can you make risotto with basmati rice

Can you make risotto with basmati rice?” is a good question to ask, considering that risotto is a great Italian meal that is creamy after preparation.

The taste of risotto is none to be compared with and the combination of basmati rice is out of the world.

This article is to guide you and teach you how to make risotto with basmati rice considering your question.

Yes, you can make Risotto with basmati rice. The awesomeness is rich and very healthy, thanks to this vibrant meal bursting with flavor.

Regarding Risotto, Is The Variety Of Rice Important?

rice variety for risotto

When it comes to risotto, the variety of rice is not really important. We all need to pick our preferences just so they can come out nice.

The fact that risotto can easily accommodate almost any taste combination makes it a classic favorite. It enjoys citrus.

It enjoys meat. I am a vegetable lover. And it adores being the center of attention.

And finally, creamy butter, savory parmesan, and salt are usually used to finish it.

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The risotto used to be somewhat of a proverbial sticky wicket. It required the cook’s undivided attention at all times.

Although the grains retain the liquid, there is a narrow line between properly hydrating the rice and preventing it from overcooking.

Note: The starch from the rice creates a base for risotto's creamy texture.

Can You Make Risotto With Basmati Rice?

risotto in bowl with cheese

Yes, you can make Risotto with basmati rice. When selecting your rice of preference, they always recommend Basmati rice because it doesn’t contain gluten.

Basmati rice is good when it comes to health and when you are looking forward to losing weight. 

Basmati rice is your best healthy choice and that is why healthwise, it blends well with Risotto.

Due to its low sugar content, it provides a healthy alternative to arborio rice.

You should add pumpkin broth to the rice before cooking this to create it soggy for risotto.

How To Make Risotto With Basmati Rice

how to make risotto

When you ask questions like “can you make risotto with basmati rice” and the question gets answered, proper guidance on how to make it should also be considered. 

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And this means you get to know how to make it turn out perfect so it can be enjoyed.

After making this you get to serve it with any side dish of your choice and your favorite drink.

Ensure you have your cooking utensils ready and this includes your cast iron. Don’t forget to use a very heavy pan and not a thin one.

You will also need a spatula made of wood for stirring. Include a ladle so you can stir with it while pouring stock into the rice.

And lest I forget, get an additional pot for warming the broth.

Tip: Using a thin pot or pan will make your food burn and messy.

Ingredients Needed To Make Your Risotto

ingredients for risotto


Although it’s simple to prepare your stock, most chefs frequently use canned stock instead.

Just make sure to avoid those that include extra seasonings or that are overly salty.

To be certain, sample the stock. Utilize it if you enjoy the flavor.

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Parmesan Cheese

This is the customary cheese that is used in risotto, although you may use pretty much whatever hard cheese you desire.

It works wonderfully with Grana Padano, dry jack, and even pecorino.

block of parmesan cheese

I advise against using soft cheeses except if you are making a supply or risotto balls out of your dish.

It’s beneficial knowing that the quantity of cheese included in your risotto is completely customizable for those watching calories.

You are not obliged to include any cheese when you do not wish to, but it does provide taste and richness.

Tip: Cheese is optional but it must be the right cheese.


Vialone Nano and Carnaroli rice absorb greater liquid compared to other types. This makes them excellent choices for risotto dishes.

rice grains

However, chefs believe that the less expensive Basmati rice is the simplest to use.

The reason is that it is somewhat more forgiving, boils a little faster, and contains a less starch level.

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Some short-grain rice lacks the requisite starch content for risotto preparation.

And most of these grains will result in the rice grains literally dissolving even during the cooking process.

Herbs & Spices

Saffron is the standard seasoning in even the most simple risottos.

Another choice is to spice your risotto using fresh herbs, which ought to be introduced at the end in addition to the butter and cheese.

Fresh rosemary stems should be briefly dipped in hot water before being used. The harshness seems to be cut by the bath.

Tip: Remember fresh herbs are incorporated into the sofrito.

Butter And Oil

butter oil

Even though it may seem like much, it’s crucial to use the full sum of oil and butter in a risotto dish.

In addition to making sure that your sofrito is cooked evenly, the fat must cover all the rice grains.

It’s vital to use both since butter by itself will burn too rapidly, despite the fact that oil offers significantly less taste than butter.

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Also, fresh peas, baby artichokes, butternut squash, asparagus, and mushrooms are common toppings and improvements to risotto.

Grilled chicken breasts are also additional possible additions to risotto.

Tip: Olive oil is always going to be recommended when the need for oil arises.


preparations for risotto

In very simple steps, this article will list the procedure for preparing risotto with basmati rice.

These steps are highlighted below.

Stir Fry Sausages

Stir fry the sausage till it becomes brown, and don’t forget to add some seasoning with pepper and salt. 

When the sausages are on fire, ensure to slice your onions and artichoke. This is so that by the time you are done, the sausages will be brown.

Then scoop it all out on a plate and keep it aside.

Saute Your Onions

sauteed onions

Knowing that there is some oil in the frying pan from frying the sausage, add a little more oil and introduce your onions.

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Allow the onions to fry till it becomes soft.

Introduce Your Basmati Rice

When it is soft enough, add your washed basmati rice and stir with your spatula till the rice is fully covered with oil.

When it must have heated it up for 3 mins max then, add your wine vinegar so that the rice can soak in it.

Keep Adding Your Broth Till It’s Soft

When the rice has soaked in the wine vinegar, introduce your broth to the rice so it can cover it totally.

add the broth

When it seems like it is drying, keep adding the stock till it is very, very soft but not mushy, and it will take not up to 30 mins. 

Add In The Proteins

When it is tender enough then, add your proteins, like sausages, and your artichoke heart down to the skillet with salt and stir with your spatula.

You can also add any other ingredients that you may require according to my list above.

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Add In The Cheese (Optional)

Don’t forget your cheese at the end, mix it with it.

add the cheese

So whenever questions like ‘Can you use basmati rice for risotto’?

You answer ‘ Yes!’ You can use it and the taste always comes out amazing.


Can you make risotto with basmati rice?” is an interesting question. The guide and the ingredients I listed above are a good way to start trying out your basmati rice risotto.

The reason why most people ask if you can use basmati rice for it could be because of their health.

There are different types of rice one can use to make risotto. Ensure you follow the tips I gave to make sure you don’t go wrong in your choice of ingredients.

Do not also forget your type of pan because it matters. Nonstick pot is the goal too. Do well to read all these through and be informed.