does crest toothpaste have pork in it

Does Crest toothpaste have pork in it? So many people become confused when it comes to deciding whether or not toothpaste contains pork.

Many dentists and orthodontists advocate for Crest toothpaste.

You can find the perfect Crest toothpaste for your needs from their many options, which come in a wide range of flavors.

The problem is that these kinds of toothpaste may contain gelatin, which renders them unusable for vegans and those avoiding animal products.

But, is there really pork in it?

No, Crest toothpaste does not have pork or other animal products.

Fact: Crest has been a trusted option by dentists since 1960 when the ADA approved it to prevent tooth decay.   

Does Crest Toothpaste Have Pork in It?

a crest toothpaste have pork

Thankfully, pork or any other animal byproducts are not present in Crest toothpaste.

Because of its ingredients, many dentists recommend this toothpaste to those with dental issues. 

Why Are People Concerned about Pork in Crest Toothpaste?

Crest toothpaste first became available to consumers in 1954.

The company initially produced only toothpaste, but it has subsequently branched out into additional dental care items like mouthwashes, toothbrushes, and tooth-whitening products.

While Crest toothpaste is popular, there has always been some speculation that it may contain trace amounts of pork.

The company denies it, but the debate has raged on for more than a decade, with some claiming it is made with pig or animal parts.

An Important Consideration

the important consideration

The issue originally started when people raised questions about the ingredients in the company’s Pro-Health toothpaste.

Some consumers have claimed that the company used pig fat to produce its Pro-Health toothpaste. Proctor & Gamble, the owners of the brand, have refuted this.

Despite P&G’s lack of an official declaration, worried customers have been informed by multiple email responses.

Responses on many consumer sites that Crest does not use any animal products in its production. 

What Do You Find in Crest Toothpaste?

To ensure Crest toothpaste is safe for those who avoid animal products, it is important to pay attention to its ingredient list.

There are quite a few ingredients, but sodium fluoride is the main active agent in its formulation.

You will also find hydrated silica, inactive sorbitol, trisodium phosphate, lauryl sulfate, carbomer sodium saccharin, and many other ingredients.

Fact: Crest is popular because it does more than just whitening teeth, it also protects against plaque, cavities, sensitivity, gingivitis, and bad breath.  

Is It Safe to Use Crest Toothpaste?

is safe use crest toothpaste

Yes, you would not find any harmful ingredients in this toothpaste, or anything that you do not find in other toothpaste.

It is still important to mention that some experts do raise questions about adding certain ingredients because they have nothing to do with oral health.

For instance, it contains glycerin, an anti-drying component that helps the toothpaste retain moisture.

Despite its safety, there is a common misconception that it covers teeth and prevents remineralization.

Similarly, fluoride-whitening toothpaste has a foaming agent called sodium lauryl sulfate.

It may irritate and does nothing to improve oral health. You will find it in several shampoos as well.   

Has Crest Changed Its Formula to Remove Pork?

crest changed its formula to pork

Many people think Crest has changed its formulation in recent years after regular concerns about pork, but that is not true.

They never had pork in the first place, but they have certainly improved the formula a bit.

The elimination of microbeads from this formulation is a victory for the consumer movement.

Poloxamer 407, or microbeads were indeed present in the old formulation. They are likely to cause irritation to our gums and other organs if they become lodged there.

What’s more, the natural wax used to be in this toothpaste, but it has now been removed.

We thank Crest for implementing these enhancements, showing that they listen to their consumers.

Fact: Crest with fluoride was named one of the century's 100 finest discoveries by the American Chemical Society in 1976. 

Do Toothpastes Have Pork or Animal Products?

toothpaste have pork or animal products

Today, dozens of goods, including toothpaste, are made using pork.

The oil pressed from its skeletons is used to provide the base for a wide range of toothpaste formulations.

On the other hand, glycerin can be derived from plants and vegetables, but it is not always clear, and that makes people skeptical about buying a product. 

Why Is Pork Used in Dental Products?

Even though Crest toothpaste does not contain pork, it is not the case with all dental products you find these days.

Several types of toothpaste and dental products rely heavily on glycerin.

It is derived at a lower cost from the fat extracted from animal bones like pig bones, to impart their distinctive textures.

Bristles for toothbrushes were sometimes made from pig hair in the past. Glycerin, which is included in a wide variety of modern convenience items, is produced from pork fat. 

Can You Use Crest Toothpaste on a Vegan Diet?

is crest okay for vegan diet

Even if you believe that Crest toothpaste is free of any animal products, you may not still be able to include it in your vegan diet.

What you should bear in mind is that these toothpaste use dyes made in a lab.

You may want to avoid them on a vegan diet because of these artificial colors and preservatives.

Here are some other ingredients making it unsuitable for vegans. 


Glycerin is a flavorless and odorless liquid often added to toothpaste as a humectant to keep its silky texture and prevent it from drying out.

Glycerin comes from a variety of different places, but the most common are animal fats like pig and cow fat, and plant fats like palm oil and soya bean. 

Testing Procedures

the test procedures

It is common knowledge that major corporations use animals in product testing.

Crest does not provide information about its policies and processes regarding animal testing.

Therefore, it is unknown what kinds of experiments are being performed on animals.

It means that Crest has not been verified as cruelty-free by any reputable groups, which is the reason why it may not be favored by those following a vegan diet. 

Is There a Vegan Alternative to Crest Toothpaste without Pork?

If pork is your only concern, you can certainly go with Crest toothpaste.

But if you are a hardcore vegan and against animal cruelty, you may be better off trying toothpaste exclusively made with natural ingredients. 

An Important Consideration

Many popular brands advertise their vegan toothpaste, but a deeper look tells you that they still use objectionable ingredients.

Some of them include calcium phosphate, glycerin, and propolis which are all derived from animal products. 

What is the Better Alternative?

You can always try making your own natural toothpaste, or look for one that only uses natural ingredients.

a better alternative

Many new toothpaste brands now use zinc and black seed formulation to make their toothpaste better and more suitable for vegans.

These ingredients give toothpaste its anti-plaque, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties.

Some of the ingredients you should look for include: 

Black Cumin Seed

The thymoquinone found in the oil of these seeds makes it beneficial.

It inhibits the growth of pancreatic cancer cells in vitro and causes the cells to die by promoting a process called apoptosis. 

Coconut Oil

It relieves the discomfort of dry mouth by lubricating the oral surfaces and may help prevent tooth decay following a period of enzyme digestion. 


It is an important ingredient because it has antibacterial properties. It also reduces the formation of plaque and promotes healthy gums. 

Xylitol and Stevia

the xylitol or stevia

Both are healthy alternatives to refined sugar that do not raise blood sugar levels.

Stevia has shown promise in managing glucose and insulin levels. In addition, it has the potential to reduce blood pressure.

Saliva protects teeth from decay, and xylitol can help you make more of it.

You can use these ingredients to make your toothpaste but double-check the other ingredients if you buy from a brand.

There may be glycerin or silica, but it should be fine if they come from a Non-GMO source.

Fact: Procter & Gamble is the parent company of Crest, which conducts animal experiments, so it is not clear if Crest is cruelty-free or not. 


Does Crest toothpaste have pork in it? If you are worried about it, you are certainly not alone because many people are skeptical about this brand.

But, the truth is that this toothpaste does not contain any animal products. If animal fat is your main concern, it is probably safe for you.

But, if you are looking for a vegan-friendly alternative, you might have to keep looking for more options.