does steak and shake have breakfast

Does Steak and Shake have breakfast? The truth is that Steak ‘n Shake, an American icon, created the market for premium fast-food hamburgers and delicious milkshakes.

But, does Steak n Shake serve breakfast? You may be wondering about this question if you are only looking to grab something to help you with your busy morning routine.

Well, the good thing is that they certainly are not limited to milkshakes and steak burgers.

Turns out, Steak n Shake does provide you with some real breakfast options, containing some of the most popular American breakfast staples. 

Explore the World of Steak ‘n Shake Eatables

the world of steak 'n shake

Steak ‘n Shake, which has been around since 1934 and was founded in Normal, Illinois, is well-known for its excellent milkshakes and steak burgers.

It has been around for well over 85 years now but the brand continues to represent its roots.

They offer delicious steak and provide you with a range of handmade milkshakes.

The competition is on the rise, but Steak ‘n Shake is still the go-to spot for “better burgers”.

That is mainly because of its premium 100% beef steakburgers, coupled with thin, crispy fries and hand-dipped milkshakes.

Each steakburger is prepared fresh to order, using only the highest quality ingredients and never any preservatives.

You can find many, but some of the people’s favorites include:

  • The Frisco Melt
  • Prime Steakburger
  • The 7×7 Burger

And you can always pair them with the M&M milkshake to enhance the flavors. 

Does Steak and Shake have Breakfast?

do steak and shake have a breakfast

Absolutely, they do.

Steak and Shake have real breakfasts, after all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Steak and Shake’s breakfast menu is packed with America’s breakfast favorites, just like Grandma used to make, albeit with a modern twist.

Their breakfast menu reflects the company’s home-grown midwestern roots.

Fact: Steak and Shake originally started as a gas station with a menu limited to only beer and fried chicken. 

Order Breakfast Items Whenever You Like

Yes, they most definitely serve breakfast. They’ve been serving breakfast in their diners and restaurants for 85 years.

And they plan on carrying on.

Serving the ‘freshest and tastiest’ food is part of their mission.

It was way back in 1934 when the first Shake n Shake diner first opened its doors but the determination to serve quality food has stayed the same.

The company still uses the slogan,“In Sight It Must Be Right” and applies this philosophy across the menu. 

What Time Does Breakfast Start?

what time does breakfast starts

Steak n Shake breakfast hours are easy to follow.

The restaurants are set up and ready to go for breakfast bright and early at 6.30 a.m.

Being franchises, they do leave their restaurant owners to make some of the operating decisions usually based on the demand at individual locations. But breakfast?

That’s easy. It’s at 6.30 a.m. 

When Does Breakfast End?

As with most restaurants that offer a breakfast, breakfast service in the majority of Steak and Shake restaurants ends mid-morning, at 11.30 a.m. on the dot.

 Only a small selection of stores stop serving breakfast a little earlier so, if you are cutting it fine, it’s best to check.

With restaurants in 331 cities across America’s great mid-west, there’s bound to be one serving until 11.30 a.m. not too far away.

Fact: The Steak and Shake’s easy App is useful for picking the right time to order, and all you have to do is just tap the locator option to find the store. 

Do Any Steak n Shake Have Longer Breakfast Times?

have longer breakfast time

Some stores are open around the clock and never close.

In these restaurants you can order any freshly made breakfast item from midnight onwards.

Many restaurants are open over holidays, even Thanksgiving and Christmas, so no matter what day it is, you can still enjoy starting with a Steak n Shake breakfast.

Is there an All-Day Breakfast Option Anywhere? 

Unfortunately, no, not anymore although Steak and Shake used to serve breakfasts all day. But don’t let that stop visiting.

There are many other equally tasty dishes on the menu that can set you up ready for a busy day.

For instance, you can try the following:

  • The Jamaican Jerk Double Steakburger
  • The Single Bacon Cheese Steakburger

They are both served with fries and help you feel full.

Fact: after having suffered during the '70s, Steak 'n Shake prospered under the new administration and increased its number of outlets by the late '90s, 

Can I Get My Breakfast Delivered?

can get my breakfast delivered

The short answer is yes, but it depends on whether or not a local Steak n Shake offers this service so early.

Not all store owners have the demand and where they do, it may be a limited menu for home delivery.

If you’re busy and on the go, using one of their drive-thrus might be an option.

Using the locator option on the App is a great option. You can find out where they are and which stores deliver as well as the details of the Breakfast menu they are offering. 

Exploring the Breakfast Menu at Steak and Shake

the breakfast menu

No matter how you like to take your breakfast, the Steak n Shake menu has something for everyone, even the kids have a menu of their own.

It features traditional breakfast dishes such as:

  • Sausage Gravy and Biscuits
  • The Breakfast Bowl with sausage
  • Eggs and cheese
  • Hash browns
  • The Homestyle Breakfast

For those with a sweeter tooth, there are pancakes bursting with blueberries or chocolate chips, freshly prepared and served how you like them. 

Similarly, Steak n Shake’s Apples ‘n Caramel is a great way to finish off any good meal. 

The Healthier Breakfast Choice at Steak n Shake

Eating healthily becomes easier when you can start the day with a Steak n Shake’s fresh Fruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait.

If you prefer a simpler breakfast, there are buttermilk biscuits, toast and bagels, perfect complements for any dish, but also great on their own.

Or you could just drop in for your coffee and pick up a banana for your mid-morning break.

And if you do happen to be watching your nutrition and calorie intake, just hop online and visit the Steak n Shake homepage. 

There you can easily find clear and accurate nutritional information. Steak n Shake couldn’t make eating out for breakfast any easier.

Customize Steak and Shake Breakfast

customize your breakfast

The menu offers plenty of options. There are over thirty different dishes on the breakfast menu alone, including the famous Steak n Shake Royale Steakburger.

You can even come up with your own breakfast creation using the range of individual servings; eggs, bacon and sausage are ready to go with a freshly baked bagel or toast. Just choose your proportions. 

Go Combo!

You can find many options but all that decision-making can be a bit of a stretch first thing in the morning. 

If you want to avoid that and need a proper meal just to get moving so you’ll make it through the day, a Steak n Shake Combo surely fits the bill. 

Any Combo option is an energy-packed belly filler. 

Kids Menu

a kids menu

The excellent value, quality and affordability extend into the Kids Menu too.

You can again find many interesting options, but you will love Silver Dollar Pancakes and Steak n Shake’s Breakfast Minis.

The Kids Menu prices range from just $1.49  to $2.49.

Fact: For those looking for a quick meal at a reasonable price, Steak and Shake have a meal range that’s under $4.00.

Enjoy the Affordability with Quality

The best thing about Steak n Shake is that eating there every day is affordable.

It’s under $7.80 for even the most expensive breakfast dish and drinks on the breakfast menu.

It is especially true for:

enjoy affordable with quality
  • The Royale Steakburger Combo
  • Any of the four Breakfast Skillets with fresh orange juice.

 It is excellent value for money. 

And at the other end of scale, 99 cents gets you a satisfying taco. With another dollar for regular coffee, it’s a cheap wholesome breakfast.

Most of the items are under $5.00 and some are a lot less at around $1.99.

You can easily order two Breakfast Shooters with sausage or bacon, and $3.99 for the Shooters Combo.

This will be enough for you and your family to eat breakfast out and eat well anytime you want to. 

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Does Steak and Shake have breakfast? Of course, they do. In fact, they have been offering an extensive breakfast menu for years and have no plans to cut it short.

But, you need to bear in mind that they do not provide it all day long, so you have to visit at the right time to order something from their breakfast menu.