power xl air fryer not turning on

Is your Power XL air fryer not turning on? That must be exasperating, annoying, and distressing.

The Power XL fryer is a key household appliance you wouldn’t love for it to fail. Just like you wouldn’t love an iron box failing to transmit heat.

The Power XL fryer not turning on seems like the entire universe stopping.

Perhaps you wanted to boil an egg or reheat some leftover food and then boom, no heat in circulation.

That can actually be so provoking.

Unlike the iron box, the 'power XL fryer not turning on' issue can be fixed in very simple ways.  and it is a do-it-yourself thing.

Check if the power cord cable is cut or damaged. Ensure also to put back the basket in its right position. Or hit up your seller or manufacturer if it goes beyond you.

Why Is Your Power XL Air Fryer Not Turning On And Fixes

why power xl not turning on

Unfortunately, the Power XL fryer has not been designed with a user interface showing the issues causing them to break down.

Meanwhile, we need to first figure out why the power XL fryer is not turning on. There are key reasons and issues to look out for.

Reasons behind your Power XL fryer not turning on range from, malfunctioned power cables, failed power sockets, defects from the manufacturer at the time of purchase, an incorrectly placed basket, or unplugged fixes.

All these issues, you can fix yourself without the input of a professional.

Tip: Most of the issues behind the breakdown are do-it-yourself fixes.

How To Fix Issues Stopping the Power XL Fryer From Turning On

how fix issues

A Malfunctioned Power Cable On The Air Fryer – Fix or Replace the Power Cable

Expect very slight issues with a Power XL fryer that is not turning on.

In the end, you would even be surprised why you were worrying so much.

To start with, there may be just slight or even damage to your power cable.

Yea, power cables were not meant to last for decades. But their obliteration doesn’t mean that the entire appliance is dumped with their failure.

malfunctioned power cable

The good news, if your power cable has malfunctioned, is that it can be fixed.

So, look out for all the potential defects on the power cable to the Air Fryer. A wire could be broken. Maybe the wires might even have been blown.

This could occur especially if these wires are light and can’t withstand the power voltage over a long time.

So, always fix weak power cables with stronger ones immediately after purchase.

Tip: Also make sure to check for any other malfunctions on the Power XL fryer and fix them promptly.

A Failed Power Socket – Fix the Power Socket

failed power socket

There are so many reasons that could be causing your power socket not to transmit power.

So, check the power sockets and see if you should fix or replace them.

How do you tell that the power socket is the faulty one here? 

You can bring in another appliance such as a phone charger and see if your phone charges.

Also, you can move the Power XL fryer to another power point in the house and see if it works.

Once you ascertain that the kitchen power port could be faulty you should call in an electrician to fix it. 

You can also fix it yourself if you have the skill.

Tip: Keep in mind that you are dealing with electricity here. Make sure to handle any broken cables and ports with so much care. If you can't do it yourself, then call in an electrician.

The Power XL Fryer Basket Is Placed Incorrectly – Place the Basket Correctly

basket place incorrect

It is the basket that holds back the door from shutting.

When the basket is placed incorrectly and the door remains unclosed, the air fryer will not power on.

Once it automatically detects incomplete parts the power remains off.

It is therefore necessary that the basket is placed correctly in its place.

Clean it regularly by wiping off food remains. Fixing this error is simple.

All you are required to do is remove the basket from its position, do some cleaning (to eject all food debris) then place it back properly and firmly.

Tip: Now, this error is not common to other models but is rampant in most models. The basket must be placed incorrectly, lest the Power XL fryer doesn't power on.

The Airfryer Socket Is Unplugged – Plug in the Airfryer

socket is unplugged

See, some of the causes behind an unresponsive Power XL fryer could be unimaginable. Yet they could trigger a lot of restlessness.

When they are just ” silly” reasons. Have you not left your phone or laptop charging for hours or overnight?

Only to realize hours later that you did not power on the socket? Or maybe the cable went loose after you had placed it.

They are such small mistakes that are crowding the failure of this device to power on. 

Thus, as slight as the error might be, it could jump-start your cooking again. Do not throw the possibility of this slight fault to the wind.

The power XL fryer does not turn on if the socket is not correctly placed in the power-point. This reason and fix counts.

Manufacturer’s Defects – Return it to the Manufacturer

return to manufacturer

You might have fixed all the above but the problem is persistent. So you start to wear out and think of ditching it.

You need to be patient with these electricals until they are fixed.

Although the Power XL fryer may completely refuse to work even after all these issues above have been sorted.

Then you need to reach out to the manufacturer.

Now, make sure you do not compromise this tool any further. You could be pressured to open up and check the defects and suit yourself.

If you aren’t an accredited professional or hardly trust your moves, stop it.

Just carry it to your dealer and let the warranty play its part.

Why Is This So Important?

why important

Opening up the device dismisses the warranty and the dealers won’t be able to help out if it is opened.

So kill your anxiety and visit the dealers or manufacturers.

That said, you realize there is never anything big with the Power XL fryer. It is always something you could do yourself with a lot of ease.

However, be always keen while handling this device. Do not handle it while it is connected to a power port.

So then, I figured out another issue affecting the Power XL.

Why Does Your Power Xl Fryer Keep Turning Off by Itself?

keep turning off

It also could be turning on well and then going off again, so why?

If you leave it unprogrammed, do the settings while handling it.

  • It is overheating.
  • A wrongly positioned basket
  • Wrong settings.
  • Insufficient power supply
  • Faulty cables and sockets.
Note: If you are not totally sure how to use a Power XL fryer, search on the internet for a beginner's guide on it.


Are you looking to cook reheated leftovers, french fries, crispy bacon, succulent roast chicken, or delicious burgers but the Power XL fryer not turning on?

It should not put you in jeopardy. The Power XL not turning on glitch can be fixed in quick and simple ways.

This article has highlighted some of the reasons behind the glitch and how to fix them.

If you don’t think you can do it right, then engage an expert electrician.

It should cost you less than it would if you resorted to doing it yourself and making the complications worse.

The time is now, cheers to a greater Power XL fryer experience.