can i add cold oil to hot oil

Can i add cold oil to hot oil without any adverse effect? You know cooking is just exhilarating.

There is nothing as enjoyable as it. Once you become engrossed in culinary and cooking activities, each passing minute is gold.

But then how you cook matters even more. Especially if it involves frying. While frying, a need must arise where you may need more oil.

You may find yourself on the verge of adding a little more cooking oil to the already fast boiling one in the pan.

Do you think it is right that you add cold to hot cooking oil? In this article, we will find out if and how.

Yes, you can add more cooking oil to the frying pan if you deem the boiling one less. However, you should be careful and do it under controlled heating.

Reasons Why You May Add More Cooking Oil to The Frying Pan

reasons why add oil

Most people end up adding more cooking oil to the fryer while cooking. Oils should be used in lesser amounts for the good of our health.

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Although we might be forced to add in a little more to top up the speed and how well we fry our meals.

Why do you add cold cooking oil to already warming oil? Here are the reasons.

When It Is Insufficient

This is the key reason and the most dominant reason for adding cold cooking oil to hot cooking oil.

While frying, you may notice that your food is not turning as it is supposed to.

You might figure out that the cooking oil you applied, in the beginning, is not enough.

And it doesn’t meet up the quantities that are required. So you will add even more to the already frying one.

The Quality of The Cooking Oil

 quality of cooking oil

Some brands of cooking oil just can’t seem to be enough for anything. If they appear to be soluble, then they can really take up a good amount.

You may be predisposed to using more than what is necessary. Consequently, add more cold cooking oil to the hot one.

Note: These two are the commonest reasons everyone ends up topping cold oil with already hot oil.  Other reasons may be such as to increase the sweetness of the meal.

How to Tell If Cooking Oil Is Hot Enough For Cooking

how to tell if hot

You should never start frying before your cooking oil is hot enough for frying.

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That will lead you to ask the question, ‘can you add cold cooking oil to hot oil’.

Most people believe that commercially sold vegetable oils are preheated before being packaged.

That does not mean that you shouldn’t boil them until they are sufficiently hot. Do this before emptying in whatever you want to fry.

You must be sure that the cooking oil is completely hot.

It must reach heat to the temperature that allows for frying before adding in any other ingredients.

How Do You Tell if It Is Hot Enough for Cooking?

hot enough for cooking

Cooking oil could either be too hot or cool for frying. There are ways to tell whether it is or is not ready for frying.

The first is by using a thermometer. Anything between 330 and 350 Degrees celsius is good to go

If you aren’t within the reach of a thermometer, then you can use other conventional methods.

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Such which include dipping a popcorn or piece of potato into the oil. If the popcorn pops and the potato browns, then you are set to go.

Also, you can put a cooking stick into the burning oil and see if bubbles assemble around the cooking stick.

When they are so many, then that means that your cooking oil is too hot for frying.

Tip: Dropping two or three drops of water can help you tell whether the cooking oil is ready for frying. 

Although this method is not advised. It is a potential trap and will get you serious burns since water and hot cooking oil react strongly.

Can I Add Cold Oil To Hot Oil While Cooking?

cold oil while cooking

Now, in this blog post, we sought to discuss the question ‘can you add cold oil to hot oil’.

In the offset, we figured out that almost everyone does it, with the reason behind this action.

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Some people are inclined to use a lot of cooking oil. Far away from that, our primary question is, Can You Add Cold Oil to Hot Oil While Cooking?

Yes, of course, cold oil can be added to hot oil. There are reasons you need the extra oil. Perhaps the food has used up the entire oil that was on the frying pan.

Or you just need more oil in the pan. There shouldn’t be any hindrance for you to add more of it to the frying pan if need be.

However, adding cold oil to hot oil lowers the overall temperature of the oil. It is good you leave it to heat up again before frying. 

And if you already were, make sure that the oil is completely heated before ejecting the food from the cooker.

Safety Precaution

the precautions

While adding cold oil and food to hot oil already on the pan you need to be a little more careful. Especially if there is some water in the oil.

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And still, you must be even more careful with the oils because of the variation in temperature.

Hot cooking oil is a serious hazard with strong effects. If it burns you, then you are going to cry foul. 

Also, always leave the oil to heat up well before adding in food. Failure to do so does not let the cooking oil heat up well which is not advised.

Tip: If you are adding foods with water or ones that have been frozen, take caution. This is because there is a lot of unfriendliness with them.

What Happens When Cold Oil Is Added to Hot Oil?

what happen when add cold oil

As a chef or cook, you must have noticed a significant fall in temperature when cold oil is added to hot oil.

Say, in the event, you are cooking mandazi, oil might be quickly running low on the frying pan.

The moment you add in more cold oil, the mandazi don’t fry up at a similar pace to the preceding ones.

It is advised that you use the required quantities of cooking oil whenever you are frying, by measuring up the right quantities.

So, adding cold cooking oil to hot cooking oil significantly lowers the heating temperature. Thus, the food being fried could be affected.

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How Long It Takes For Cooking Oil to Heat Up

cooking oil to heat

There may not be a standard time to tell how long it takes for cooking oil to heat up. However, it should not be left to overheat.

The amount of time taken depends on a couple of reasons.

Reasons such as the type of tool being used for cooking, the heating speed, or even the kind of oils.

If you are using the fryer, it should take between seven and 10 minutes for the fryer to heat up.

Tip: Advantageously, most digital friars are designed to notify you when the temperatures are right for frying. Take advantage of this and get it right with your cooking.


Can I Add Cold Oil To Hot Oil? The answer is yes, cold cooking oil can be added to hot cooking oil.

Following the simple guidelines in this article, you can get the best out of your cooking.

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It is entirely safe to pour cold oil into the hot oil.  Unless the cold oil was exposed to water and that could be dangerous.

You should also pour in the cold oil slowly, to avoid the hot oil from splashing on you. 

With protective mechanisms, it is absolutely safe to pour cold oil into hot oil, without the fear of damage.

Do it like an experienced chef.