do torani syrups need to be refrigerated

Do Torani syrups need to be refrigerated?  How many times has this thought crossed your mind? Quite a few times, we bet!

Torani syrup is a premium, all-natural syrup manufactured with nothing artificial.

It is the ideal option to flavor your morning brew, afternoon tea, evening Italian soda, or any other drink you can think of.

When you cannot live without your dash of syrup, it is natural to be concerned about how to make it last longer. After all, you really do not want to feed on spoiled syrups, do you?

So, does Torani syrup need to be refrigerated?

No, you do not need to refrigerate them because they stay good when stored between 35F and 85F.

Tip: Remember not all Torani products are good without refrigeration, especially the Torani Sauce and Real Fruit Smoothie mix. 

Do Torani Syrups Need to Be Refrigerated for Use?

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Torani syrup, which was first produced in Torino, Italy, has now gained widespread acclaim around the globe.

The good thing is that you can now find over 80 varieties, so you may select the one that suits you the most. Or, you may like to experiment with quite a few of them.

Before you take the plunge, you may want to dig a bit deeper into how to make it stay in the best shape for weeks and months.

Once opened, how long can Torani syrup last, and is it essential to refrigerate it?

Thousands of individuals have this inquiry every single day.

Turns out, there is no need to worry, as your Torani syrup would not spoil even if you leave it at room temperature. 

What is the Shelf-Life of Torani Syrups?

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The flavor determines how long the product may be stored.

However, if kept in a cold, dry environment, they have a shelf life of up to two years.

Keep in mind that storing them in the fridge is unnecessary. Actually, storing them in the fridge can hasten their spoilage.

You should only keep your syrup in the fridge if you will not be using it for a while, but keep it in the pantry if you need to keep it for longer. 

Should You Refrigerate Flavored Torani Syrups?

Store-bought flavored syrups and plain syrup can be refrigerated if desired, but it is not required.

The only precaution you need to take when storing syrups is to keep them from getting too much exposure to light.

Keep the bottle’s cap tight, and store it in a cold, dry location. 

Should You Refrigerate Torani Syrup after Opening?

refrigerate torani syrup after opening

There is no need to worry about refrigerating it even when you have opened it already.

Other than some specific flavors, Torani Puremade Syrups can be stored unopened for up to 24 months.

But, how long are Torani syrups good for after opening?

Puremade Syrups 375 ml bottles are good for 24 months after opening.

As per the manufacturer, you should use your Torani syrup within 30 days once opened.

The truth is that it would last far beyond that. All you have to do is store your opened Torani syrup in a cool dry place and it will last up to 12 months. 

There is no need to freeze them, and no one would expect you to.

A safe storage range is between 35 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, following the product’s recommended storage temperature is all that is needed.

Keep it in a cool place and it will continue to enhance your coffee, lattes, and other beverages for months, if not years.

Tip: Be sure to add Torani syrup to your coffee before pouring the milk to ensure the milk does not curdle. 
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Do Torani Syrups Really Go Bad?

These syrups come with an expected shelf-life as recommended by the manufacturer. It implies that using them beyond that time is not a good idea.

Torani normal syrup in glass bottles has a three-year expiration date from when it was produced.

Sugar-free products can be stored for up to two years from the manufacturing date. Plus, the shelf life of syrups in plastic bottles is two years.

It would not go bad after this time, but the quality may begin to suffer.

Past its use-by date, perishable food should not be consumed. They are useless and ought to be thrown away. 


Torani products, which have a shelf life of more than 90 days, are exempt from having a “best before” date or storage instructions printed on the packaging.

How Do You Tell Torani Syrups Have Expired?

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Knowing the likelihood that it has expired is crucial if you do not use your Torani syrup as soon as you would like. 

Consider Its Texture

A good way to tell whether or not your Torani syrup has gone bad is to look closely at its texture. 

If expired, the texture of your syrup would become thicker. 

Consider Its Color

Just like texture, the color of your syrup may also begin to change when it is a bit too old to be consumed safely.

So if the syrup’s color shifts noticeably, becoming a little darker, you should throw it out. 


While Torani syrups may not show any signs of spoilage for long, it is better to play it safe.

Ideally, you may want to avoid using an opened bottle for more than six months.

Tip: Be sure to avoid Sugar-Free Classic Caramel, Classic Caramel, and Toasted Marshmallow if you want a Torani syrup without gluten. 

How Do You Use Torani Syrup When Not Refrigerated?

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Simply leave Torani syrups at room temperature and you will be able to use them in a number of ways.

When you want to add a lot of flavors to your drink recipes, coffee syrup is one of the finest things to utilize.

The rich, robust flavors of Torani syrup are hard to resist.

What to Know about Torani Syrups?

Torani syrup mixes easily with other ingredients and does not leave a gritty aftertaste like sugar can.

The sugar added to Torani syrup enhances its sweetness in addition to its flavor.

You can create an infinite number of unique combinations using Torani because there are so many variations.

Because of those varieties, they can be used for many different purposes.

They instantly infuse a drink with a ton of flavor and are quite easy to incorporate.   

How Do You Use Torani Syrup in Coffee?

use torani in coffee

One of the most common uses of Torani syrup is in coffee.

All throughout the world, cafes serve drinks sweetened with Torani syrup, making it one of the most popular coffee syrups available. Without it, coffee would be dull.

Here is how to use it: 

Step #1: Find the Right Flavors

Select your go-to flavored syrup from Torani. Getting over this point could prove to be the most challenging. 

Step #2: Pour It!

Pour some Torani coffee syrup into your cup.

Remember that Torani syrup has added sugar. The more syrup you put in your coffee, the sweeter it will taste.

Put two tbsp of coffee syrup into the bottom of your mug.

You can also pour it on top of your coffee, and the syrup will dissolve into the drink as you pour. 

Step #3: Mix Well!

Give it a good, hard stir once or twice to fully mix the syrup into the coffee.


How Do You Use Torani Syrup in Iced Drinks?

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The addition of Torani to iced drinks is a great way to boost the flavor of your go-to beverages.

We enjoy flavoring our sodas, lemonade, seltzers, and iced tea with Torani. Almost any taste can be added to a chilled drink.

There are different ways to incorporate Torani syrups into chilled beverages, but here is how to do it quickly.

  • Use 1 tbsp of Torani syrup for every 6 ounces of liquid and mix well
  • Add more Torani syrup, half a tbsp at a time, if not sweet enough
  • Enjoy!


It is common practice to sweeten lemonade or iced tea with Torani blue raspberry or peach syrup.

Torani’s raspberry syrup is an excellent addition to seltzer. The added fruitiness is a welcome bonus!

You can also use it to sweeten homemade beverages like teas and lemonades, and it also adds a wonderful flavor.

This is such a practical component!

use torani in iced coffee
Tip: Opt for the French Vanilla variety of Torani syrups if you want a more custard-like flavor. 


Torani syrups can uplift your drinks and beverages in seconds, so it is tempting to have quite a few at home.

But, it also leads to a question, “Do Torani syrups need to be refrigerated to keep fresh?” thankfully, you do not have to worry about refrigerating.

It stays good so long as you protect it from direct light.