can you freeze american chop suey

Can you freeze American chop suey? If you’ve ever had leftover chop suey, you’ve undoubtedly considered freezing it.

After all, you don’t want to waste something that you may enjoy another day.

Keep reading to discover how to properly freeze and thaw it so that it tastes the same when you eat it again.

You can freeze American chop suey. To freeze,  allow it to cool fully before transferring it to an airtight container and store for up to 3 months.

What is American Chop Suey?

american chop suey

American chop suey is a tasty mix of ground beef, pasta or rice, a tomato-based sauce or a creamy sauce, and anything else the cook wants to add, sometimes even vegetables.

How to Freeze American Chop Suey

The key to preserving food in the freezer for extended periods is to freeze it properly.

This step is often overlooked, but your chop suey won’t make it over the next three months if you don’t.

Here are the steps to properly freeze it so that you may enjoy it again in the future.

1. Cooling

This initial step is most likely the most crucial. Before putting your American chop suey in the freezer, set it aside to cool fully.

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Chop suey will turn into a mushy mass if frozen while still warm. You’ll probably need to wait 1-2 hours for your American chop suey to cool entirely.

2. Package

package it

After it has cooled, continue to the next packing stages:


Before you freeze the American chop suey, you must first determine how much you consume.

If you do not intend to consume the entire American chop suey, divide it into portions and freeze them.

By portioning them before freezing, you’re just going to consume a tiny quantity at a time.

This allows you to extract exactly what you need, and you won’t have to worry about having leftovers that need to be frozen again.


You can wrap the American Chop Suey in plastic wrap. Then wrap another layer of plastic wrap over it for further security.

Make sure that all of the chop sueys are coated.

Place the American chop suey in the freezer bag after being wrapped. Ensure the freezer bag is big enough to hold the chop suey.

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Then, before closing the bag, push it to eliminate any extra air.

use container

If you got an American chop suey from the supermarket, it was already properly wrapped, and you wouldn’t have to do anything with it.

However, whether you have handmade or takeout leftovers, you should consider taking additional precautions to ensure that they are properly stored.

Place your American chop suey in a freezer-safe, airtight container. This ensures that germs have a little surface area on which to grow.

Tip: Prevent freezer burn by opening and closing your freezer.

3. Refrigerate

Place your wrapped American chop suey in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours or until totally cooled.

This will help it set and guarantee that it freezes properly.

4. Freeze and Label

Remove your American chop suey from the fridge and cover it with a lid after being cold.

freeze and put some label

Then, before putting the lid in the freezer, write today’s date and the use-by date.

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American Chop Suey Freezing Instructions

Now that you know how to freeze it, here are some tips to keep in mind while freezing American chop suey for the best results:

Cook Fully:

To begin, let the American chop suey cool fully before freezing it. It should be ready in around two hours.

Cover Completely:

If you cooked the chop suey, try dividing it into smaller slices for easier freezing.

Cover it with aluminum foil or plastic wrap to protect your chop suey from freezer components.


To speed up the thawing process, divide your leftover chop suey into individual portions or smaller quantities.

Separate it from the rest of the food:

Again, avoid placing American chop suey near strong aromas, such as dairy goods, since this flavor will be carried into the final product.

Before putting anything in the freezer, be sure it doesn’t have any strong scents.

Check the Temperature:

Before freezing your chop suey, make sure there are no temperature fluctuations in the freezer. This will keep it from becoming rotten or deformed.

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What Happens If You Freeze American Chop Suey? The Telltales Signs

what happens when freeze american chopsuey

Can you freeze American chop suey? Yes, you can tell if your American Chop suey is frozen or not by looking for a few clues.

These include:

Ice Crystals Will Form on the Surface

Seeing ice crystals or frost on the surface of your chop suey is a good indication that it has been frozen many times.

This is significant because it indicates that the chop suey has lost some of its moisture, lasting longer.

Change in Texture

If you freeze chop suey, the texture will change. Fresh chop suey should be smooth and creamy.

But when you freeze chop suey, it might turn gritty and hard.

A Change in Flavor

Frozen American chop suey can also taste different than fresh chop suey. The flavors might be muted, or the chop suey might have a slightly off-flavor.

suddeng change in flavor
Tip: If you notice any changes in flavor, it's a sign that the chop suey has been frozen.

A Change in Color

If the color of your chop suey changes, it’s another sign that it’s been frozen and thawed.

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When chop suey is fresh, the color is usually a light orange.

But if it’s been frozen and thawed, the chop suey can become darker or even change the color entirely.

It Will Become Hard and Chewy

If your chop suey is hard or chewy, it’s a sign that it’s been frozen and thawed. When chop suey is fresh, it should be soft and easy to eat.

But if it’s been frozen and thawed, the chop suey can become hard and difficult to chew.

How to Defrost American Chop Suey.

To quickly and easily defrost frozen chop suey, follow these instructions.

defrosting american chop seuy


To defrost it, take it to the refrigerator and let it there overnight. Even in the refrigerator, it must be kept in a sealed container.


Chop suey may be defrosted in the microwave or put in a bowl of cold water. If you use one of these methods to defrost, be careful to consume it as soon as possible.

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If your chop suey has frozen, you may reheat it in the microwave or a skillet over medium heat after it has defrosted.

What are the health benefits of American Chop Suey?

  • Chop suey contains protein necessary for all cells in the body to manage wear and tear.
  • Vitamin B1 protects neurons, aids in glucose metabolism, protects the heart, and aids in producing red blood cells.
  • Chop Suey is also high in magnesium, which aids in the regulation of heartbeat and muscular function.
  • It also includes complex carbs, which may benefit individuals on a low-fat diet.

FAQs About Freezing American Chop Suey?

questions about american chop suey

Do you have any additional questions about freezing American chop suey? Please keep us updated.

Here are some of the most frequently asked American chop suey questions.

How Long Does Chop Suey Last?

Never leave chop suey out of the fridge for longer than two hours.

If the chicken, pig, or chop suey has been sitting out for more than two hours, it is highly suggested to toss it.

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Bacteria grow quickly at temperatures ranging from 50°F to 150°F.

Can You Refreeze Chop Suey?

Chop suey may be refrozen. Ensure the thawed product is stored in an area with a low temperature and for no more than three to four days before refreezing.

How Long Does American Chop Suey Keep in the Fridge?

Leftover beef chop suey can keep in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days if properly preserved.

Freeze leftover beef chop suey in sealed airtight containers or heavy-duty freezer bags to increase shelf life.

Final Verdict

Can you freeze American chop suey? American chop suey, like other dishes, may be frozen.

Transfer to an airtight container and keep for up to three months. After cooling and defrosting, reheat them in the microwave or stove.

Thanks for reading!

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