what to do with leftover tomato soup

It is impossible to run out of ideas for what to do with leftover tomato soup.

We have all been there before, having leftovers after a big party or family dinner without knowing what to do with them.

Well, there are several things one can do with leftovers especially when it is soup. 

Other kinds of leftovers limit the ideas of things you can do with them.

Since a soup can be used as a base for almost anything, it is easy to find what to do with it.

There are several things you can do with leftover tomato soup. You could store it or give it out. Or you can use it to make different kinds of dishes.

Would You Like To Know What To Do With Leftover Tomato Soup?

to know what to do with leftovers

Like I said earlier, there are several things you can do to a leftover tomato soup.

So, whether you decide to give it out or store it or even use it in another recipe, the most crucial thing is to keep it from being wasted. 

Luckily for you, this article is going to take you through many methods you can use to prevent such wastage.

Option #1: Store Leftover Tomato Soup

The first thing, when left with excess food without any idea of what to do, is to store it.

Yes, you heard me right. Storing leftovers might have its downsides sometimes but it should always be considered. 

And yes, certain nutrition and flavor may deteriorate over time while in storage but it is less likely to occur when it is a soup involved, especially if it is tomato soup. 

Since the soup contains very few components, storing it is quite easy.

Here are the detailed steps on how to store leftover tomato soup.

Step #1: Prepare Storage Jars

prepare storage jars

The first step to storing anything is preparing the storage jar which in this case, I would advise a glass jar with a very tight lid.

We can’t afford to have air going in and out of the jar to aid bacterial growth now, can we?

The jar should be properly cleaned and dried with a paper towel being used for storage.

Step #2: Put in the Jar

Since we are dealing with leftover soup, I’m assuming it has had enough time to cool.

If it has not cooled down properly, you can wait for about 10 minutes or so before proceeding to place it in the jar.

Tip: Don't leave the soup overnight to avoid souring.

Step #3: Label

This is really important, you have to label the jar with the content of the jar, the date of storage, and the possible expiration date.

If you are storing the soup in a fridge, it can last up to 3 to 4 days. As we all know, things last longer in the freezer than in the refrigerator. 

The soup should last for about six months in the freezer. So you can calculate the expiration date and write it in the jar.

Step #4:Store

store jar

This is simply self-explanatory, after labeling the jar with all the important information, you can then proceed to store it in the fridge or freezer depending on your choice. 

When storing, make sure the jar sits straight and not bent, and place it in a place where it is less likely to fall and break.

Option #2: Reuse Your Leftover Tomato Soup

I know most people find this absurd and those who do not simply don’t know what to make with leftover tomato soup.

There are so many recipes you can reuse your leftover tomato to make. 

One of the most common things you can make with leftover tomato soup is pasta sauce.

So whenever you ask yourself the question, what can I make with leftover tomato soup?

Here are the possible recipes.

Recipe #1: Pasta Sauce

Most people are usually against the idea of using tomato soup in place of spaghetti sauce to make pasta sauce mostly because it isn’t thick enough.

Well, they are wrong. 

make a pasta sauce

The thickness of tomato soup can be increased to a point where it is suitable for making any pasta of your choice. 

By heating it to a certain degree and adding extra spices and other ingredients such as cheese and oil.

The once-upon-a-time tomato soup would be thick enough to be a pasta sauce.

And if you are seeking a lighter sauce for your spaghetti, then you don’t have to go through all that stress.

Tip: You can just use the tomato soup as it is to make your pasta.

Aside from the thickness, some people think that tomato soup doesn’t have enough or too little cream for pasta. 

Generally speaking, tomato soup makes wonderful pasta sauces because it gets cream after it has been prepared to a certain temperature over low heat.

And since tomato soup doesn’t lose its cream after being frozen, it makes it the best candidate for making pasta sauce.

Recipe #2: Pasta Bake

the pasta bake

Although the name sounds similar and the ingredients used in making both of them are relatively the same, there is a big difference between pasta and pasta bake.

A pasta bake just like the name implies is pasta you bake with other ingredients. 

When making a pasta bake, you can replace the tomato sauce with leftover tomato soup.

It is a  tasty and simple recipe to prepare spaghetti with tomato soup. 

It is ideal for a quick supper during the week or a relaxing lunch on the weekend.

And you can prepare this dish ahead of time and reheat it whenever you are hungry. 

Tips: It goes marvelously well with grilled cheese

Recipe #3: Purees

make a purees

Purees basically are any cooked food which in most cases could be fruits or vegetables.

It is a meal consumed mostly by babies and those with chewing problems.

But just because it is consumed mostly by babies doesn’t mean it’s delicious. 

They are different types of purees you can make with different fruits and vegetables which in this case would be tomato soup. 

By adding cornstarch or flour and some of your other favorite vegetables and fruits to a tomato soup, you can get a puree as a result.

Tip: It is also easy to make and can be eaten by all.

Recipe #4: Frittatas

I know it sounds weird but yes, you can use tomato soup to make frittatas.

It can be added as a little side ingredient to give the egg a sweet and sour kick. It would be suitable for breakfast and brunch.

Recipe #5: Chilies

make chillies

We all love a good old chili and what is equally as great but less spicy? Tomato soup.

You use tomato soup as a base for making chilies

Simply add other ingredients such as chili seasoning, potatoes beans, and the like and you wouldn’t even know the difference.

Note: Tomato soup can be a terrific substitute for chili if you want to make it lower in calories or if you want to include more vitamins and minerals.

Recipe #6: Pudding

A tomato soup can be used as a base for almost anything including but not limited to bread pudding for dessert and side dishes. 

The thing about bread pudding is that any soup can be used to make it.

So whenever you have any leftover soup, it doesn’t necessarily have to be tomato soup, you can use it for bread pudding.


In conclusion to all that has been said so far, we can all decide that there are several things on what to do with leftover tomato soup.

And luckily for us, tomato soup can be stored if at the end of it all you can’t decide on what to make with it.

I hope after reading this article, we now know what to do with leftover tomato soup.

Thank you very much for your time and patience. Stay safe!