gas grill not getting hot

Are you planning to conduct a BBQ event, but your gas grill isn’t working in your favor? You might probably be wondering “Why is my gas grill not getting hot?

For starters, gas grills are a great way to cook food and provide many benefits to its users such as low emissions and even cooking.

They allow you to control the temperature, which is something that charcoal grills cannot do.

This means that you can cook your food to the perfect level of doneness without the risk of overcooking or undercooking it.

Gas grills also have more consistent heat throughout the grill, so whether you’re cooking on one side or another, your food should come out tasting delicious!

Because of these benefits, many people have resorted to using this cooking device for their cooking needs, including professional chefs and home cooks alike.

But gas grills can be tricky to use at times because they require the right amount of propane in order for it to work properly.

There are actually several reasons why your grill might not be working but if you don't take the time to learn about it, you might risk yourself to potential hazardous threats.

Fortunately, we have here the best guide to give you an insight on what’s happening with your griller as well as other things that can help fix your issues.

So let’s now get started!

Why is my Gas Grill Not Getting Hot? The Reason.

reasons gas grill not getting hot

Whether you need it for barbecuing a whole set of meat or perhaps just to make some hot dogs for your family, you can’t deny that a gas grill is one of the best tools to make sure that everything will be cooked just right.

Grilling can surely bring out the best taste in whatever kind of dish you may be cooking. But what’s the point of grilling if you can’t get a fire going at all?

There are several reasons why your grill might not be working and it is important that we give you some insights on each one to make sure that nothing will go wrong in the future.

Here are the common causes of your griller not getting hot:

Reason #1:

The switch of your griller is turned off or there is a problem with the switch.

Reason #2:

You’re out of propane, which will need to get refilled before you can start cooking again on the appliance.

Reason #3:

Your grill may not be getting hot due to bypass. Bypass mode means that the gas is not flowing through the grill and it just goes straight to your burners.

Reason #4:

A faulty burner or valves that need replacing.

Regardless of what the reason may be, you need to properly inspect your gas griller so you won’t have to worry about it not working again in the future.

Not only is a griller that's not getting hot a huge annoyance but it can also be dangerous for you and those around you.

If you want to learn how to fix these issues and start grilling up again, then read the next section for the best guide to fixing a faulty griller.

Gas Grill Not Getting Hot Enough – How to Fix it?

gas wont get hot

Having a low flamed or no flames at all is one of the most common reasons why a grill might not be getting hot enough.

This can be because you have too much food on your griller, and it’s blocking the heat from coming through or because of the reasons we’ve stated above.

If you're having this problem then it can be really alarming since, let's face it, grillers are not cheap and those who think of a possibility of their cooking appliance getting damaged can surely make anyone's heart race.

Luckily, there are many ways to fix a griller that’s not getting hot and we will list all you need to know on how to do it.

Check out below to know more:

Problems With The Griller’s Switches

switch grill

If your griller’s heat switches are broken, it can be why it’s not getting hot.

The first thing you should do is turn the grill off and then try flipping a switchback on to see if your griller starts heating up again.

If it does but produces a little amount of flame, this means that all you have to deal with are broken switches which will be easy for you to fix!

To fix broken switches, you need to start by turning off the grill and then removing one of the griller’s switches.

Once you’ve removed it, use a screwdriver to loosen up all four screws on that switch while applying pressure with your fingers to make sure they stay in place.

Afterward, remove the faulty switch from its slot and replace it with a new one.

Be sure to get in touch with your manufacturer to see what type of switch would be appropriate for your grill!

Once you’ve replaced the switch, you’ll need to tighten the screws and then turn on the grill.

If you’ve done everything correctly, your griller should start heating up. If it still doesn’t work, the problem might be something else.

Refilling Propane Gas

propane gas

Among the main reasons why your griller might not be hot enough is because the gas tank is empty. If you want to avoid this from happening.

It's a good idea to have an extra propane tank on hand and keep its valve open so that the grill can continue cooking when one of them runs out.

To refill or replace your griller’s gas just simply unscrew the tank’s valve, then hold it upright while you turn on a nearby gas source.

From there, unscrew and discard the old tank before screwing in a new one and turning off your gas source when finished refilling or replacing a propane tank.

To make sure that everything is connected correctly, check if there is a “whistle” sound as propane comes out. Once it does, you’ve finally fixed your gas grill!

Fixing a Bypass Mode Griller


If you suspect that your griller is in bypass mode then this can be a bit tricky to solve. Bypass mode occurs when your grill’s gas is having a leak.

If your grill appears to be in bypass, the first step is to do a leak test, as this is why the safety device was built.

If you see that your grill is leaking, you should never use it since it could cause a fire. To repair a leak, you must re-connect the leaking lines.

Remember to shut off the propane and the grill must cool down before any reworking can happen.

Replacing a Faulty Burner

faulty gas burner

As mentioned above, a faulty burner can be the cause of a faulty burner that may need replacing.

The burner is responsible for releasing heat and it may not be functioning properly if it’s going through some issues.

To replace a faulty burner, one must first disconnect all the connections to the gas valves and remove any debris that may be present.

Once done, you should remove the burner and replace it with a new one.

If you are not able to do this, then contact a professional as they will be happy to help out in solving your issue for an affordable price.

Remember that propane gas is hazardous when improperly used or disposed of so make sure that there are no leaking lines before using your new burner.

Section Summary

In the past two sections, we’ve certainly learned a lot about the reasons why a gas grill may not be heating up.

You’ve also learned how to deal with the most common issues and have gotten tips on what to do if you’re unable to solve it yourself.

With all of these things in consideration, you can easily avoid buying a new grill in the event that yours isn’t heating up.

However, what happens when you’ve got a Webner gas griller instead?

If that’s the case, don’t panic because we can totally help!

Read on below to know more…

My Webner Gas Grill Not Getting Hot

weber grill

The main difference between a Webner gas grill and an ordinary one is that the Webner grill has two burners to control the temperature.

The traditional gas grills have a single burner, with which you can only regulate heat output by adjusting the flame height and air intake.

Just like ordinary grillers, a Webner grill can also encounter problems with heating. Check out below to know the most common reasons why and how to fix it:

Webner Hose Is Clogged or Twisted

A twisted line might shut off gas to the burners, preventing the grill from heating up completely.

Inspect the hose for bends between the gas line and the Webner’s burners and untwist them.

Also, if your Webner grill has been out for too long, there may be clogs in the lines due to the buildup of food particles.

Wipe the tubes with a clean cloth to remove debris from your grill and reseat them in their original position, so that gas can flow freely again.

Problems with the Burner

Excessive oil and grease from meals can restrict the burners, as well as the areas of the Webner grill where the fire is exposed.

This can eventually close the little holes in the burners which minimizes the size of the frying flame.

To fix this issue, you may need to unscrew the burners and clean them with a wire brush and a degreaser.

Issues with Fuel Supply

One of the reasons why your Webner griller isn’t heating up is because of an empty or almost empty fuel supply.

Empty Propane gas isn’t quickly spotted since it can still be heavy even when they’ve already run out which is why you must be alert.

When refueling, just simply release the Propane gas from its container by unscrewing it and placing it in a new one.

Webner griller is one of the most convenient and efficient kitchen appliances that's why it should be given utmost care so that it will serve for many more years to come. 

With these simple tricks, you’ll be able to grill all your favorite dishes and cook whole frozen chicken with the precise heat and flame you desire!

New Learnings

We’ve surely learned a lot about how to care for our gas grill and the reasons why it may not be heating up.

You also now know how to fix these certain issues so you can achieve the perfect heat you want!

Before you head out to try these new kinds of stuff on your unworking gas grills, let’s finally have our…

The Final Words

Gas grills are indeed one of the most popular and convenient appliances that you can put in your kitchen.

With these simple tricks, having precise flames and heat will be easy breezy!

But of course with this convenience also comes a sense of responsibility to always do our best so the griller won’t break down anytime soon.

With all of this information, you now know the answer to your concern “Why gas grill not getting hot” along with what you can do to fix it.

We hope this article has helped you out and you have enjoyed reading it!