how to cook braciole without sauce

Are you thinking of how to cook braciole without sauce? Braciole is a common meal in Italian cuisine.

Although most braciole dishes are served with a tasty tomato sauce It is still possible to cook braciole without sauce and make it as tasty as it would be with sauce.

In this article, you will find out how.

A tasty Braciole dish you can prepare without tomato sauce would be the Sicilian Braciole. It requires some well-cut beef, and tasty breadcrumbs and can be prepared in the oven and baked for nothing more than 30 minutes.  

Why  Would You Cook Braciole Without Sauce? 

cook braciole without sauce

As we have stated earlier, most braciole recipes come with a serving of spicy tomato sauce.

This has been a tradition when it comes to making the Italian specialty. 

However, there are some reasons why you can make the Braciole without sauce.

Some of these reasons are;

An Allergic Reaction

Although this is quite rare, there are some cases of being allergic to tomatoes, and if that is the case, then the traditional Braciole can be bad for you.

This is because it is made in tomato sauce. 

Sometimes, it might not be an allergic reaction to the tomato itself, but to the species used in preparing the sauce. 

Whatever the case, if you have had an allergic reaction to Braciole sauce, then you definitely would need to learn how to enjoy the treat without the sauce. 

allergies in tomato

Inadequate Ingredients 

This is a lot more common than having an allergic reaction to tomato sauce.

There are many scenarios in which you forget to get that extra ingredient that would be needed for preparing a killer meal like the Braciole.

Don’t panic, you can still make something really enjoyable with what you have.

If you find that you do not have enough ingredients to prepare the tomato sauce that comes with a serving of braciole.

Then search for a cookable alternative. 

Tip: Always carry some topical steroid ointment for treating tomato allergies
braciole recipe no sauce

What Braciole Recipe Requires No Sauce? 

With such limited options on how to cook braciole without sauce in oven, there is one dish that comes to mind.

And that is the Sicilian Beef Braciole

This delicacy hails from Sicily. It is not the typical or regular Braciole recipe that requires a sauce.

Instead, it is made with smaller meat cuts, some breadcrumbs, cheese, and a few other notable spices. 

Here, I would work you through all that is required in making this tasty meal and how to get them ready. 

How To Cook Braciole Without Sauce

cook braciole without sauce

Step #1. Get Your Braciolette

Notice I used ‘Braciolette’ instead of Bracuole. This is because you use a much smaller piece of meat than the braciole when making the Sicilian Beef Braciole. 

This cut should be lean meat gotten from the rump of a cow. It is tender and contains fewer calories so you are getting a healthier option.

You can try carving the meat into lean smaller pieces with a knife and then go further by flattening it with a pounder to keep it looking nice and tender. 

Once this is done, put the meat in a bowl and ensure you season it with some olive oil while adding a pinch or 2 of salt.

With that done, you can then proceed to the next step. 

Tip: Use an Electric knife. It is easier and gives a smoother cut.

Step #2. Get Your Seasoned Italian Breadcrumbs

seasoned breadcrumbs

You would need well-seasoned Italian breadcrumbs for your braciole recipe without sauce. 

For this get some; 

  • Stale Bread
  • Parmesan
  • Garlic Cloves, and 
  • Parsley or Basil leaves

The first thing you would do is cut the loaves of stale bread into smaller pieces and keep them in a bowl.

With that done, proceed to grate the parmesan in a clean and efficient shredder.

Take out the shredded parmesan and put the smaller bread chunks in the shredder together with the garlic. Shred it until the bread fully absorbs the garlic flavor. 

Once this is done, add the basil leaf to the Shredded breadcrumbs and garlic mixture, then shred them some more.

Next, you can add the shredded Parmesan to the breadcrumb mix, and there you have it. Your seasoned Italian breadcrumb mix is ready for use.  

Tip:  You can leave the shredded breadcrumb to soak the garlic overnight for a much richer taste.

Step #3.  Coat the Beef With Breadcrumb Mix

coated meat

Now that you have your breadcrumb and sliced meat properly prepared.

The next thing you would do is mix the two. 

Do this by coating each roll of flat beef or beef strips with the breadcrumb mix.

Ensure it is thoroughly coated so the flavors can get into the beef rolls properly.  

Although optional, you can try adding some cheese strips to the center of your beef rolls and then tighten them with your hands.

Once this is done, set them aside on a large tray. 

Note: Ensure you use all the breadcrumbs as it is unhealthy to store it for later use.   

Step #4. Bake In An Oven 

bake in the oven

With the major process done, the next step would be to place it in an Oven. Before doing this, skewer the meat rolls and set them on a tray. 

Deciding on how long to cook braciole without sauce in oven is quite relative as it depends on your choice.

But on average, at least 30 minutes of temperature 355 degrees Fahrenheit would be okay.

Once the 30 minutes have elapsed, Check on the Briole. It should be a little crisp and brown.

If it isn’t, place them back in the oven and bake them for another 10 – 12 minutes. They should be fully ready to eat now. 

What Else Can You Serve with Your Sicilian Beef Braciole?

Now the Sicilian Beef Braciole are so good they can be eaten plain.

This is because of the rich taste that comes with the use of proper parsley and basil leaves.

what to serve with beef braciole

However, you can try serving them alongside the following:

Fresh Salad With Beef Braciole 

Almost everything that is food can be served with salad and the Sicilian Beef Braciole is no exception.

To make the combo a lot more interesting, try adding some extra olive oil and salt to the fresh salad.  

This would give it a slightly tangy taste that would go very well with the crunchy feel that comes with the braciole rolls.

It is a great choice that you simply must try. 

Baked Ratatouille With Beef Braciole

Although the Baked Ratatouille might take some more experience to cook, this is a great choice to go with the Beef Braciole.

Its rich taste and great crunchy vegetable feel make it an awesome serving.

Tabbouleh With Beef Braciole 

bowl of tabbouleh

The Tabbouleh is another type of salad that goes well when served with the Beef Braciole.

It also comes with the crunchy feel mostly gotten from the fusion of onion and chopped parsley. 

However, what is most intriguing about the Tabbouleh when served with the beef braciole is the lemon juice.

This creates a sweet but sour feel to your beef braciole. It truly is an exciting taste.


Do you now know How To Cook Braciole Without Sauce? This Italian dish will make your lunch or dinner enjoyable. You do not always need sauces. 

Try this braciole without sauces and see how you like it. You also have what to serve as a side dish with it. 

You are not tied to the options here, there is so much more to try with braciole without sauce. Hope you enjoy it.