If you are a fan of tangy brain-freezing treats, then yes, you can eat frozen greek yogurt.

Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt And Eat It Frozen?

can you freeze greek yogurt

Like I said earlier, it truly depends on your personal taste but before we jump into that, there are some things we need to discuss clearly. 

We have heard about freezing yogurts generally, but because greek yogurt is strained, how do we know freezing greek yogurt is even a good idea, to begin with? 

This brings us to the next part of the article.

First Off, Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt?

Because greek yogurt has been strained to remove its whey, it is thicker and sourer than your normal yogurt.

It is usually advised to freeze greek yogurt for preservation but after thawing, it would lose its texture and become grainy and separate. 

greek yogurt

It also becomes extra tangy and there is a slight change in the flavor. This means it won’t be as creamy as it once was.

With that being said, thawed frozen yogurt can only be used in recipes where the yogurt’s texture doesn’t matter. 

Tip: Knowing how to freeze greek yogurt properly can help in maintaining the texture even after being frozen.

How To Freeze Greek Yogurt

how to freeze yogurt

The key to freezing greek yogurt is to freeze it in smaller portions, that way, after thawing, it won’t lose its texture. 

There are several ways to establish this but I’m only going to talk about the two easiest methods: Using an ice cube tray or crate and using tiny cups.

Method #1: Using An Ice Cube Tray

Each of the cubes should contain as much yogurt as it can hold, with a little space on top for expansion.

After freezing the yogurt, transfer it into a tightly sealed container or a thick plastic bag.

This would prevent it from changing the flavor or acquiring a weird taste from exposure in the freezer.

use ice cube tray

Method #2: Using A Tiny Cup

If you want something a little bit bigger than the ice cube then you can make use of a tiny cup instead.

The cup should have a cover that fits well and can be tightly sealed. 

Now that we know how to freeze greek yogurt properly, I ask you, my dear reader, does greek yogurt freeze well?

The answer depends on you but if you ask me, I think it does.

How To Enjoy Frozen Greek Yogurt

how to enjoy frozen greek yogurt

Since we have established that it is okay to eat frozen greek yogurt we should probably just call it a day. 

But then I can’t just let you leave with just that. Let’s discuss the best ways to eat and enjoy frozen greek yogurt.

Tip: If you are part of that population that doesn't have an issue with both, I think you would enjoy eating frozen Greek yogurt.

Ice Cream

You can never go wrong by using it as a replacement for ice cream.

Not only is it way healthier than ice cream, but it is also more delicious, at least to me. 

alternative for ice cream

But to be able to use frozen greek yogurt as ice cream, there are some extra steps to take to make it edible. If not, the yogurt might be too hard to scoop. 

Here are the additional steps to take to make the perfect greek yogurt ice cream.

Step #1: Add Fat

You can make use of any heavy cream of your choice as long as it has a very high-fat content.

I know you are wondering why you add fat, it is to make the yogurt scoopable and creamy.

Step #2: Add Sugar And Add-Ins

The main reason sugar is needed is to avoid the yogurt from crystalizing or icing up.

You can add in anything you want, fruits, syrup, vanilla extract, and probably honey.

greek yogurt ice cream
Tip: You don't have to add sugar to the yogurt if you add other sugary ingredients.

Step #3: Blend Together

After adding all that, you can blend it all with a blender or use an ice cream maker. After that, freeze it up and enjoy it however you like.

Ice Pop

Now, this is one of my favorite ways to enjoy frozen greek yogurt. If you are a fan of strong, tangy, and sweet candy it might end up being one of your favorites too. 

All you have to do is freeze the greek yogurt in popsicle molds. You can add any extra ingredient to spice it up.

Tip: Always add tiny chopped fruits and some crumbles of granular bars.

Yogurt Bites

yogurt bites

By now you should have noticed my love for frozen yogurt, greek or plain. It all started with yogurt bites.

My mum would give them to me as a kid cause I have always had a thing for sweet and sour. 

Yogurt bites are tiny little pieces of frozen yogurt that look like small sweets. It can be enjoyed by all ages, young and old.   

It is really easy to make. Just add a few drops of greek yogurt on a frozen tray and freeze.

You can make use of a spoon, cake decorator, or a thick bag cut at the edge to drop the yogurt on a frozen tray. 

The tray has to be frozen beforehand to make removing the yogurt bites easier.

It doesn’t take long to freeze and it melts quickly in your mouth so you don’t have to worry about giving toddlers.

Tip: Be creative with it, and use different flavors of greek yogurt for the yogurt bites.


You can make use of tiny cubes of greek yogurts or little scoops as toppings for different desserts.

It would make a really nice garnishing on your cake, pies, custard, and even frozen yogurt itself.

yogurt toppings

Used In Drinks And Cocktail 

Now, this is the most interesting way to consume frozen greek yogurt so far.

You can make a mean pina colada with frozen greek yogurt. There is a very wide range of how you can enjoy frozen greek yogurt. 

Champagne and yogurt bites are examples of those possibilities, something I haven’t tried yet but I heard is really nice.

Tip: Be creative and do whatever you like with your frozen greek yogurt.


greek yogurt parfait

The parfait can be with anything you like. I like enjoying mine in such a way that it isn’t necessarily a parfait. 

I make layers of yogurt, granola bars, and fruits.

But instead of making use of yogurts, I make use of yogurt bites instead, making sure they are really colorful by using different flavors.


Some of you might not like eating frozen things because of sensitivity and some might not like extremely tangly and sour threats. 

So far, I think we have realized that there is a wide range of ways to eat and enjoy frozen Greek yogurts and all you just have to do is be creative. 

Who knows, you might even come up with a signature treat, drink, or dessert.

Now that we have gotten to the end of this article I think it is safe to say I answered the question “can you freeze greek yogurt and eat it frozen” correctly. 

I hope this article has been very helpful.  Thank you very much for your time and patience. Stay safe!