dessert that goes with tacos

Are you looking for a dessert that goes with tacos? No doubt, taco nights have become quite popular, and the right accompaniment can elevate the fun.

You can indeed find a number of complementary dishes to round out your meal. But what if you are mainly looking for the best desserts only?

So, what dessert goes well with tacos? Don’t worry, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Some of the best desserts that go with tacos are caramel flan, tres leches cake, margarita pie, mug cakes, and churros, but ultimately, your unique taste preferences matter the most.

Tip: Make no compromise over the quality of tortillas because they can make or break your tacos and even a good dessert won't save you. 

Tacos to Rule the World

a tacos that rule the world

Those who have any liking for Mexican cuisine just cannot stop loving tacos.

In the U.S., this traditional Mexican dish has transformed everything, inspiring innumerable adaptations, such as the ubiquitous hard taco shells topped with cheese.

Plus, there are countless ways to put your own spin on a taco, making it simple to create something you truly enjoy.

And what sweets would you go with to finish off your taco meal?

The good news is that you can enjoy a wide variety of sweet treats. Some are traditional Mexican desserts, while others tactfully incorporate Mexican flavoring differently. 

Whatever you choose, they always complement your taco treat while also providing you with delicious tastes.

Here are some good options to consider:


a churros

When you love tacos, you may have already tried or at least heard of churros.

Mexican churros are essentially similar to American donuts or crullers in that they are both deep-fried sticks of dough dusted with cinnamon sugar.

Typically, churros are made by pressing dough through a star-shaped piping nozzle to create long strands.

They are then dropped one at a time into heated oil in a deep fryer.

The dough for churros is made with flour, sugar, butter, water, salt, an egg, and vanilla extract.

Lastly, they are deep-fried and dusted with sugar. 

An Important Consideration

Making churros at home can be challenging, but it is not impossible.

Some churro machines also let you bake the snacks instead of frying them. And if you do not feel like making them, you can always find places to order some. 

Ice Cream

an ice cream

Any dessert discussion would be incomplete without mentioning anything about ice cream.

It is a staple snack that also manages to look modern and hip, and above all, it goes great with your taco meal.

Although any type of ice cream works great with tacos, try plant-based ice creams to enhance the flavors.

They utilize coconut cream or coconut milk, while others opt for oat and soy milk to make it unique. There is also a wide variety of forms and tastes to choose from.

Restaurants now offer them in dozens of flavors, and you can find recipes to add your own twist to regular ice cream. 

An Important Consideration

If you love ice cream and want some to complement tacos, try mochi ice cream.

This staple of Japanese cuisine is one perfect frozen dessert to have with anything.

It is usually made by wrapping ice cream in delicious pounded rice dough. Its chewy consistency is reminiscent of boba and adds a unique flavor to handmade ice cream.

The good thing is that you can find it in different flavors, including green tea, strawberry, mango, chocolate, and vanilla. 

Mug Cakes

a mug cakes

Mug cakes are perfect in many respects. The best thing is that they may be thrown together quickly with a few steps using only pantry staples.

If you are a single person, you can quickly make a mug cake to enjoy with your taco meal.

That said, mug cakes are simple to prepare and would also be perfect for entertaining a large number of people.

Moreover, it is so simple to be creative and customize your cake in your own way.

You can also find them in a wide variety of designs and flavors, including keto, vegan, and eggless options.

In terms of flavors, the options are huge.

From vanilla, chocolate and berry, to peanut butter and cookie dough, you will always find a flavor that makes your taste buds go crazy.

Tip: Be sure to include some acidic flavor with meat-rich tacos because they help create a balance and make desserts even more delicious. 

Bananas Foster

a banana foster

In case you want a dessert to go with taco but not all that Mexican, try bananas foster.

Bananas Foster is an American dessert that consists of vanilla ice cream and bananas doused in a sauce of dark rum, cinnamon, brown sugar, butter, and banana liqueur.

The alcohol is added after the sugar, butter, and bananas have been prepared. The ice cream is then topped with bananas.

You can also try adding different types of nuts and maybe some whipped cream for good effects.

Irrespective of the extra ingredients, you always come up with a dessert that is delicious and not overly rich.

It is mainly because bananas add a fruity note that pairs well with tacos, and rum is always a good idea. 

Sweet Empanadas

It may be a unique choice for a dessert, but it pairs great with tacos.

The savory filling of empanadas makes them a great choice for both a light snack and a filling supper.

a sweet empanada

But if you are in no mood for something salty, you can twist things up a little and prepare sweet empanadas as well.

The filling of these sweets typically consists of fruit. They resemble fried apple pies but you can always alter the recipe to suit your tastes.

The good thing is that sweet empanadas are delicious and you can have them on their own.

And because you can cook them in no time, they become a great choice for entertaining a large gathering. 

Mexican Sweet Potatoes

a sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamins and make a beautiful side dish.

Spices like onion powder, chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder are added to give them an extra kick.

Honey drizzled over these potatoes makes for a delicious combination of sweet and heat.

Not only is one outstanding accompaniment to tacos, but it is also quite simple to whip up, which makes it all the more popular.

Tip: Be sure to go with thinly sliced sweet potatoes to ensure they cook evenly and maintain their sweet taste. 


Sopapillas are yet another great dessert option for anyone looking to complement tacos.

They are a sort of fried pastry that shares ancestry with other fried doughs from South and Central America.

a  sopapillas

Fried sopapillas are a popular New Mexican treat, and their pillowy texture is achieved by using a unique dough that rises while cooking. 

It is a staple of New Mexican cuisine and can be prepared savory or sweet, depending on personal preference or cultural norms.   

Additional Side Dishes to Try with Tacos

You now have quite a few dessert options to consider, but remember that you can also try many other side dishes, sweet or salty, to serve with tacos.

For instance: 

Cowboy Beans

Also called Frijoles Charros, these beans are a tasty side dish made by frying Cantina Beans with meat.

You can go with different meats, but the most obvious choices include bacon or chorizo.

a cowboy beans

The dish also requires seasonings, such as garlic, onion, and chipotle paste.

Add some fresh tomatoes along with coriander to make it taste and look delicious. 

Black Beans

Have you decided on chicken tacos for the party and are looking for a good side dish to go with it? Try black beans, especially with rice!

The classic mix of rice and beans has been around since the beginning of time.

When paired with tacos, they are filling and healthy because they include specific ingredients.

Chipotle Crema

A spicy crema is just what you need if you are serving fried chicken tacos.

In fact, it is imperative to have a spicy crema available for use with any and all tacos.

a chipotle crema

You can buy premade chipotle paste and whip up chipotle crema in large quantities.

You can then store it in an airtight container in the fridge and it will practically work well through the entire workweek.

Tip: If looking for a fulfilling side for tacos, try lime and coriander rice, as they are delicious and work extremely well with salmon tacos. 

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So, what is the best dessert that goes with tacos? Well, it depends on what you or your guests like.

If you want something resembling donuts, you may want to try sopapillas.

But, you can also surprise (pleasantly!) your guests by pairing tacos with sweet empanadas, mug cakes, or bananas foster.

And if you are looking for a more sumptuous meal, you can try different side dishes, which may or may not be sweet.

Just consider your unique preferences and then make a choice.