are sweet tart ropes vegan

Are Sweet Tart Ropes vegan? You may continuously be asking this question because you are too worried about consuming it and hurting your diet.

For so many people, a simple bite of Sweet Tarts transports them to their childhood.

They are incredibly delicious and popular. After all, who does not love some candies?

Unfortunately, some people have to be more careful about what they eat, which is true when you follow a vegan lifestyle.

And that is when you ask, are Sweet Tart Ropes vegetarian or vegan?

No, Sweet Tart Ropes are not vegan because they contain Confectioner’s Glaze and gelatin obtained from animal sources.  

Are Sweet Tart Ropes Vegan or Not?

the sweet tart ropes vegan

Nestle’s Willy Wonka Candy Company produces sour candies known as SweeTarts. 

They were only available as tiny hockey puck-shaped sweets, but nowadays you can find them as chewy candy, gummies, and even rope candies.

All these types are extremely popular, but many people often question, “Are Sweet Tarts vegan?”

It actually depends on many factors, and of course, the basic ingredients.

But, if you talk specifically about Sweet Tart Ropes, you just cannot opt for them because of the presence of animal-derived ingredients. 

Why Are Sweet Tart Ropes Not Vegan?

Being a vegan, you need to stay away from any animal products and must avoid anything with a negative effect on the environment.

Based on that, you need to consider the ingredients found in any product as well as the manufacturing process.

It seems that Sweet Tart Ropes have problems with ingredients and the way they are made.

Fact: SweeTarts are a brand of sweet and sour candies that were created in 1962 under the guidance of the CEO of Sunline Inc Menlo F. Smith. 

What Are The Ingredients in Sweet Tart Ropes?

what are the ingredients of sweet tarts

The basic ingredients include wheat flour, corn syrup, and water.

But, you will also find some citric acid, malic acid, glycerin, sodium citrate, veggie juice color, and spirulina extract color.

The real problem occurs when you notice there is Confectioner’s Glaze in these candies along with gelatin. 

What Renders Sweet Tart Ropes Uneatable for Vegans?

Gelatin is something you cannot consume when you are strictly vegan.

The protein known as gelatin is extracted by boiling animal ligaments, tendons, cartilage, skin, and bones in water.

Animals and fish are the most common sources.

Because of the presence of these animal-derived products, Sweet Tart Ropes are not suitable for vegetarians either.

Fact:  Since their inception in 1963, SweeTARTS has become a beloved candy brand thanks to their unique and irresistible blend of sweet and sour flavors. 

How Does Confectioner’s Glaze Make Sweet Tart Ropes Bad for Vegans?

why confectioners glaze bad

Also known as pharmaceutical glaze, “confectioner’s glaze” or “Shellac” in the food business is used to coat treats like jelly beans, candy, and ice cream cones with a shiny, durable coating.

Shellac’s insolubility in water means it can form a barrier over the food that keeps moisture out and keeps the food from drying out. 

Is Confectioner’s Glaze in Sweet Tart Ropes Vegan?

The confectioner’s glaze is obtained from an insect.

The female lac insect feeds on tree sap, and then releases lac to cover her eggs.

In the wilds of Thailand and India, you can find lac, which, once gathered, can solidify into flaky shellac.

Next, it is mixed with ethanol, a biofuel made from alcohol extracted from plants.

As a result of this method, you can make shellac polish or glaze. 

Why Is Confectioner’s Glaze Not Vegan?

It is mainly because any product containing shellac, essentially the dried secretions of lac bugs, is unsuitable for vegans.

Many vegans and vegetarians are also concerned that shellac production could result in the unintentional dissolution of bugs into ethanol.

Therefore, many bloggers now urge their readers to avoid products coated in the glaze.

Fact: The presence of refined sugar often makes candies unsuitable for vegans because they may use animal-derived bone char. 

Are There Other Ingredients in Sweet Tart Ropes Not Safe for Vegans?

For most people, it is enough to avoid Sweet Tart Ropes simply because of Confectioner’s Glaze.

what ingredients safe for vegan

But, if you dig deeper, you will notice that many other ingredients in Sweet Tarts raise questions for vegans. 

Natural Flavors

You should know that the fruity flavors in your candy may not actually come from fruits.

One such example is castoreum, which many people believe to be vegan despite its origins being secretions of animals like beavers. 

Egg Albumin

Albumen is often derived from animal blood, eggs, and muscles. And many candies, including  Sweet Tarts’ chewy form, contain it. 

Calcium Stearate

You may not know that calcium stearate can also be derived from animals.

Stearic acid from plants is only 5% saturated, while stearic acid from animals can be as high as 45% saturated.

That is why plenty of manufacturers prefer materials derived from animals.    

Is It Safe to Include Sweet Tarts in Your Vegan Diet?

Now that you already know Sweet Tart Ropes are not vegan-friendly but are the same for all other candies you get from SweeTarts?

Whether they are the traditional, chewy, rope, or gummy variety, Sweet Tarts can become a lifelong fixation.  

But, if you have recently switched lifestyles and turned vegan, you may be thinking, “Are Sweet Tarts vegan?”

No doubt, there are some highly disagreeable ingredients here, but some are relatively clean.   

Are Original Sweet Tarts Vegan-Friendly?

sweet tarts vegan friendly

Turns out, they are!

But, again, it depends a lot on how strict you are with your vegan concepts.

If you are okay with artificial colors and natural flavors, the original Sweet Tarts should be okay too.

It is true for the original variety you get in rabbit and duck shapes. 

There is no real animal-derived ingredient in these. 


Even the original variety contains sugar, artificial colors, and palm oil which may not sit well with every vegan.

Fact: Palm oil may not be suitable for vegans because large-scale plantations hurt the animals and environment.

Are Sweet Tart Gummies Safe for Vegans?

Besides the original variety, you may not find much from Sweet Tarts safe for vegans.

And that is certainly the case with Sweet Tart Gummies.

Of the four flavors of your favorite gummy candy, three include gelatin.

Unlike Soft Bites, the chewy texture of Tangy, Whipped and Sour Gummies is achieved by using gelatin.

Since it contains gelatin, which comes from animals, it is not vegan-friendly.

For this reason, we cannot consider Sour Gummies, Sweet Tarts Gummies, or Whipped and Tangy to be vegan.

The only Sweet Tarts product that does not rely on gelatin is the soft bites, which use pectin in place of gelatin.  

What are Some Vegan Alternatives to Sweet Tart Ropes?

what are some vegan alternatives

Those shopping on a vegan diet may want to avoid the confectionery section of the supermarket, which is frustrating.

Many vivid red candies receive their color from carmine, a pigment derived from crushed bugs.

And most chocolate goods contain whey or milk as a means of moistening them.

Really nothing for you, eh?

Luckily, you may find a wide variety of vegan candies that do not contain any of those questionable ingredients. 

Blow Pops

As far as candy deals go, Blow Pops are irresistible. You will get a sugary sucker and some chewing gum to cap it off.

Blow Pops contain no animal products, so you may stock up on a supply and have them on hand for when the sugar cravings hit.

Fun Dip

Do you recall enjoying Fun Dip as a child’s snack?

Tossing your dipping sticks around in those sour powders was a blast as a kid.

And it is still a lot of fun and fulfilling as an adult.

And the icing on the cake? They are cruelty-free and suitable for vegan diets.

Grape Nerds

Most flavors of Nerds are not vegan-friendly since they use pink or red coloring that contains carmine.

But, you can always bank on the grape taste being vegan-friendly.

Grape nerds may be tougher to locate in physical stores, but they are widely available on Amazon. 


a skittles

This is not a dream, we assure you. One of the best-selling sweets in stores, Skittles, is free of any animal products.

The use of gelatin in their production has long been discontinued.

It is not only the classic flavor, either; wild berry, sour, and tropical Skittles are all cruelty-free options.

Feel free to sample every color in the rainbow. 


Twizzlers are a reliable go-to for vegans in need of sweets at the movies.

All of the items are safe to eat, whether you go for the stuffed bites, the traditional strawberry flavor, or the fun variations of color.

The variety of flavors and tastes ensures that there will be a lot to try without getting bored.


Many people often ask, “Are Sweet Tart Ropes vegan?” Unfortunately, they are not, but that does not mean you have to kick candies out of your life.

Since being vegan is about reducing your environmental impact, a product with such far-reaching consequences cannot be considered vegan.

Luckily, you can find many vegan-friendly alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth.