how to store shucked oysters in fridge

How to store shucked oysters in fridge is one thing, shucking them another.

In this article, we will show you everything you ever needed to know. 

That is, from storing shucked oysters in the fridge, their shelf life, to how to tell when and if they have gone bad. Sit still and read along! 

How to store shucked oysters in the fridge is quite simple. Set your fridge to 34 – 35 degrees, and tuck them away in the fridge. 

How To Store Shucked Oysters   

storing shucked oysters

This is an interesting topic. This article is here to tell you how you are going to shuck their skins away and carefully. 

In the end, you will also learn how to store shucked oysters in the fridge.

However, in the run-up to our main agenda, there are a few things that are as vital. 

So, hold on, stay put, stay with me to the end. This is going to be an informative article with guiding and enlightening content.

Shall we? We shall.

Are Oysters Alive At The Moment Of Eating Them?

oysters alive

Chances are very high that at the moment you are eating oysters, they are probably still alive.

This is true especially if you kept them properly, at the right temperatures, and in the right place where they can survive. 

As soon as the oyster is slurped, it does.

And if it does not, the acids in the stomach responsible for digestion will kill it as soon as its digestion begins. 

Tip: Oysters are preferred to be eaten alive because when they die, they start to develop bacteria which causes them to smell and develop an awful taste. 

Why Do We Need To Shuck Oysters?

why do we need shuck oysters

While preparing the oysters for the fridge, first shuck them up. Why do you have to shuck it up anyway? 

Shucking oysters reveals the delicious flesh beneath the skin.

Therefore shucking removes the skin to expose to the juicy skin that you will be munching at your own time and pleasure.

How To Shuck Oysters

When you want to shuck an oyster, do not come at it in a hurry, take your time, and be slow and courteous. 

As a rule of thumb, preparing yourself before anything is very vital.  It is no less for shucking up a shellfish.

shucking oysters

In this case, prepare a sharp knife, a bucket of water, ice salt, and a working table. 

With the collected, have a closer look at your oyster, and study it closely and carefully. Establish the pattern of the shell to tell where the shell and the top are.

Using a clean towel, brace the oyster carefully as you peel off the skin.

Tip: Shuck oysters earlier on time on that particular day you plan to refrigerate them. 

How To Store Shucked Oysters In Fridge.

If you had shucked all your oysters ahead of time, then the time has come for them to face the fridge. 

shucked oyster meat

Refrigerating oysters, especially the shucked ones, is the very best way of storing your oysters. 

The fridge ensures that they stay alive until when you will need them.

There are steps to follow to ensure that the oysters are refrigerated and stay alive all through.

It is the ultimate way to keep them fresh and alive and in this article, we will show you the steps you should follow to ensure that you get the very best out of the shucking and the refrigerating.  

Steps To Follow While Refrigerating Shucked Oysters

steps refrigerating shucked oysters

Now, to refrigerate shucked oysters, you do not come to it blindly and bluntly, because if you do, you risk killing the shucked oysters before it is time for their consumption.

And because we care about you, and your oysters, we have prepared for you the steps that you should adhere to while at it.

Few, simple and clear steps, and these are: 

Step #1. Place The Oysters On A Large Bowl

Using a large bowl, line up the oysters in a manner that no oyster is resting on top of another.

Cover them with a clean piece of sheet cloth that covers the entire bowl well.

While doing this, ensure that you have drained the oysters of water before moving to the next step.

oysters on bowl

An aluminum foil used in most other refrigerating activities isn’t advised to be used here, because the Oysters still need to breathe and live.

Tip: Do not seal oysters in an airtight container, because they still need to breathe. 

Step #2. Put The Bowl In The Refrigerator

Once all the oysters are in the prettiest manner lined up on a bowl, and sure that you have them covered in a sheet cloth, then you can now place the bowl in a refrigerator. 

If you have so many oysters then do not mind using two or more bowls.

As long as there is still space in the fridge and the oysters are not lying on each other, go ahead!

If there are any other edibles in the refrigerator, seal them appropriately so that the smell of oysters is not spread to the other items and foods in the fridge.

You may want to find a suitable location to place the oysters, far away from any other foods.

fridge required temperature


Step #3. Set The Fridge To The Required Temperatures

Oysters are better when kept in colder temperatures,  in the refrigerator, this is where these temperatures are.

At this stage, set your fridge at temperatures between 4 and 5 degrees Celsius. 

Tip: If the oysters were sold to you in a container shucked, keep them in the fridge in the same container. 

How Long Do Shucked Oysters Stay In The Fridge?

shucked oysters in fridge

Do not keep the shucked oysters for long in the refrigerator, it is only meant for the short term. 

Following the procedure above, shucked oysters will only be effective if kept in the fridge for 5 to 6 days only. 

And for some, you may have bought them from the supermarket. Ensure you heed to the best by or expiration date as indicated on the container. 

Can Shucked Oysters Be Frozen? 

Can shucked oysters be frozen? Why not?

Other than just storing them in the fridge where they can only remain relevant until the latest on the 5th day, you still could freeze your oysters in the freezer.

shucked oysters frozen

Asking how? Briefly, below is how; 

Step #1: Shuck the oysters using a strainer or sharp kitchen knife.

Step #2: Remove all sand and any shellings from the oysters while saving all the water or liquor from the oysters.

Step #3: Wash the oysters and rinse them well until all the sand has been removed. 

Step  #4: Find a freezing bag for freezing and seal the oysters in it.

Step  #5: Place the shucked oysters in the freezing bag into the freezer.

Tip: Shucked oysters that have been frozen can stay in the freezer for up to 12 months, unfortunately, most are likely to change their texture and flavor. 


The best ways on how to store shucked oysters in fridge are not too difficult.

For a long time now, most people have found oysters and the entire shellfish family as an exemplary diet. 

In this article, we have narrated to you some of the most significant topics you must have at your fingertips, concerning oysters, especially when they are shucked.

Oysters are best when eaten raw because when they die, there is a lot of bacteria build-up, accompanied by a foul smell and others.

You can save yours from death until you have eaten them by shucking them and putting them in the fridge.