how to fix a kitchenaid mixer that isn't spinning

If you are searching for a guide on how to fix a Kitchenaid Mixer that isn’t spinning, then you are in luck.

This article does a proper job of explaining the steps you would take in fixing a faulty KitchenAid mixer.

This so you won't have to worry about your KitchenAid mixer not spinning.   

In most cases, you would need to replace the worm gear on your KitchenAid Mixer. Doing this alone could get your mixer back in shape.

Why Your KitchenAid Mixer Stopped Spinning

kitchenaid mixer stopped

The KitchenAid brand is known for a lot of things One of which is that they produce a lot of innovative kitchen items to make cooking in the kitchen a lot easier.

Another thing they are known for is that their products are relatively durable.

But you could have somehow broken your KitchenAid Mixer.

Then just know that you must have made one of the following mistakes.

You Are Not Cleaning The KitchenAid Mixer Properly 

Regular and thorough cleaning of the KitchenAid Mixer is a necessity.

Especially when looking to extend the life of your KitchenAid Mixer.

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Dust and debris from the environment can get into the mixer. Therefore causes damage to the KitchenAid mixer.

When cleaning the stand mixer, be generous with it. Don't be scared to get thorough with the cleaning.

You Probably Start Mixing On Full Speed

on full speed

It is highly recommended that when mixing you start on a low speed.

Most people make the mistake of starting their mixer on a high setting.

And this could cause massive wear and tear on the KitchenAid mixer.

That being said, it is okay to start the mixer on a lower level and then slowly work your way up to a higher mixer speed.

Not Adjusting The Beater To Bowl Clearance

not adjusting beater

The beater to bowl clearance is the measure of the distance between the bowl and the beater.

It usually is stated in the KitchenAid mixer instruction manual that this setting would need to be adjusted often before use.

If the beater is too close to the bowl, it could cause the beater to regularly hit and scrape the bowl.

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This could in turn lead to damage to the mixer, the attachment, and the bowl.

Tip: It helps to read the instruction manual that comes with every box of KitchenAid mixers to get a full understanding of how to maintain your brand new mixer.

Where Does This All Lead To?

where does lead

All the issues listed above could potentially damage a major component in the KitchenAid store mixer.

And this component is called the Worm Gear.

The Worm Gear is the exact component in the KitchenAid store mixer that is responsible for taking in damage during the spinning action.

So if your brand new KitchenAid mixer won’t spin, then you should consider replacing the Worm Gear

How To Fix A  KitchenAid Mixer That Isn’t Spinning

how to fix

We have just highlighted the most probable reason why your KitchenAid mixer isn’t spinning.

The next logical step would be toward fixing it.

To get a better understanding of what to do, we would be grouping the solution into three main areas.

Locating The Worm Gear

The First step towards fixing the KitchenAid mixer would be locating the Worm Gear.

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The worm Gear is located in the gearbox, which in turn is located at the planetary. And this is at the underside of the mixer motor.

The function of this worm gear is to take in or absorb the dress on the mixer while mixing.

With improper, constant, or excessive use, the Worm Gear could get faulty.

It is made of nylon material which is hard to touch. When compared to the other gears in the gearbox, the Worm Gear is the least hard.

Note: The Worm Gear is the softest in the gearbox. This is because the Worm Gear is designed to cushion the effect of the stress without necessarily affecting other gears

Replace The KitchenAid Worm Gear

replace worm gear

Replacing the KitchenAid Worm Gear would be a little difficult for a newbie.

However, following the steps listed below, it is highly doable.

Step #1. Take Off The Drip Ring

You would find the drip ring directly around the planetary.

It functions as a seal and would need to be carefully removed to get access to the inner workings of the Planetary.

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It is recommended you use a flat-end screwdriver.

Place it at the upper lip of the planetary and give it a light tap with a hammer, it should fall right off. 

Step #2. Take Off The Roll Pin Shaft

Next, take off the roll pin that holds the planetary to the gearbox. That is the only way to get access to the gearbox.

You can make use of a pin punch and a hammer to get rid of the Roll Pin Shaft.

Simply place the pin punch at the tip of the Roll Pin Shaft and give it a gentle tap. The pin should fall off.

Step #3. Remove The Planetary Off The Mixer

remove planetary

With the planetary being fully exposed, the next step is to gently pry it off using two screwdrivers.

Use them as pry bars by placing them on both indented sides of the Planetary. And carefully pry them off.

Step #4. Take Off The Motor Housing Screws

There are 5 screws located at the front that attach the upper half of the mixer to the bottom half of the mixer.

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Taking them off should be the next target.

After this, you take off the 4  screws located at the back of the mixer to get access to the Motor.

Tip: You can find the motor in the upper half of the mixer’s two major sections. 

Step #5. Take Off The Rear Housing Case

take off rear case

Now that all screws are loose, take off the enclosing case at the rear of the mixer.

Once this is done, proceed to pull off the strain relief and power cord.

Step #6. Remove The Motor Housing From The Mixer

The next step would be to lift the Motor housing upwards, away from the mixer.

Once this is done, set it aside and proceed to remove the excess grease located on the Worm Gear.

Do this with a small knife.

Tip:  The grease scooped off the Worm Gear can be placed on the top part of the gearbox. It should be returned to the Worm Gear after being replaced.

Step #7. Open Up The Gear Tower Assembly

open gear tower

Unscrew the screwdrivers that hold the Gear Tower Assembly in place.

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Then remove the roll pin that is responsible for holding the Gear Tower in place.

Do this using a hammer and a pin punch.

Step #8. Remove The Gear Tower From The Assembly

Once the Roll Pin is removed, proceed to pull out the Gear Tower and then remove the worm gear.

Save the two washers that are attached to each side of the Worm  Gear.

They would be needed when reassembling the new Worm Gear.

Step #9. Replace The Faulty Worm Gear

Once this has been done, you can then replace the Worm Gear.

Do so by attaching a new Worm Gear to the two washers that were saved. Then place it perfectly into the Gear Tower Assembly.

Tip: Order a new Worm Gear from the manufacturers directly by visiting the KitchenAid website.

Reassemble The KitchenAid Mixer 

reassemble kitchenaid

After successfully replacing the Worm Gear of the KitchenAid stand mixer, the next thing to do is to reassemble the mixer.

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If you disassembled the mixer by yourself, this should be quite easy.

However, here is a highlight of what to do:

  • Start by reassembling the Gear Tower Assembly with the roll pin
  • Place the Gear Tower Assembly back into the mixer
  • Replace and align the gears of the motor housing
  • Return all screws and place the housing cover back in its position
  • The planetary roll pin and drip ring should be placed back into their original position,


By following the detailed steps and processes listed above, you should have no issues figuring out how to fix a KitchenAid mixer that isn’t spinning.

You can also decide to employ the help of a professional in fixing your mixer.

This is not a bad idea at all, especially if you are not good with electrical appliances.

With that being said, do check out other articles listed on our website as you might learn something new.