dessert to go with pasta dinner

Knowing about the right dessert to go with pasta dinner can enhance the fun.

Apparently, pasta has always been served on Easter, Christmas, and other holiday occasions for ages. And it is hard to beat the flavor!

For so many people, birthday parties and celebrations are inextricably linked to lasagna, spaghetti, and carbonara.

But, what if you are looking for some unique dessert ideas for pasta dinner?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of options to make your dinner parties even more exciting.

So many dessert options are available to accompany pasta dinners, but semifreddo, lemon bars, key lime cake, and of course cannoli with vanilla custard are among the best. 

Choosing the Best Dessert to Go with Pasta Dinner

choosing best dessert for pasta dinner

With so many dessert ideas available, it can be confusing to pick one for you.

But, keep in mind that they are all amazing, but whether or not they work for you and your guests depends on your unique preferences.

When deciding what kind of pasta dessert you want to make for your guests, you may use this handy reference for ultimate success. 


This partially frozen Italian delicacy is a must-try for those who love pasta.

It comes with a smooth, mouse-like consistency, thanks to the use of ingredients, such as egg yolks, cream, and sugar.

To make it taste even better, and also pack a punch for health-conscious folks, you can add some Greek yogurt, cream, and strawberries.

Yes, it is possible to do without eggs, which means you can save yourself from any cooking.

Just give it a shot and you will love its thick, smooth consistency and taste that makes you forget the ice cream!

Fact: Semifreddo is often compared to ice cream, but it is prepared very differently, and is formed and cut in a loaf pan, much like cake. 

Cassata alla Siciliana

a cassata alla siciliana

It is essentially an Italian sponge cake filled with a tangy and sugary ricotta filling.

You can always indulge in a delicious Sicilian specialty while using some simple ingredients.

Preparing a genuine cassata Siciliana is an artistic endeavor; it is a laborious process that necessitates special pans and plenty of time. 

It is traditionally baked with layers of sweetened ricotta, sponge cake, and almond paste, and it looks just perfect, thanks to its whimsical marzipan decorations.

It is worth mentioning that you can use fondant to make a special version of cassata, but it may or may not work for everyone, as fondant can be a bit too sweet. 

Still, you can undoubtedly try this simplified take on traditional cassata for a tasty ricotta-filled cake without all the hassle. 

Lemon Bars

a lemon bars

If you are looking for a dessert that is easy to make but simply delicious, try some lemon bars.

Mostly, these sweet treats feature a creamy shortbread crust, a silky lemon filling, and a dusting of powdered sugar.

All of these ingredients come together to create a dazzling flavor and textural experience.

Keep in mind that you can try many different recipes with varying ingredients, but they all are just perfect.

Those lemon bars are always tempting. As soon as you set eyes on this sweet treat, do not blame yourself if you lose self-control. 

Ricotta Cheesecake

It is worth the time and care it takes to produce a gourmet cheesecake. 

Ricotta cheesecake is very similar to traditional cheesecake, but you will notice that cream cheese is swapped out with the ricotta variety.

the ricotta cheesecake

You can call it a cross between a cake and a cheesecake, and it is both light and tasty thanks to the use of cream cheese and ricotta.

This cheesecake style has been a staple in Italian cooking since Roman times.

Simply try a slice of this fresh honey and fig ricotta cheesecake and the taste will linger in your mouth forever. 

No doubt, this delicious cake, flavored with creamy Ricotta cheese, is destined to become everyone’s favorite.

Fact: If you like fresh fruit on cakes you will have to look for specific recipes because most Italian cakes do not use fruit and instead go with candied citron. 

Fruit Tart

a fruit tarts

This delightful dessert is made with a cream cheese filling, a crust, and the fruit of your choice.

It is deceptive in that it appears difficult to create, but doing the math reveals that it is a breeze.

Making this will not take much time, even on a hectic day.

Amazingly, it gives you an incredible dessert experience by combining a crisp buttery crust with a velvety filling.

And add that sweet and tangy fruit to it and you have something you can eat any time of the day.

Key Lime Cake

If you are interested in a deliciously tangy and sweet treat, look no further than a key lime cake.

The cake is fantastic on its own, but the addition of the cream cheese frosting and the key lime glaze makes it extraordinary.

A beautiful summer dessert that you would not mind enjoying year-round, and it is sure to make your pasta dinner all the more interesting and filling. 


a tiramisu

The classic tiramisu is simply outstanding and goes well with any pasta dinner.

In Italian, the word “tiramisu” means “lift me up”, and it complements this treat because of its two caffeinated ingredients, cocoa and espresso.

However, all the ingredients work amazingly together to make it taste great.

In particular, those layers of Italian custard and mascarpone provide a light, airy flavor.

But, it stands in stark contrast to the deep, bold flavors of espresso and cocoa powder.

The ideal tiramisu has a pleasant sweetness balanced by a light bitterness. Mascarpone that has been subtly sweetened and espresso-soaked ladyfingers provide the dessert’s sweet and bitter notes.

Overall, everything works in harmony to give you a balanced taste.

Fact: You can always add a no-cook twist to the classic tiramisu that uses indulgent chocolate and salted caramel. 


a cannoli

Cannoli are a type of Italian pastry, with cream scented with lemon and vanilla contained within their delicate and airy shells.

Sometimes, the dough is also filled with cheese and ricotta.

Sicily’s cannoli are arguably the best-known dessert in the world. Typically, they are between 9cm and 20cm in length, but you can experiment with size and texture.

For that purpose, you can find a number of authentic recipes online and even make them at home. 

Orange Polenta Cake

If you want to compliment your pasta dinner with a fruity, moist, and delicious cake, try orange polenta cake.

Cakes made using polenta instead of flour have a thicker texture and a lovely gritty flavor.

Polenta is basically a nutritious gluten-free grain that is high in antioxidants and can help prevent macular degeneration and other chronic diseases.

Whether served fresh from the oven or sliced and rewarmed the next day, it is delicious either way. 

Vanilla Ice Cream

the vanilla ice cream

When you are not that into cakes, you can go with ice cream to enjoy after your pasta dinner.

It is a good option if after a hearty serving of pasta, you are a bit too full to enjoy a heavy dessert.

If so, some high-quality vanilla ice cream might be a delicious option.

It is also one of the simplest desserts you will find, which allows you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time talking with your guests after dinner. 


Bomboloni is a type of Italian pastry but apparently looks quite like donuts.

This classic Italian delicacy is rolled in sugar and then filled with crema pasticciera or Italian pastry cream.

a bomboloni

If you have been to Italy, you may have already tried some of these in bars where they are often served for breakfast with a cappuccino.

These large pastries feel quite heavy, thanks to the cream-filled interior, but it is delicious.

Extremely tasty and perfect for a treat, these Italian donuts are a must-try!

Fact: Bomboloni translates as "big bombs", which is an appropriate name for these large doughnuts loaded with an appealing filling. 


Knowing the dessert to go with pasta dinner can make your gatherings a lot more interesting.

You can find so many options, from cannoli and ricotta cheesecake to vanilla ice cream, polenta cake, and more.

The best thing is to experiment a bit and try a few of these desserts to decide which one pairs perfectly with your pasta dinner.