does beef tallow go bad

With the help of this article you today, will be able to answer the question “does beef tallow go bad?”

Beef tallow to date is still used a lot in homes and industries as an essential oil for frying and deep frying.

However, the big question remains, ‘does beef tallow go bad?”. And it if does, when and how do you know when it has? Does beef tallow need to be refrigerated?”.

All these questions and more will be answered in this article.

Beef tallow will go bad with time, and you will know this when you begin to notice a fetish smell or if it has developed an odd taste.

Does Beef Tallow Go Bad?

do beef tallow goes bad

Does Beef Tallow go bad?

With its several uses, from being used as a fuel, for treatment, making of soap, and as a lubricant, it is should be interesting to even know whether this item goes bad.

Does it?

Other than honey, almost all other things that are found on earth go bad in one way or the other at one time.

Beef tallow cannot be an exemption, it too goes bad at some time, and when it does you will not even ask but will know it right away.

So, the answer to your question does beef tallow go bad yes! Beef tallow goes bad.

Why Does Beef Tallow Go Bad?

why beef goes bad

Does beef tallow go bad? As of now, we realize that beef tallow does go bad.

Although it does not easily go bad, the earliest that it should be kept is a period of one year.

In rare cases, it can also be kept for as long as eighteen months.

There are some other external factors prone to making beef tallow go bad quicker than expected. What are they?


As with all other foods in your pantry, bacteria are the most likely to make them go bad quickly. It is nothing short of beef tallow.

If you left the can with the beef tallow, open and exposed, bacteria are most likely to invade the tallow.

They find something to feed on and thrive faster making it go bad no sooner than you would expect.


a water

Now, if you left beef tallow too exposed that water flows in, even the smallest drop, then in a very short time you will realize how water is good at feeding bacteria.

When water leaks into your beef tallow, bacteria multiply even quicker hence making beef tallow go bad faster.

In a short time, you will start to notice an awful smell and taste.


Time and age can take a toll on beef tallow, and are at the center of it why beef tallow can go bad in this blog.

With the tie, expect that beef tallow will no longer be of any use.

How To Know When Beef Tallow Has Gone Bad

know when beef tallow gone bad

Because it does, and it will, you must recognize indicators that speak volumes to symbolize the going bad of beef tallow.

What are they?

How do you know when beef tallow has gone bad? There are signs that are tale tell.

If you want to know when beef tallow has gone bad, below are the signs to look out for.


Like everything else that goes bad, the first and easy way to tell when beef tallow has gone bad is when it develops a rancid smell.

Because you have a sense of smell, you will begin noticing a fetish odor emanating from your shelf.

This smell can also come from the cupboard, or wherever you will have stored the tallow.

This happens especially if the container is left open or while you are using it.

The smell hits you and it’s petrifying, there might be the presence of flies, and there and then, you realize that beef fallow can has gone bad and that it can no longer be used.


taste of beef tallow

Isn’t a change in taste a common indicator that something has gone bad?

Most foods are kept until the taste has changed so that they become edible.

Such includes; yeast and sour milk (for the purpose of baking).

To most, the slightest change in taste is a common revealer of them going bad and beef tallow is no less.

When it does, beef tallow will develop a stingy and bitter taste that frightens you away, if used to fry or deep fry, the food ends up sour or tasteless.

At all costs avoid it, it has gone bad and so dump it.

Tip: A diversion in smell to fetish and a change in taste too bitter are the greatest and most common indicators of beef tallow gone bad.

After How Long Does Beef Tallow Take To Go Bad?

how long beef tallow go bad

Does Beef Tallow Go Bad? Yes, it does. How long does it take? We find out.

It has been established above that indeed beef tallow will go bad.

Based on the indications that symbolize when it has, another useful question arises, that is; ‘’ for how much time does it take it to?”

What Is the Shelf Life of Beef Tallow?

I would say it depends, and majorly, on how the beef tallow has been stored.

If stored well, that is in the refrigerator, beef tallow will last for up to 12 months or more.

However, if left carelessly exposed, then bacteria will take a better part of the tallow, fastening the decomposition, and no sooner than you would expect, beef tallow will have gone bad.

Tip: If stored properly, on the shelf, cupboard, or refrigerator and sealed correctly, beef tallow could last for up to a tear or more.

How To Store Beef Tallow

how store the beef tallow

It is good to have beef tallow in your kitchen because of the various advantages and uses that come with it.

With one, how are you going to store it?

Beef tallow can be stored on the shelf, in the cupboards, and on the kitchen tops of your home for more than a year without going bad.

It is still stable at room temperature and doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

However, to ensure that it stays usable and doesn’t become rancid while stored at room temperature, ensure that the container the beef tallow is in is sealed and airtight and stored away from areas with direct sunlight.

 Tip: When stored under direct sunlight, there is a likelihood of beef tallow becoming rancid.

Does Beef Tallow Need To Be Refrigerated?

There is no point in refrigerated beef tallow.

It will stay in good shape and condition for a very long time as long as it is stored in an airtight container without the need for refrigeration.

beef tallow need to refrigerate

There is, therefore, no need for you to refrigerate it when it is a natural stable oil on the shelves.

 Tip: Tallow gets rock hard when stored in the refrigerator.

Although, if you insist on refrigerating the beef tallow, then pressure it with a metal mesh cheesecloth.

Or use a perforated sieve and filter paper to remove contaminants and food fragments.

And then store it in the refrigerator in a firmly closed container. Beef tallow should last for 12 to 18 months in the refrigerator.

Check it from time to time to ensure that it hasn’t gone bad.

 Tip: Indicate on the container the date of refrigeration and the expected date of damage to help keep it on track.

Bottom Line

So, does beef tallow go bad?  

Beef tallow has for a long time been used for several functions as shown herein, from being used as fuel for aircraft to printing lubricants, and candles.

But most of it all, beef tallow has for a very long time been used in cooking especially due to its high smoke point.

If you have it in your house or are getting a lot of it from your farm, then you may not know how to store it so that it lasts as long as it should.

You can best store your beef tallow in your pantry at room temperature so long as it is well sealed in an airtight container, or still refrigerate it although not so advised.