how to use a stovetop griddle

How to use a stovetop griddle? Griddles are more than simply an alternate frying pan since they provide more area and versatility than you may expect, and they’re also simple to set up.

In this blog article, we will go through each step of using a stovetop griddle. Keep reading.

For 10-15 minutes, heat your griddle over high heat on the stovetop. Dip some long-handled spatula and paper towels with high smoke point cooking oil.

Wipe the griddle’s whole surface with the oiled paper towel, using a spatula for safety. Remove the griddle from the fire and, once cold, wash, rinse, and dry it. Your seasoning is now ready to use in any recipe you can think of.

What is a Griddle?

a griddle

A griddle is a big, continuous pan that commonly spans two stove burners. Griddles typically have flat surfaces and may be constructed of cast iron, steel, or even copper.

Varied materials offer different advantages, yet all three may be useful in the kitchen.

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Most people think of griddles as a bigger version of a frying pan. However, some griddles are similar to grill pans and may be used to grill meals inside.

How To Use A Stovetop Griddle?

Griddles are popular for a variety of reasons. For example, their flat surfaces are ideal for burning vegetables and searing meat.

Cooking your meals is also a healthy alternative.

However, if you don’t know how to operate a stovetop griddle, now is the time to learn.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on using a stovetop griddle:

1. Set Up Your Griddle

set up

Place the stovetop griddle on top of the burners of your stove. Because of the danger of damage to the cooktop, do not slide or put down a smooth, flat-top range.

Depending on the size of your griddle, you’ll need at least two burners for this task. Place the griddle on top of two burners that are close together.

Given the unequal size of an electric stove’s burners, you may wish to consider a smaller, single burner griddle.

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Turn on the burners and adjust the temperature to your liking.

2. Heat It Up

The next step on your to-do list is to turn on the heat. You will need to wait for the griddle to heat up before using it.

Otherwise, you will have hotter portions of the griddle than others.

There are various techniques to determine if the griddle is hot enough or ready to cook. The first step is to check for smoke coming from the griddle.

heat up

This indicates that the griddle is hot enough to start cooking on.

However, keep in mind that the griddle should not be too hot. When you start cooking, this will produce a lot of smoke.

Another approach to seeing whether a griddle is hot enough is to drop a few water droplets upon it. When the water begins to sizzle or bubble, the griddle is ready.

3. Grease the Griddle.

There are many various kinds of griddles available today, some of which are nonstick.

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There is no need to lubricate the surface to keep the food from adhering in certain instances.

However, since we’re talking about cast iron griddles, you’ll need some fat to oil the pan.

You may use any fat for this. It should be alright as long as it prevents stickiness.

In most circumstances, a little oil is sufficient to cover the bottom of these griddles.

4. Cook on the Griddle.

Once the fat has been applied, you may begin cooking on the stovetop griddle according to the directions or recipe.

now cook on griddle

It is best to use additional fat between dishes, particularly if cooking in many batches.

Reduce the heat to medium or low if the fat begins to smoke.

A stovetop griddle can cook practically anything, including omelets, pancakes, eggs, veggies, and many types of meat.

Safety Considerations When Using a Stovetop Griddle.

A griddle may seem to be a harmless device, but it is not. There are a few precautions to take.

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Keep an Eye on the Accumulation of Grease on Your Grill

There may or may not be room for the grease, depending on your griddle. Too much oil might overflow due to its flat surface.

You must exercise extreme caution while using a griddle on a range top, particularly if you are concurrently cooking on other burners.

Note: Fires may start when grease accumulates.

Use the Correct Spatula Size

Cooking anything that requires flipping should be done properly.

right spatula

Failure to employ proper equipment might result in burns and discombobulated foods.

Use an Oven Mitt at All Times

Griddles may become quite hot, and all griddle parts heat up. Touching one by mistake is the same as accidentally touching your stove or grill grates.

You don’t want to do that; therefore, safeguard yourself.

Place Your Griddle on the Burners before Turning Them On

A cast-iron skillet must be gently heated with the burners; this solid material may experience thermal shock and break.

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Maintaining Cleanliness

Cleaning your griddle is simple. That is, as long as you stick to it. After each usage, you should clean your griddle.

Remove any extra food off the griddle with care, scaping it off with a spatula if required.

Then, wipe off the griddle’s surface with a moist towel.

Tip: Do these procedures while the griddle is still hot to avoid food sticking. Just keep this in mind and take steps to avoid burning yourself. 

To protect the griddle, apply a little coating of oil to it.

Is It Safe to Cook Food on a Griddle?

safe to cook food

Now that you know how to use a flat top griddle directly on a regular stovetop, you may be wondering if it is good to cook dishes on a griddle or not.

The explanation is that cooking on a griddle is surprisingly healthy. It is, indeed.

Do you believe that griddling and frying food are interchangeable? They are not, in fact, the same.

Note: When working with a griddle, you don't need much oil and simply a little grease.

Things will be much better if you choose healthy oils, such as avocado oil or olive oil, which may reduce the amount of saturated fat in your diet.

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While cooking on a griddle, your food will be precisely baked; it’s also a much healthier alternative than frying.

Furthermore, all of these are heavily influenced by the meal you prepare.

However, using a griddle to make the best pancakes and burgers is conventional. You will not be sorry if you use it.

FAQs About How to Use a Stovetop Griddle.

Do you have any other questions about how to use a stovetop griddle? Please keep us informed.

questions about griddle

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about griddle.

How Hot Can a Stovetop Griddle Get?

Most cooking occurs at a griddle surface temperature of roughly 340°-390° Fahrenheit.

Outdoor grills and most stoves can heat cookware over 390°F. For optimal results, preheat on medium-low to medium.

Can You Boil Water on a Griddle?

Yes, You can boil water on a griddle if you use pots that can withstand temperatures over 210 degrees Fahrenheit or 110 degrees Celsius.

Please keep in mind that you must adhere to fundamental safety guidelines if you are boiling water or using equipment that reaches very high temperatures.

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How Do You Heat a Griddle?

Preheat the griddle on the stovetop for 10 to 15 minutes to ensure it is uniformly hot before adding the pancake batter.

There are many techniques to test the griddle to ensure it has achieved the proper temperature. Pour some water onto the prepared griddle.

Final Verdict

How to use a stovetop griddle? You now understand how to use a stovetop griddle and what you can cook on it.

Additionally, ensure that you utilize, clean, and maintain your griddle appropriately.

It will extend the life of your griddle and allow you to get the most out of it.