what happens if you overfill instant pot

Can you fill an instant pot too full and what happens if you overfill instant pot?

These are the questions this article will answer. This is because your safety and that of your kitchen pot start with how best you use it.

Read along as we figure out what happens if you overfill the instant pot and so much more.

Overfilling your instant pot will end up in a messy kitchen, with whatever food was being cooked undercooked and splattered all over.

Magical Ways For Using The Instant Pot

magical ways using instant pot

The Instant pot is a magical device packed, simple, light, and easy to use but with the ability to serve so many purposes.

Its functions are endless, diverse to be precise. But here are some of the few common ways you could put your instant pot to use.

But as you do, note that some things will happen when you use it for cooking and preparing these foods with it overfilled.

Tip: Regardless of what you are cooking, do not overfill the instant pot. Do not.

Cooking Rice

If you have been longing for a device that could cook your rice well, the instant pot just showed up.

How it does it is a magical way!

What you get in the end is well-cooked rice, with all the smell and the steam you have always wanted your rice to have.

Making Yogurt

making some yogurt

Did you know that you could still make your yogurt in your kitchen? Yes, you can and you should.

With this device, it is pretty easy to prepare your yogurt. Although it might take you some time, you still will get a creamy yogurt like the one from the shops.

Making Soup

With all the ingredients for whichever soup you want to make, you will get one of kind using the instant pot.

You would get a thick, sweet soup in just about one hour.

Cooking Eggs

You might be up for some hard-boiled eggs for breakfast as you prepare to leave.

Or maybe you would like to get some protein alongside lunch or dinner.

Gladly the Instant place is the right and fastest way to prepare that hard-boiled egg. In just five minutes, you will have your eggs ready.

Tip: If you are in a hurry, dip them in ice or water and peel them in under two minutes.

Preparing Roasted Chicken

prepare a roasted chicken

Are you becoming so surprised? The instant pot as if not enough will in less than thirty minutes get you a full chicken cooked.

If you wish to add some ingredients, enjoy the place, the pot has all it takes.

Tip: An instant pot will cook your food 80 times faster than any other method.

The whole list of what you can do with an instant pot is endless. There is a lot more to just what you have read above.

From cooking baked potatoes, spiced apple cider, steamed veggies, mashed potatoes, chickpeas, cut oats, and kettle corn cheese to ribs and pot sauce.

There are so many uses.

What Happens If You Overfill Instant Pot?

what happens if overfilled

You might be wondering whether or not it is right to fill the instant pot too high.

Perhaps, you have done it before and nothing much happened, or if it did, it was worse.

So, you want it clear, and you’re probably asking “Can you overfill an instant pot?“.

You want to know how far the instant pot can be filled. Let me tell you this, never overfill an instant pot.

Resist the temptation and only fill it with the required amounts of whatever food you will be cooking.

What happens when you Overfill an instant pot?

Loss Of  Flavor

You want a sweet aroma, a soft texture, and a mouthwatering flavor when cooking with an instant pot.

But there is no way that is going to happen when you want to have your pot full to the brim.

When you do, the food will lose a lot of flavor and texture. This happens due to excessive pressure build-up in it the pot, generated by the glut.

Note: The excess pressure build-up in the pot breaks down the food more than is required.

A Messy Kitchen

the messy kitchen

Ordinarily, the contents in the instant pot are bound to overflow when the pot is overfilled.

Especially when you are not keeping watch. And when they do, you will come back to a messy kitchen.

The kitchen must at all times remain in good order, clean and tidy.

It will result in a lot of splatter in the kitchen and food carelessly strewn on the floor. 

That will get you to do a cleaning job you did not plan for.

Undercooked Food

Overfilling the instant pot does not leave you the space to turn your food when it is cooking.

In the cases of foods such as rice and pasta that expand when cooking, there is the risk that they will be undercooked.

When this happens, you will little enjoy your meal, or worse, bin it.

If you do not want your food improperly cooked, then fill your instant pot with only the right quantities of food.

If they are those that expand while cooking, do not let the pot more than halfway.


the explosion

Trust me, when worse comes to worst, the instant pot is going to explode.

And there is no way people who engineered this great asset meant it to be exploding.

But again, it starts with you, read the manual and the instructions on the pot.

There are clear indications that when you overfill the instant pot more than it is required, it is going to blow up, and could do it in your face.

This happens because when overfilled it builds up too much pressure that could in the long run be the cause of the explosion.

Tip: Most instant pots are designed with inbuilt safety mechanisms to control the pressure build-up and can hardly explode, but don't push them too far.

Mistakes You Must Avoid While Using Your Instant Pot

mistakes to avoid using instant pot

The question as to whether you can overfill an instant pot is one among many others.

There are mistakes that you’re making while handling the instant pot that you might not know you are. Overfilling it is not just the only problem of the instant pot.

There are a number of others that you must check and avoid to ensure that the pot keeps functioning effectively.

And these things to avoid are:

  • Adding up all ingredients in the pot at once.
  • Failing to add liquids to the pot while you cook
  • Forgetting to seal the pot correctly
  • Overfilling the instant pot
  • A dislocated seal ring
  • Using the wrong settings while cooking
  • Placing the pot beneath the kitchen cabinets
These are some of the mistakes you could be doing with the instant you did not know you were. Avoid these mistakes. 

Also, note that the instant pot has a number of buttons.

So, while cooking a single dish, more than a single setting can be used at once. Master the application of each of the buttons.

Cleaning Instant Pots

clean an instant pot

The pots require to be washed between each use. If you do not, it is likely to develop a foul smell and build-up of stains.

Clean all of its parts and leave it to dry before using it again.

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The Bottom Line

What happens if you overfill instant pot? Overfilling an instant pot is uncalled for and unwanted.

If you do, you risk getting your food undercooked, the food loses its taste and texture.

Also, the food will be spilled all over in case you are not watching, resulting in a messy kitchen.

In this article, we shared a little more about what happens if you overfill the instant pot.

I hope this article enlightens you and trains you on how to use this great machine well.