do pizza delivery drivers get paid for gas

Do pizza delivery drivers get paid for gas? It is an important consideration for those thinking of becoming a delivery driver.

No doubt that the popularity of online shopping is continuing to climb.

Therefore, delivery drivers will be even more crucial to maintaining normalcy in the workplace and the community as the Covid-19 epidemic continues to hurt us in many ways.

Couriers have a wide range of tasks, and the business as a whole is in high demand.  You might already own a car and think it would be great to make some extra money delivering pizza.

But, out of a million questions already lingering on your mind, one of the most common ones is, “Do delivery drivers get paid for gas?

Mostly they don’t, but the correct response to this question relies on the franchise you are employed by.

Tip: keep in mind that working as a pizza delivery driver is an easy job but can be quite hard on your car. 
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Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Get Paid for Gas or Not?

You may make good money as a part-time or full-time Pizza Hut or Domino’s delivery driver.

Pizza delivery drivers may question if they will be required to cover the cost of their own gas throughout their jobs. 

Consistent Delivery Charge but Inconsistent Gas Fee

There is no variation in the delivery fee between pizza chains. The driver, however, rarely gets paid the full amount.

The fee is typically collected to reimburse drivers for things like gas (rarely) and insurance premiums related to their delivery responsibilities. 

What Should You Do When Working as a Delivery Driver?

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If you ask people working for large organizations that use delivery drivers, they will confirm that you must pay for your own gas.

While it is true that many delivery drivers do not get reimbursed for petrol, that is not always the case.

So, what should you do when taking a job as a delivery driver?

It is smart to get this out of the way before starting a new job so you know where you stand with gas reimbursement.

Tip: Inform your customer if you are running behind and never leave them wondering where their pizza is by keeping them in the dark. 

Why Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Worry about Gas Money?

gas money

To make more money as a pizza delivery driver, you will obviously need to cover more miles and drive more per shift. And not getting reimbursed for gas can have a considerable impact. 

Do Pizza Companies Pay Drivers Hourly? 

Yes, they do.

It is common for Domino’s delivery drivers to earn an hourly wage close to the local minimum.

Your starting salary at Domino’s is negotiable, although it will likely fall within a range set by the company.

Even while the hourly wage from Domino’s is not enough to support a family, most drivers make enough, including the tips they earn from customers.   

Do Delivery Drivers Earn Enough to Cover the Cost of Gas?

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As far as fuel reimbursement goes, you are not going to get anything in that regard. But, this should not discourage you because you can still make money to manage your gas expenses.

So, do you think you can afford gas on your hourly wage?

In most cases, you can. Domino’s drivers, for instance, are compensated adequately.

Many eateries provide their delivery drivers with a base salary plus a tip for each order they fulfill.

Your gas money will be covered and you will even have a little extra after tips and deliveries. 

Should You Consider Becoming a Pizza Delivery Driver?

As with any career, there are perks to being a delivery driver.

Independent contractors, such as delivery drivers, have the option of working for a variety of delivery apps.

consider pizza delivery

Many of these pay at least the federal minimum wage and often have flexible scheduling options, allowing you to work outside traditional business hours.

And based on their skills, interests, and preferred means of transportation, you can choose from a number of full-time options. 

An Important Consideration

It is important to get a fuel-efficient vehicle if you are going to be making deliveries in your own automobile.

It is a different story when you necessarily need to use a company-provided vehicle.  

What Is the Nitty-Gritty of Delivery Drivers Salaries?

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It is important to keep in mind that many delivery drivers feel their employers are not compensating them adequately for the high cost of maintaining their vehicles.

No matter how appealing, any job must be evaluated in light of potential pay. The same is true for the position of the courier. 

Do You Get Enough as a Pizza Delivery Driver?

The standard wage for delivery drivers is the federal minimum.

Depending on one’s financial goals, the minimum wage may seem like a low starting point.

The salary will obviously be lower than that of a store manager or assistant manager. 

Do Different Pizza Chains Pay Drivers for Gas?

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Companies like Domino’s and Pizza Hut, which specialize in pizza delivery, have good reputations in the community and compensate their employees fairly.

But, do Pizza Hut delivery drivers get paid for gas? We are afraid not!

What about other pizza chains? Let’s find out. 

Does Domino’s Offer Mileage Reimbursement?

No, they do not.

But, Domino’s drivers get a break on gas money when they use one of the company’s fuel-efficient rides. 

Moreover, some Domino’s franchises may compensate drivers up to $.20 per gallon of gas, but this is not standard policy.

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Does McDonald’s Offer Mileage Reimbursement?

Don’t expect much in terms of gas money, but Mcdonald’s does pay you well.

When compared to the national average, McDonald’s pays its drivers 12% more per hour, at $16.

So it is about as much as you get at Pizza Hut. But as compared to the national salary average, it is 64% less.

You can make $34,000 annually working as a delivery driver at McDonald’s.

Joseph Eletto Transfer pays its drivers the most at $128,000 per year, while Vocelli Pizza pays its drivers the least at $12,000.

Tip: Always check the name on order and address your customer by his name to create a good impression. 

How to Get Better Tips When Not Getting Paid for Gas?

get better tips

When you are willing to ride more, you should be ready to spend more on gas.

And as you are not getting reimbursed from large companies, you have to think of other ways to fill the gap.

So, what about tips you get for your deliveries?

Commonly, Domino’s or Pizza Hut delivery drivers make the most money from tips.

Since most tips are offered in cash, you can count on receiving your earnings almost immediately.

You can make as much or as little as you want in tips. Tips might partially cover gas, vehicle upkeep, and other operating expenses.

So, it makes great sense to work towards earning better tips. Here are a few tips to help you do that.

Provide Top-Notch Service to Your Customers

top notch service

Customers’ attitudes while waiting for your delivery will have the greatest impact on the amount of money you earn in tips. 

A cheerful smile, pleasant demeanor, and genuine interest in the customer’s satisfaction are all important.

Customers will be more likely to leave a generous tip if you treat them well.

Cut the Customer Wait Time

Before setting out on a delivery run, double-check the orders to ensure everything is delivered in the most efficient and logical order possible.

Food delivery services must prioritize getting food to consumers quickly and keeping it hot till they deliver it.

If you go above and beyond for a customer in this way, they are more likely to leave a generous tip. 

Look Professional

be professional

Just because you are a delivery driver does not mean you do not need to maintain a professional look.

Considering that you will be handling people’s meals, you are expected to be neat and well-groomed.

When making a delivery, it is crucial that you and your car look professional.

Keep your vehicle clean and tidy, and put some effort into how you look (including your hair).

Customers will feel more at ease having you come to their home with their meal if you look presentable.

Tip: Always look on the bright side of life and keep a cheerful demeanor to help earn better tips! 


Working as a delivery driver may give you some financial freedom.

But, before you take the plunge, you need to know the answer: “do pizza delivery drivers get paid for gas?

Many pizza delivery workers rely on tips from clients to supplement their low hourly wages.

In this budget, there is no provision for gas or mechanical upkeep.

Be sure to work with top companies to have a good base pay and deliver solid customer service to earn more in tips.