why does my frozen food taste bad

Answering the question, “why does my frozen food taste bad” is not a herculean task at all. It merely depends on how you package it.

Preserving your meals in the freezer is always advisable because it maintains the taste and texture of your meal. 

Whenever water molecules that are in a meal detach and dehydrate in that particular area, ice crystals naturally occur.

Food that has experienced freezer burn may have an unpleasant smell and different flavors and textures.

So, Why Does My Frozen Food Taste Bad?

Frozen foods taste bad because your freezer burn has occurred. You should wrap your meals very well to avoid the smell from circulating and making other meals tasteless. 

Keep reading to understand why your food tastes bad.

Top Reasons Why Frozen Food Taste Bad

why frozen food taste bad

To avoid questions like why does my freezer make my food taste bad? you need to know the causes of why it’s happening.

If you are not enlightened about cases like this you might decide not to store your foods again.

As we all know, one of the causes of bad tasty meals, when frozen, is caused by freezer burn.

But there are other reasons why foods taste bad when frozen.

When You Leave Your Food Uncovered

We can be careless sometimes and forgetful when it comes to freezing leftovers and raw food remnants.

You should first examine the package that your frozen food was kept in.

leaving food uncovered

Food that has been appropriately wrapped and put in sealed containers will be protected from the odors and smells of the freezer.

Proper wrapping will also stop flavors and odors from transferring between packages.

For example, if they are completely wrapped properly, your loaf will not come out tasting like fish! 

Tip: Additionally, proper packaging and sealing will stop freezer burn.

Prolonged/Forgotten Stored Meal

When you store meals for a very long time they can begin to deteriorate.

long stored meal

If you’ve kept some food products in the refrigerator for an excessively long time, they might be to blame for the unpleasant flavor.

This is so that you know how long the food will last, even when the meal is frozen.

Therefore, if you store your meal in your freezer for an excessive amount of time, it will spoil and start to feel and smell terrible.

The best course of action is to mark the food that you want to freeze before you keep it, indicating what is within and when it was frozen.

Including a date for use is also beneficial.

Note: Eating food that has been stored for an excessively long time is dangerous.

Improper Cleaning And Dirtiness 

improper cleaning

There is a greater likelihood that the freezer may start to smell bad if you haven’t sanitized it for a while.

The freezer frequently contains spoiled opened food particles or juices from the meat that will impart a bad odor to the food.

You must ensure that you clean the refrigerator on a regular basis because of this.

Frequent defrosting and cleaning can reduce your need for electricity since your freezer will operate more efficiently.

How To Properly Clean Your Freezer

You need to make sure that you unplug the freezer or refrigerator from its socket.

Take out all the packaged foods and place them in the refrigerator or a chiller. If it has passed its expiration or storage date, trash it.

Throw away any items that have freezer burn or have a foul appearance or smell.

cleaning the fridge and freezer

Take down any slack shelves, then wash everything in lukewarm water with laundry detergent. Give them time to drip-dry.

Use old towels to dry up the wetness once all the ice is gone. Next, use hot, soapy water to clean the freezer’s interior. Use clean water to rinse.

Try wiping the freezer one last wipe down using a bleach solution to get rid of any remaining smells and sanitize it. 

After the cleaning, change the baskets and shelves. Restart the refrigerator and let it drop to below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Then put the food back in the freezer and take pleasure in your pristine, orderly, fragrance freezer!

Tip: Use a clean, dry cloth to thoroughly dry the interior. 

The Water Filter In Your Freezer

water filter in freezer

A filtration system is indeed a common feature in combination refrigerators and freezers.

It is accountable for removing impurities from water from the tap before it is used for consumption.

Your food may begin to smell terrible if the water filtration system is blocked and has been in use for an extended period. 

Tip: How frequently the filter has to be replaced and the procedure for doing so should be found in the company's manual.

Freeze Burn

Why frozen food tastes bad is mostly caused by a freezer burn.

It is more like the fact used when frozen foods taste bad after defrosting and reheating.

The color of your food may change due to freezer burn, but usually only in one spot.

The color of the food may vary slightly depending on how long it has been frozen.

freezer burned vegetables

A freezer burn on a filet, for example, will emerge as a brown area among raw red meat.

However, freezer burn on chicken breasts can cause them to appear tan with brighter brown spots.

Food that will be frozen can avoid freezer burn by being tightly wrapped in aluminum foil or cling film. Compress out as much oxygen as you can.

After that, before freezing, place it in a tight Ziploc bag or maybe a plastic container.

This is to avoid the food from fast drying out or from being in continual touch with the air.

Tip: Ensure you consume the food as soon as possible since the longer it sits in the freezer, the greater risk of freezer-burning.
preventing freezer burn

Preventing Freezer Burn

Consider purchasing a vacuum sealer to ensure a great fight against freezer burn, especially if you want a stronger defense against freezer burn.

The vacuum sealer will mechanically seal the packaging materials directly around your food after sucking out every atom or bit of air. 

By doing this, you can preserve your food properly in your freezer for years without worrying about freezer burn.

How To Take Care Of The Bad Odor

take care of bad odor

I have been able to dissect every possible cause of why your meals taste bad and some possible ways to prevent it.

Right now, I will be talking about how you can remove the bad smells before it affects all your meals.

Baking soda can be frozen in an open vessel because it is excellent at absorbing unpleasant odors.

As an alternative, clean the freezer with any baking soda mixture after it has been defrosted. 

You may also use fresh cat litter. Simply spread it out in pans on the down part of your refrigerator if you have pets.

fresh cat litter

Any unpleasant odors that might be there will be absorbed.

Tip: Ensure that you utilize cookie sheets and cover these with fresh coffee grinds to absorb unpleasant aromas and scents.

There are some foods that should not be refrigerated because they always come out bad.

We need to be on the lookout for things like this to avoid changes in flavor, taste, and texture. 

Just because freezing foods are recommended it doesn’t mean everything goes into the freezer because it extends freshness in our meals. 


Why does my frozen food taste bad” is a great question because when you ask, you are liable to gain more knowledge. 

Just like I have said, food items with unpleasant flavors may result from being frozen inside the freezer for an excessively extended time.

This is so that you know how long the food will last, even though you freeze it. 

Therefore, food that has been frozen for an excessive amount of time will both smell and taste unpleasant.

And you need to make sure you seal your packages very well to avoid mixtures of different aromas. You need to be smart and vigilant. 

I really do hope reading this article was enlightening to you.