can you use a food processor to make smoothies

Have you ever tried craving for a good fix of a mango-apple smoothie but didn’t have a working blender on hand?

This may have made you think, “Can you use a food processor to make smoothies?

We all love to get our daily dose of smoothies since this refreshment is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. This is a drink that you can have any time, anywhere: at home or on the go!

Several of us wouldn’t even be able to survive such a hot day without this drink.

With this in mind, it doesn’t make us wonder why many people would go through the trouble of trying to make their own smoothies.

And while a food processor may not be the perfect substitute for a blender, lots of people have attested that it does still work as a substitute.

Some of you might think it’s strange to use food processors instead of blenders, but perhaps there is really something that you don’t know about it.

In this post, we will talk about the question:

Can a Food Processor Be Used to Make Smoothies?” and provide some insight into the appliance and how it can help make your drinks more delicious!

So if you’re looking for an alternative way of making smoothies in order to save money, space and time, then be sure to stick around because we’ll surely give you everything you need to know!

Now, let’s begin…

Food Processor vs Blender: The Main Difference

food processor vs blender

Before we dive into the main agenda, we need to know the difference between a food processor and a blender, so you get a better understanding of what they are and how they work.

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A blender is like the food processor’s little brother: it has fewer blades, but can do many more things than just making smoothies!

This appliance will help you make soft and silky ices or soups with thick textures while still having an easy-to-carry-around jar.

It works by putting the ingredients in a container, putting it on top of a blender’s blade, and pressing down until everything is mixed.

On the other hand, a food processor has blades that will cut your fruit or veggies into small pieces which can then be blended by pushing one button to get smooth results in seconds!

It works by placing all your ingredients inside its jar with a lid and pushing down the button.

When differentiating blenders and food processors, you need to remember their main difference which is how they blend. A blender can make smoothies just as well, but food processors are perfect for chopping your ingredients before blending them!

Both appliances have several advantages, and we will list them down below for you to decide which one would be the best for you.


  • Are easier to use since all you need to do is push a button
  • Are versatile because they can be used for more than just making smoothies
  • Can also make soups and sauces
  • Saves you space because they are small
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Food Processors:

  • Are great for chopping ingredients before blending them.
  • Have a more powerful blade that can make your food thicker and smoother than what a blender could produce. This is perfect if you like to eat thick-textured foods such as oats or hummus.
  • Are much more robust than blenders because they have larger motors.

Now that you know what their main differences and advantages are, we can now proceed to the next section which we’ve all been waiting for

And that is…

Can You Use a Food Processor to Make Smoothies

smoothies in food processor

As we already know, blenders and food processors have a huge difference when it comes to their intended use.

Blenders are designed specifically to process liquids and pulpy fruits or vegetables while retaining their natural texture, whereas blenders will often leave skinned fruit with smaller chunks of pulp remaining even if the skin has been removed.

However, how about food processors? Can they function pretty much as a blender to make a delicious smoothie?

Well to cut it short, the answer is Yes!

You can definitely use a food processor to make smoothies.


There are just some additional steps you have to do than simply adding all your smoothie’s ingredients.

If this doesn’t make you frown, then we’re sure you won’t have any problems!

However, you need to take note that the possibility of using your appliance to make yourself a refreshment still depends on the type you have.

If you've got a food processor with a high-performance motor, it can make you the perfect shake.

But, if your appliance doesn’t have such features then you’re going to be stuck on making yourself something that resembles more of applesauce than anything else.

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Keep in mind how well your food processor does its job and prepare accordingly.

It’s also good to do proper research on the specs of your food processor, so you could have an idea of what you’re in for.

So, if you want to save time on making your own smoothie and don’t have a working blender on hand, then you could always use your food processor to make the perfect shake.

Now that we’ve got that settled, we can head on to…

The Given Knowledge

We all believe that we’re not too old to learn new things. It’s always good to expand our horizons and explore different things in life that could make us better at what we’re doing.

Our lives have certainly gotten easier thanks to all the information we’ve acquired in this given section.

We now know that…

  • The difference between a food processor and a blender
  • The main benefits of the two
  • The possibility of making a smoothie out of a food processor

And because of this, we can now easily fix ourselves up some great smoothie anytime we want to regardless of having a working blender or not!

But now that we know a food processor is possible to use…

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How do we do it?

It’s pretty easy and won’t take much of your time too!

Let us show you in our next section which is…

How to Make Smoothies in a Food Processor

Making a fresh glass of smoothie in your food processor isn’t a complicated task. In fact, it is pretty quick to do.

However, before setting up your food processor, you need to know which kind of ingredients you need to be cautious of since these might end up causing damage to your appliance.

You need to be careful of ice, hard fruits and vegetables like apples or carrots, rock-solid frozen berries because they will not only give you a difficult time during the process but might also end up breaking some parts of the food processor too.

It’s always better to thaw your fruits or vegetables before placing them in the appliance, so you don’t break it.

But other than these few ingredients that can potentially cause damage to your machine, you can pretty much throw in anything else, and you are good to go.

Don’t forget that the more liquid your ingredients have, the smoother your final product will be!

So make sure to include some water or juice when making a smoothie using the food processor.

Now that’s settled, let’s start making the best refreshment ever!

smoothies in food processor

Step 1: Prepare Your Ingredients

The first step (obviously) is to prepare your ingredients by washing and chopping them into pieces that will fit inside the food processor.

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Some of the most popular veggies for this are carrots, celery, broccoli stems, cauliflower florets, or anything else you want to include!

However, if you’re fixing yourself a good fruity smoothie, then it’s great to go for bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and more.

When it comes to fruits like apples or pears you will need to peel them and remove their seeds before cutting up the pieces that fit in your food processor, so you won’t have to find traces of it inside your smoothie.

Place them in a bowl and add them to the food processor when you’re ready.

Step 2: Add a Liquid

This is an important step that will help your smoothie not only taste better but also be smoother in consistency.

Some liquids you can add are juice (orange or apple), milk, coffee, and more!

Remember to always adjust it depending on how thick or smooth you want your smoothie to be.

Step 3: Superfoods and Mix-ins

Adding liquids will make your smoothie a lot easier to drink but if you want some more texture as well or just feel like adding something crunchy there is an array of mix-ins for you!

You can add nuts (such as almonds) or perhaps some seeds (such as chia). You can also add superfoods like spinach, kale, or avocado!

Step 4: Set up Your Food Processor

For the third step, you need to make sure that you have already washed and cleaned your appliance so that you are ready to go!

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When setting up your food processor to make a smoothie, you have to do it in the order of liquids, fruit, and then ice.

Step 5: Start Your Food Processor

Now that you have everything set up correctly, pour your liquid into your appliance first as this will help to keep all those fruits from getting stuck on top!

Place a few chunks or pieces of fruit onto the blade before adding any ice.

Once done, turn your food processor on and let it do its thing!

Step 6: Add Some Flavor

Once you have finished blending, go ahead and add the extra ingredients you’ve prepared such as the nuts, chia seeds, hemp hearts, or nut butter according to your preference.

Give it another blending to make sure you get a smooth, even consistency.

Step 7: Serve and Enjoy!

After your smoothie has finished blending, pour it into a glass of your choice before enjoying every last drop of this delicious and healthy drink.

Be sure to clean your food processor right after, so you can be ready to make your next delicious smoothie next time!

Ain’t it amazing to finally have a grasp on how to make a delicious and healthy smoothie that is all your own?

We all know how excited you are to start making yourself a full glass of your favorite refreshment, but before you head on

Let’s first have the…

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Life-Hacks of The Decade


Undeniably, all we’ve learned today is indeed one of the best life-hacks we’ve discovered!

Gone are the days when you have to lean on smoothie deliveries because you can’t make one on your own, all thanks to our favorite machine, the food processor.

And it’s not just that!

You’ll be able to make your own salsa and even cookie dough with this incredible appliance because they can do so much more than you ever thought possible!

All in all, we think our food processors are great for making smoothies.

In this section, you’ve finally learned how to make a refreshment using your lovely appliance as well as to stay away from frozen fruits that might end up breaking it.

Can’t wait to make your drink?

Well, let’s not prolong this read anymore and finally have the…

Final Words

Whether you need to get your daily drink or smoothie, or just want to make yourself a refreshing beverage, the answer is clear.

You can certainly use your food processor to make smoothies!

With the help of this article, your question “Can you use a food processor to make smoothies?” has finally been answered.

It’s now clear for you what the difference between a blender and a food processor is, how to use the appliance to make a drink and which kind of fruit/vegetable to stay away from.

With all of this in mind, you’re now ready to finally enjoy a delicious, fresh, and healthy drink!