can you use a baking pan on the stove

Most baking pans are used in ovens but can you use a baking pan on the stove?

In this blog, you’ll find out if you can use a baking pan on the stove and get to learn more about this topic. Keep reading!

A baking pan may be heated on the stove; you must, however, ensure that the pan is neither overheated nor underheated. If the pan becomes overheated, it may get damaged. On the contrary, if the pan is not sufficiently heated, the pan may not be heated enough.

What is a Baking Pan?

A baking pan is a cooking utensil used in an oven to prepare food. It is often metal and includes a nonstick coating to make cleaning simpler.

baking pan

Baking pans are available in various forms and sizes and are used for baking anything from cakes to casseroles.

Can You Use a Baking Pan on The Stove?

You may use a baking pan on the stove, but be careful that it may cause damage to the pan.

For example, the stove does not burn evenly as an oven does in a baking pan.

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So, your baking pan might be more likely to warp because only the bottom would heat up quickly, while the rest would stay cool.

Note: if you don't mind if your baking pan warps, you can keep going and put it directly over the stove's flames.

However, to evaluate if you may use a banking pan on the stove, you must consider the following factors.

Banking Pan Materials

Material is important for baking. We’ll break down some of the most popular baking materials and if they’re suited for baking on a stove.

pan materials

This will help you make an informed decision.


Aluminum is the all-around winner when it comes to baking pans.

Because of their lightweight composition and ability to spread heat evenly, using an aluminum cake pan on the stove is possible, but it is not recommended.

Although an aluminum cake pan absorbs heat, it is still thin enough to distort owing to combustion.

A pan of this kind is thick enough to endure stovetop cooking. So, if you need to put it back in the oven after searing, go ahead.

Stainless Steel

On the stove, you may use a stainless steel cake pan.

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However, owing to the uneven heat distribution of the stove, this cake pan, like all others, is prone to warping.

the stainless steel
Note: A stainless steel cake pan is suitable for all forms of oven cooking. However, it is not the same when used on a cooktop.

Of course, if you understand the consequences, you may do it.

However, to get the most out of your stainless steel cake pan, use it in the oven rather than on the stove.


While many vintage baking pans were made of glass, it is not the ideal material for properly distributing heat.

When seeking a uniform, consistent bake, we suggest using aluminum or nonstick pans.

However, Glass is a poor heat conductor, yet it distributes heat more evenly than other materials.

Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, glass pans should not be used in direct high-heat cooking circumstances, such as on the stovetop.


Copper baking pans can handle high temperatures well, and many are lined with stainless steel to keep them from reacting with acidic foods.

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copper pan

This makes the pans stronger as well.

Copper cookware is expensive, so you might want to think twice before putting it on the stove. They could get bent or change color.


Silicone baking pans are typically used for novelty products; silicone baking pans are not great for heat conductivity.

These pans are entertaining, but they are better utilized in no-bake applications, such as creating fudge or ice cream. They cannot be used on the stove.


A metal baking pan can’t be used on a stove, just like a baking pan. Still, you can do that as long as you don’t mind if the pan warps because the heat isn’t evenly distributed.

Keep in mind that since these metal cake pans are so thin, they might easily burn your food.

Even if you don’t mind warping, using medium-high heat will almost certainly burn your materials.

How to Use a Baking Pan On a Stove

use baking pan in stove

If you wish to heat your baking pan directly, you’ll need to use an electric range. But keep in mind that you must use extreme caution.

  • If you observe flames, take urgent remedial action! Instead, you should attempt a different approach.
  • Warm-up some water.
  • Then, using an eyedropper, fill your empty baking pan with water and watch it evaporate.
  • The pan will grow progressively hot as you continue to add water.
  • You may also heat the water beforehand.
  • Fill your empty baking pan with ice cubes and boiling water.
  • The ice cubes are now melting, and the baking pan is becoming heated.
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Is Using a Banking Pan on the Stove Safe?

Can you heat a baking pan on the stove?

There are always some risks when using a banking pan on the stove, and you don’t want to add to those risks by using a dangerous pan.


You can use a metal, steel, and aluminum baking pan on the stove as long as you use gloves and handle the pans properly.

be damaged

Using pans made of glass, ceramics, or stoneware is very dangerous. Glass, stone, and ceramics can all crack or break, as was already said.

Additionally, when you put baking pans on the charcoal stove, they can bend or warp, which is another thing that could go wrong.

If the pan is thin, like one made of aluminum or foil, the high heat could make the bottom uneven and make the baking pan wobble. This could cause hot foods to spill.

Can Result in Burning

Hot liquids that leak or spill could burn you, or a shard of glass could cut you.

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The stove is dangerous because of its high heat and direct flame. Whenever a flame is out in the open, your clothes, hair, or other things could catch fire.

Tip: Silicone gloves are a good way to protect your hands, and they give you the dexterity you need to hold pans by the handles or the sides.

There are also gloves made of other materials that can withstand heat and fire.

FAQs About Using a Baking Pan On The Stove

questions baking pan on stove

Do you have any other questions about using a baking pan on the stove? Please keep us informed.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions

Can I Use Glass Instead of Metal for a Baking dish?

Glass lets more heat through than metal, so you need to turn your oven down by 20 degrees when baking in a glass baking dish.

Darker metal pans will cook somewhat hotter than shining metal pans, but not as quickly as glass pans.

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Is a Silicone Baking Pan Better than a Metal Baking Pan?

Silicone is the new thing when it comes to baking. It is very bendy, which makes it easy to get food out.

It can also easily go from the freezer to the microwave or oven. It can also go in the dishwasher, which isn’t true of most metal baking tools.

Is Baking Possible Without a Sheet?

You could instead use cooking spray. To make a pan or sheet that doesn’t stick, you must grease it first.

As long as you put enough oil on the pan’s surface, you can put the food right on it without feeling bad about it.

The greased pan can handle whether you’re cooking something soft or sticky.

Final Verdict

Can you use a baking pan on the stove? Baking pans have a thin structure that is prone to warping when subjected to the uneven heat distribution of the stove.

When you’re cooking on the stovetop, you shouldn’t use cheap baking pans.

Even if these pans don't bend, it's still possible to burn the flavor and aroma of other ingredients. 

Most of the time stainless steel, copper, and aluminum baking pans that don’t stick work best on the stovetop.

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As a result, no baking pan is suitable for stovetop cooking regardless of the materials used.