how long do cooked vegetables last at room temperature

The big question is; how long do cooked vegetables last at room temperature?

We could be enjoying a plate of our favorite cooked vegetables and we suddenly get distracted by an unusual taste or offensive smell from the vegetable.

We can’t just bear to throw the food away or instances where you made your food just a few hours ago, and you suddenly experience a loss of appetite as a result of this.

You have probably spent lots of hours cooking and you are wondering if you should return to your meal.

I have good news and bad news concerning this.

Let us examine how long-cooked vegetables will last, including how to tell if it’s safe to eat or not the next day.

Ideally, cooked vegetables or any food at all should not exceed 2 hours at room temperature outside refrigeration. It can cause spoilage bacteria to grow on the food and this can lead to illness if you eat it.

Can You Keep Cooked Vegetables Overnight?

how long can cooked vegetable lasts

Cooked vegetables are best eaten when they are freshly cooked but yes, you can keep cooked vegetables overnight and they will still retain their look and taste.

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Maybe you cooked your vegetables in a large quantity and you don’t want them to go to waste.

Tip: The trick lies in storing them in an airtight container and putting them in the refrigerator overnight.

Canned vegetables that have been opened can be poured inside another container with a lid.

And the same must be kept in the refrigerator to keep their freshness and you would be able to eat them safely the next day.

Are Cooked Vegetables Left Out Overnight Safe To Eat?

safe to eat

Eating cooked vegetables that were left out overnight does not pose any health risk to you if they were stored properly.

It all depends on how you store them.

If you leave your cooked vegetables out in the open, they will definitely spoil due to the effects of spoilage bacteria.

But if you store them properly in the refrigerator, it will drastically reduce the growth of the spoilage bacteria.

And you can eat your fresh reheated meal the next morning.

So, How Long Do Cooked Vegetables Last at Room Temperature?

Generally, it is best to consume within 24hours! In cases of cooked vegetables, reheating will make your food lose a lot of beneficial nutrients.

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The nutrient density has been compromised and it would no longer perform its optimal function of nourishing the body.

You should not reheat leftovers more than once and serve reheated food immediately for optimum satisfaction.

how long will it last

Vegetables naturally contain nitrite and nitrates and storing veggies overnight can lead to the concentration of these chemical compounds due to bacteria contamination.

If the vegetable is not heated properly, especially for kids, you should refrain from giving them vegetables that were stored overnight.

But for adults, the nitrate and nitrite concentration might not pose a significant risk to our health.

If not reheated properly, the spoilage bacteria could even make you sick so you should not eat overnight vegetables that have not been stored properly or reheated.

In cases of uncooked vegetables, higher water content vegetables like tomatoes will lose their freshness faster than lower water contents like leafy vegetables.

Precautions for Keeping Vegetables Overnight

Home-cooked meals like cooked vegetables are very beneficial to our health.

We do not necessarily have to let them go to waste if we can’t finish the food the exact day we made them.

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We can still preserve them overnight for the next day’s meals if we take the necessary precautions which include;

Use Ziploc Bags

use ziploc

You should put them in an airtight container or Ziploc bags.

This will prevent the spoilage bacteria in the air from getting into the veggies. It will also help in retaining the original smell and taste.

Before Refrigerating

Keep them in the Refrigerator. In the cases of uncooked vegetables, wash thoroughly in cold water before refrigeration.

In the case of hot food, wait for it to cool down first before you put it inside the fridge.

Keep the fridge door closed as much as possible. This will ensure the effectiveness of the cooling process.

Tip: Make sure the fridge is cold enough and that is between 0’C and 5’C to prevent food poisoning bacteria from growing.

Reheat in the Morning

Make sure you reheat them properly the next morning before eating.

reheat in morning

This is because some bacteria are still active despite the refrigeration and you need an efficient reheating to destroy the bacteria before eating so as to prevent food poisoning.

Tip: Do not reheat more than once and serve immediately after reheating.

Ways to Preserve Cooked Vegetables

Below are a few ways you can preserve your vegetables so they can last longer.


Refrigeration is the most effective way to store your cooked vegetables.

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It reduces the effect of the spoilage bacteria to the barest minimum.

If you follow these proven methods, you will be able to preserve your cooked vegetables with the help of refrigeration.

Tip: Make sure the refrigerator is cold enough at less than 5’C and the door is almost always closed.

Label Your Vegetables

label vegetables

Label your cooked vegetables with dates before storing them as this would help you know when they expire and this is in three days.

Cooked vegetables in the fridge should not last three days at all.

Store Them in a Container with Lids

This will preserve the taste and smell.

You will probably not be storing just one vegetable inside the fridge to prevent the smell from mixing up and ruining the unique smell of each vegetable.

It is expedient to store them inside a covered container.

Avoid Old Containers

Do not use containers that have been used for other purposes. This can compromise your food in many ways.

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Some containers could have been used to store substances that are not fit for consumption and this poses a risk of contamination to what you are about to put inside them.

It is better to get a new container or get a container that has been used previously for the same food but is now cleaned properly.

Store Different Vegetables Separately

separate vegetables

Do not lump them together inside one container.

Some vegetables expire faster than others and to prevent throwing good food away with bad food, it is necessary to store them in different containers.


If you won’t eat leftover cooked vegetables within three days, the best bet is to freeze them immediately.

Pack them and put them in the freezer below 0’C. Doing this can extend the shelf life of your cooked vegetables to 7 days.

After defrosting, reheat and eat it.  Make sure you do not freeze them again.

Tip: Try not to leave cooked vegetables over 90°F outside the refrigerator for more than an hour. At most, do 2 hours! 

The sooner you eat your cooked vegetables, the better it is for your health.

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Disadvantages of Keeping Cooked Bacon Overnight

Freshly prepared Bacon is smoky, salty, and very crispy and you might want to finish that in one sitting.

keeping cooked bacon

Somehow, you get some remnants and you would like to keep them for yourself till the next day.

This might seem like the perfect solution to your leftover delicious bacon but as much as you are trying to minimize food wastage.

Tip: You should also be aware of the unpleasant results of keeping cooked bacon overnight.

Can Lead to  Food Poisoning

The bacterium Escherichia coli is present in cooked bacon and it can cause food poisoning when the bacon is left overnight.

These bacteria replicate at a very fast rate and will likely damage cooked bacon within two hours of preparation if it’s not stored in a cold-enough environment.

Loss  of the Original Taste & Texture

The bacon will also lose its taste after reheating as the taste would have been altered.

It can give it a rubbery taste.

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Reheating would also alter the texture of the bacon as it could make it get tougher.

Loss of Crispness and Change of Smell

loss of crispness

Bacon can lose its crispiness when stored overnight despite being stored in the fridge due to its exposure to moisture.

The smell could also get affected. It might not retain that scintillating smell anymore after reheating.


You’ve reached until the end of this article so I bet you already know the answer to how long do cooked vegetable last at room temperature!

In case you did not store the veggies properly, you can confirm if you can eat them by watching out for unpleasant odors, food textures, and bad tastes.

Although this might not be accurate as some food might have spoiled without necessarily changing its look, smell, or taste.

You should also check out for molds although it’s highly unlikely that a mold would have developed overnight in a properly stored vegetable.

So in your opinion, How long do cooked vegetables last at room temperature? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section.