can you fry fish in vegetable oil

Can you fry fish in vegetable oil? Everyone likes their fish well cooked, ingredients thrown carefully and equally here and there.

Most people love their fish fried. It takes a lot of culinary skills to fry fish impressively.

And one of the factors that contribute largely to the quality of fish you get at the end of your fry is the type of oil you fry it in.

And because vegetable oil is too common, everyone wants to know if they can use it to fry their fish.

Absolutely yes, Regardless of whether you are pan frying or deep frying, vegetable oil, with its neutrality and a high smoke point, is the best oil for fish frying.

What Do You Consider When Choosing Oil For Fish Frying?

consider oil for fish frying

How you fry your fish determines how you like it.

Even if your culinary skills are top-notch, deviation from one type of cooking oil to the other could greatly impact the quality of fish you serve at the end of the frying.

How you choose oil is a dictation of taste and quality. So, what do you consider while shopping for the oil to use in frying fish?

Here are some of the factors you must have in mind while shopping for the oil you intend to use in fish frying.


Bad flavors are a turn-off even when the fish is well cooked and inviting. Fried fish was meant to have all the pleasant tastes.

While picking cooking oil for frying fish, ensure you go for one that doesn’t overpower the fish with flavor.

Tip: Usually, cooking oils that do not heat well enough will overpower the fish’s flavor, since they accumulate on the inside.

The Smoke Point

a smoke point

The smoke point of any cooking oil defines the point in temperature when it begins to produce lots of smoke.

At this point the food starts to burn, developing an acrid smell and taste.

Here, the oil usually has completely broken down and becomes very unstable, it burns its contents severely.

That is why the oil that you use for deep frying or just lightly frying fish must be one with a very high smoke point. 

This is since fish is recommended to be fried at high temperatures.

Can You Fry Fish In Vegetable Oil?

fry the fish in vegetable oil

So, can you deep fry fish in vegetable oil? Apparently, based on the factors above, the question as to whether or not vegetable oil can be used for deep frying fish arises.

This might be nagging and disturbing. But then, we find out here, not so?

Vegetable oil is one of the commonest types of oil available in the market for homes.

It is less costly, with a longer shelf life, and fits well even when used in little amounts.

But can it be used in frying fish?

Vegetable oil has a high smoke point that ranges between 400 and 450F. Its neutral taste and scent make it stand out as a fish frying option.

There is nothing wrong with frying fish in vegetable oil. In fact, if anything, vegetable oil is the best oil anyone can use for frying their fish.

Tip: As you go shopping for vegetable oil you plan to use for frying fish, make sure that you check the smoke points since they tend to vary.

Varied Smoke Points Of Different Cooking Oils

valid smoke point

Here are some of the various types of cooking oil with their varied smoke points.

Vegetable Oil

Fruits are processed into vegetable oil by pressing out their seeds and other components.

The majority of it is taken from soybeans. It is readily available, long-lasting, and affordable.

The smoke point of this oil is between 400 and 450F. And since the ideal deep-frying temperatures for a fish range between 350 and 375 F. 

Vegetable Oil has its stake at the high table, as much as fish frying is concerned.

Coconut Oil

The palm fruit of the palm tree is where coconut oil is obtained from.

The oil is extracted from the fruit’s meat, milk, and wick during processing.

At room temperature, it is solid, yet at just 25 degrees, it melts.

With a smoke point between 350 and 380 degrees Fahrenheit, frying and deep-frying of fish cannot be done with it.

Avocado Oil

the avocado oil

Avocado oil has the highest smoke point of any oil. It is extracted from the avocado fruit’s pulp.

It asserts its place as the best oil for frying and deep frying that there is.

It boasts a large and exceptional smoke point of between 520 and 570F.

In the event, you would love to try something else other than vegetable oil, Avocado oil is a good option.

Corn Oil

Corn has a smoke point similar to that of vegetable oil. It is extracted from the heart of the maize.

It is also a very preferred cooking oil due to its quality, high smoke point, and inexpensive.

What Fish Can Be Deep Fried In Vegetable Oil?

what fish can be deep fried

There are so many species of fish that are edible by humans. But when it comes to frying, not all of them fit well in the oil.

Especially while using vegetable oil for frying, there are several fish that come out as tantalizing and more delicious than you ever imagined.

One serious factor you must put in mind before frying fish is how oily and greasy it is.

If a fish is oily and greasy, then skip frying it for it won't be any sweet.

Below are some of the various types of fish that work well with vegetable oil, they make a scrumptious dinner, packed with a likable and amazing taste.

How To Fry Fish In Vegetable Oil

how to fry fish

Quickly, let us look at how to fry fish in vegetable oil, now that you can.

Choose to either deep fry or pan fry your fish in vegetable oil. No matter the process, the results will all be the same with vegetable oil.

Get The Fish Ready

When you have the fish already, you have the option of preparing, adding more flesh to it, seasoning, dredging it with breadcrumbs, or whatever solid thing you choose to do with it.

Add Vegetable Oil To Your Pan Or Deep Fryer

Once the fish is ready with all aspects you would want it to have, flavored with the food colors and whatsoever.

Make ready the frying pan or the deep fryer. Pour sufficient amounts of vegetable oil, and do it carefully.

Tip: While Frying Fish in Vegetable Oil, the fish must not float in the oil.

Fry The Fish

fry fish

Frying the fish now shouldn’t be hard. Using your spatula, ensure that both sides of the fish fry adequately and consistently.

Maintain the spatula between the fish and the fryer so that it does not stick on the pan.

Also, ensure that the vegetable oil is hot enough before immersing the fish in it.

Check the temperatures using a kitchen thermometer, popcorn, or a cooking stick.

Tip: Both sides of the fish should be fried evenly and for an approximate 5-7  minutes each.


Can you fry fish in vegetable oil?

Hopefully, this article has given some hope and direction, boosted your culinary knowledge, and prepared you for an exemplary fry the next time you are at it.

Do not hesitate, let nothing stop you.

Vegetable oil has perplexing results when it comes to frying or deep frying your fish. 

It has a high smoke point, it is neutral, and it is the oil you need in your journey.

Do not forget to share your experience with us as soon as you get your fish fried in that vegetable oil.