can you freeze raw scrambled eggs

I’m sure you have been seeking to know if it is okay to freeze eggs, but can you freeze raw scrambled eggs?

Congratulations, you found the right article. 

Let’s assume a scenario where you have raw scrambled eggs on your plate and you were about to cook them before something came up or you have leftover uncooked eggs and you are curious if you can freeze them. 

I have proven methods to freeze them and I will show you in this article. 

Yes! You can freeze raw scrambled eggs to preserve them. The trick lies in adding sugar and salt to the egg mixture to prevent the gelatinous from thickening as they freeze.

Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs?

can you freeze scrambled eggs

You can freeze all types of eggs ranging from raw, slightly cooked to fully cooked scrambled eggs.

Most times, we often have to freeze leftover cooked scrambled eggs than raw ones. You can freeze most foods made with eggs and they will be safe to eat until a year later. 

Oftentimes, freezing does not alter scrambled egg flavor and frozen cooked scrambled eggs can last up to 4 months in the freezer and the raw ones can last up to a year when stored properly.

The best time to enjoy your frozen egg dishes is within 6 months of freezing. Once that period is extended, the flavor might get compromised.

You should separate the scrambled eggs into smaller quantities so you don’t have to reheat everything to get the little quantity you want to eat.

Note: Thawing and refreezing will damage your eggs.

Why You Should Freeze Raw Scrambled Eggs

why freeze raw scrambled eggs

You can have an array of reasons for freezing your scrambled eggs ranging from wastage prevention to having quick and easy access to the raw eggs when you need them.

The good thing about freezing raw scrambled eggs is that you will have a good texture when you finally cook them after thawing them.

You can’t say the same for a cooked scrambled egg.

I have decided to highlight the top reasons and how it would benefit you generally if you should decide to freeze your raw scrambled eggs.

Tip: The only type of egg that is not recommended for freezing is the unbroken fresh egg.

Reason #1: Constant Demand and Supply

Freezing your raw scrambled eggs will help ensure that you have access to your eggs any time of the day, whenever you want them.

demand for eggs

You do not have to drive to the store every time you want to eat scrambled eggs, and freezing them at a go will definitely make things easier for you.

Reason #2: Saves Money and Budgets

This is applicable to all frozen foods. We preserve our food because we are trying to save money by preventing the wastage of excess food.

A lot of people buy food items in bulk and store them in the freezer until they are ready to cook them.

Tip: This helps to budget food finances as bulk buying is cheaper and saves us from unnecessary daily expenditures.

Reason #3: Reduces Cooking Time

Once you have your raw scrambled egg in the freezer, it is very easy and fast to prepare breakfast.

reduce cooking time

You can thaw overnight and cook easily in the morning. It reduces your cooking time by half.

Reason #4: Helps Save Space

While eggs can take up a lot of space in your freezer, raw scrambled eggs will take up a whole less space.

The fact that you have to be extra careful when storing them so they won’t break is another reason to scramble them before freezing.

Just scramble them and store them in a tight-lidded bowl, and you are good to go. 

Tip: Do not leave raw scrambled eggs at room temperature for more than two hours. You should store it in the freezer as soon as possible.

Can You Freeze Raw Scrambled Eggs?

freezing raw egg

You can freeze raw scrambled eggs. It can’t last more than two hours at room temperature and at most 4 days in the refrigerator.

So it is important you freeze them as soon as possible if you want them to last at least 6 months. 

You can thaw and cook them later and you will still have that fresh egg taste and smell as long as you label the freezer bags and separate the eggs into portions you can reheat without thawing the whole egg.

Make sure you mix the egg white and yolk thoroughly before you freeze it.

This is because egg white freezes well while egg yolk does not.

How To Freeze Raw Scrambled Eggs

You can freeze raw scrambled eggs and retain the original quality by following these best-proven practices.

If you follow this process, I can assure you that your eggs will remain fresh for cooking in the freezer for up to a year.

how to freeze scrambled egg

Step #1: Prepare Your Eggs

Break the eggs in a bowl.

This process is also known as scrambling. Ensure that your eggs are fresh because some eggs are brought in spoilt from the stores and there is no point in storing spoilt eggs. 

Once you have confirmed that, you should mix the egg and yolk together to ensure uniformity. You can use a fork to mix it to prevent air incorporation.

Egg whites freeze well but egg yolk does not so you need to mix thoroughly to avoid a huge mess when you are reheating, 

Step #2: Add Salt and Sugar

Depending on the quantity of your scrambled egg, you will add a measured teaspoon of sugar and salt.

For every cup of raw scrambled eggs, add one teaspoon of sugar and salt. If you are freezing a whole egg, you only need 1⁄8 teaspoon of salt and sugar.

season the eggs
Tip: This will stop the gelatinous yolk from thickening in the process of freezing.

Step #3: Pre Freeze Your Eggs

Get an ice cube tray and pour your scrambled egg mix inside. Put it into the freezer for about 4-6 hours.

This will help solidify the eggs before transferring them into freezer bags or containers.

Step #4: Get Freezer Bags Or Containers

The next step is to transfer your frozen eggs from the ice cube trays and put them inside the container bags.

Be careful not to break the eggs while transferring.

Also ensure that the bags are airtight.

If the eggs get exposed to air within the freezer, it might compromise the taste and smell.

use containers
Tip: Label the freezer bags so you would be able to track the expiry dates and know which food to eat first.

Step #5: Put Them In The Freezer

Set your freezer temperature to -5°C. Keep your eggs in the coldest part of the freezer.

Take note that the bags are not stacked on top of each other to ensure that every bag has equal temperature on all sides.

Tip: Make sure the temperature is kept stable throughout the freezing period to prevent your eggs from getting spoiled.


Can you freeze raw scrambled egg? Yes, you can if you follow the process I highlighted above.

In a quest to save money, time, and energy, we might resolve to freeze our raw eggs. 

Raw scrambled eggs can be safely stored in the freezer for up to a year and they will still retain their original flavor and smell when you are ready to cook them. 

By following the best practices I listed above, you might be able to store your raw scrambled eggs successfully. Try this method and let me have your feedback.