does green tea taste good with milk

Does green tea taste good with milk? If you’re starting to drink tea or have been for a while but are looking to spice things up, you’re probably wondering what all you can put into it to make it taste delicious.

Green tea is prevalent worldwide, with more than 600,000 tons consumed annually. Some people drink it hot, others iced.

Milk is just one of the ingredients people add to their tea to elevate the natural flavor of the beverage.

Green tea tastes delicious with milk, but if you find that green tea and regular cow milk aren’t for you, there are other milk options that you may prefer.

Does Green Tea Taste Good With Milk?

green tea with milk

Many people love the taste of green tea with milk.

Whether it’s a splash or a heavier pour, the creaminess of the milk helps cut the sometimes bitter and earthy flavor of the tea.

If you’re ordering tea with milk at a coffee or tea shop, you’ll commonly hear it referred to as a green tea latte.

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Depending on which type of milk you choose, you can add different flavors to compliment the tea — for example, the sweetness of coconut milk or the slight vanilla flavor of vanilla almond milk.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has several health benefits, which is one of the reasons people love consuming this beverage.

The tea is known to have the following benefits:

  • Antioxidants that help reduce inflammation
  • Improve brain function
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease
the health benefits

Not everyone who drinks green tea does so solely for the potential health benefits.

Something important to know is that when you add milk to your green tea, you are potentially reducing the health benefits or eliminating them.

The chemical reaction between milk and tea causes these potential benefits not to be as effective or ineffective.

If you’re drinking green tea and milk because you like the taste and not necessarily for the health benefits, then this may not matter to you.

Tip: If you want to keep as many health benefits as possible, consider adding less milk to your green tea.

How to Decide What Green Tea and Milk Combination You Like

combination of green tea and milk

Figuring out how you like your green tea with milk is essential if you’re going to think the drink tastes good.

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There are several types of green teas and kinds of milk that you can experiment with to find your perfect flavor combination.

Tip: If you don't want to buy several kinds of milk to keep at home, you can try out green tea lattes at your local coffee shop but order different milk each time to see what you like.

Different Types of Green Tea

There are several different kinds of green tea. While they’re all similar in their composition, they have different origins and slightly different flavor profiles.

Here are the most common types of green tea:

  • Sencha: The most common
  • Matcha: Has risen in popularity in recent years

Sencha and matcha are the two you probably know the most. Sencha is often simply called green tea.

People will use the term matcha when ordering tea or browsing for products to have at home.

types of green tea

Another version of green tea to consider trying in combination with different kinds of milk are herbal mixes.

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Many coffee shops and manufacturers will combine green tea with flavors like lemon, ginger, mint, and more to create a unique flavor.

Everyone’s palate is different, but not everyone enjoys drinking green tea with those different herbal teas. The flavors tend to collide and not in a good way.

Different Types of Milk

The fun part is choosing which kind of milk to use in your green tea.

There are many more options for milk than green tea, so you can get creative when deciding which flavor combination you prefer.


In most tea-drinking nations, cow milk is arguably the most common type of milk to add to tea since, for the longest time, it was the primary source of milk in the world.

milk of cow

Cow milk is the preferred choice throughout the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom when adding milk to green or any other tea.

Cow milk adds that classic and creamy taste that doesn’t overpower the natural flavors of green tea.

Tip: Adding a sweetener to your green tea and cow milk will elevate the tea and make it tastier.


Does green tea taste good with almond milk? Absolutely! If you love the taste of almond milk and the nuttier flavor, then you’ll enjoy it in your green tea.

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For all the plant-based individuals, almond milk is an excellent alternative to cow milk in your green tea.

Almond milk is the tried and true plant-based milk that even non-vegans love to drink. It feels lighter than traditional dairy milk and is entirely vegan.

Tip: When making green tea with milk at home, try buying different almond milk flavors like vanilla, blueberry lavender, and so on.


milk of goat

A less popular milk option to add to your green tea is goat milk. Goat milk is an acquired taste, but when you’re trying to find the milk and green tea combination for you.

It’s worth a shot if you can find it in your local store.

The flavor of goat milk is more decadent than cow milk, so you should expect a more robust flavor in your green tea, and it’s incredibly creamy.

You can combat this by only adding a small amount of goat milk to your tea.

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Coconut milk is the perfect way to add creaminess and sweetness to your green tea with one ingredient.

But does green tea taste good with coconut milk? We’d have to say yes.

Coconut milk comes from mixing the meat and water inside the fruit until you get that white, milky substance.

It’s full of healthy fats and natural sweetness, making it a delicious addition to green tea.

Tip: Try an iced green tea with chilled coconut milk for something refreshing on a hot day.


the soy milk

Another great vegan and lactose-free milk alternative is soy milk. The product is made with soybeans, and you can add it to your green tea.

The flavor of the soy milk will be a little strong with soybeans, but many people still find the flavor neutral once added to their green tea.

Most people prefer green tea with soy milk when it’s iced and not hot.

Additional Ways to Make Green Tea With Milk Tastier

Adding milk, any kind, to your green tea will provide you with a unique and delicious flavor.

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If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy green tea, you have several options.

Most people want a little sweetness in their drink, and these are the more common ways to incorporate that.


a sugar

You can’t go wrong with a little bit of sugar in your green tea and milk. It can add that perfect amount of sweetness without being overpowering.

Be careful with how much you add if you’re using sweetened almond or coconut milk.


Local honey is a natural way to sweeten your green tea and milk. It will enhance your drink and help protect you against local allergens.

Liquid Flavor Syrups

Liquid flavor syrups are great if you love vanilla, hazelnut, or other flavorings. They usually come sweetened and can add an additional flavor you may love.

So, Can I Use Milk With Green Tea?

So, does green tea taste good with milk? The consensus is that green tea tastes fantastic with milk!

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The best part about drinking green tea with milk is that there’s a variety of green tea and milk options. Each combination provides a unique but tasty flavor.

The best way to find which one you like best is to experiment with different types of green tea and milk and the proportions of both ingredients.

This way, you’ll find a green tea and milk beverage you genuinely love.