does hardee's serve lunch in the morning

Does Hardee’s serve lunch in the morning? You may be wondering if you simply love Hardee’s for their lunch menu.

The midday meal is a welcome reprieve from the rigors of the working day. It would be wonderful to take a quick break from work and enjoy a lovely lunch.

And that is when you can trust Hardee’s lunch menu.

They have a great variety to offer, from burritos and hamburgers to quesadillas and tasty desserts.

But, that is when you have to know, What time does Hardee’s start lunch?” And if it is possible to order something from their lunch menu in the morning?

Hardee’s offers a different menu for breakfast, which means they do not serve lunch in the morning. 

Enjoying Hardee’s to the Full

enjoying the hardee's

Fast food chain Hardee’s is well-known for its steamy advertisements and enormous, flavorful burgers.

People really enjoy all of their food, from the breakfast delicacies to the famed burgers to the creamy shakes.

Whether you are in the mood for a quick burger or a hearty breakfast, Hardee’s is the place to go.

And it just works pretty well when you are looking for something nice for lunch.

The problem is that many people are often confused about when they can come for lunch.

Essentially, you can pick something from their lunch menu after their breakfast hours.

Fact: Wilber Hardee opened the first Hardee's restaurant in 1960, and today you can find them all over the Southeast and Midwest. 

Does Hardee’s Serve Lunch in the Morning?

hardee's serve lunch in morning

So, when does Hardee’s sell lunch? As mentioned, you cannot get lunch in the morning at Hardee’s.

The reason is that they start their day with their breakfast menu. And the lunch menu becomes available only after breakfast hours.

In fact, Hardee’s offers a separate menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and in some instances, there is no overlap involved in it. 

A Clue about Hardee’s Breakfast Hours

In order to learn when you can order lunch, you need to know about their breakfast hours.

Every day from 6 AM to 10:30 AM, you can choose something from their breakfast menu and grab a bite.

After breakfast is finished for the day, they start their lunch service. If it feels confusing, you can definitely get more info online. 


You can check their official site to know what time lunch is served, where the nearest Hardee’s is, and what menu items they have.

There, you will find the restaurant locator that tells you everything about specific outlets and their menu.

Fact: many people don't know that Hardee's thick burgers are available in 1/3-, 1/2-, and 2/3-pound sizes, and are made entirely of Black Angus beef. 

Can You Order Lunch All Day at Hardee’s?

can order lunch all day

Hardee’s lunch hours begin at 10:30 am, but it does not mean that you can order till night.

There are very few locations that would keep their lunch hours going over the designated time that Hardee’s advertises them to be open. So do not expect them to serve lunch all day.

In most cases, you will not be able to order lunch after 4 pm.  In some places, it may be extended to 5 pm but not any longer.

Right after they close for lunch, they begin their dinner service. And it continues until they remain open, which is usually around 10:30 pm. 

Ordering Hardee’s on Festive Days

Not surprisingly, Hardee’s is closed on major holidays including Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Easter Sunday.

That said, they are not closed on every festive day. For instance, it mostly depends on their locations, and also varies from restaurant to restaurant.

But, thankfully, you can order Hardee’s on most festive days, such as:

  • Labor Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Good Friday
  • Black Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
Fact: While most Hardee's locations have stopped selling roast beef sandwiches, they were once on the menu to compete with Arby's and KFC. 

Finding the Best Options from Hardee’s Lunch Menu

finding the best options

Hardee’s is unlike other fast food joints because it serves a wide variety of meals, from quesadillas to bacon-stacked Angus burgers to curly fries.

Because the menu is so extensive, you never run out of options.

Even if you cannot order lunch in the morning, you can still find plenty of good things to order.

But, if their lunch hours are still active, you should go with the best stuff to eat. 

For instance: 


No matter when you go to Hardee’s, you should definitely try their burgers.

They are delicious because they all feature sliced onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, pickles, American cheese, sauce, and many other interesting ingredients. 

hardee's burgers

Frisco thick burger is one perfect choice here. This unique take on the traditional burger is made with a1/3lbs patty of Angus beef, melted Swiss cheese, crispy bacon, tomato, and mayonnaise.

Even if you are not a fan of burgers on sandwich bread, you will find that the sourdough is hearty and substantial enough to support the burger.

The burger itself is quite tasty, but the bacon on the burger is incredible. It is consistently golden and crisp on the outside, with melty Swiss cheese hidden inside.

Other than this, you can find other alternatives as well.

Although what works for you depends on your unique preferences, you should definitely give the following a shot.

  • Super Star with Cheese
  • BLT Ranch Angus Thickburger
  • The Big Hardee
  • Western Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Small Cheeseburger 


If you want something delicious to order at Hardee’s, just look no further than biscuits and sandwiches.

hardee's biscuits

Some of the best biscuit options include the following:

  • Sausage Biscuit
  • Hand-breaded chicken biscuit
  • Biscuits with gravy
  • Monster biscuits
  • Country fried steak biscuits
  • Loaded omelets biscuit 


In case you are more interested in sandwiches, you will still find a wide variety to choose from.

However, you should seriously think of trying their hand-breaded chicken sandwich or charbroiled BBQ chicken sandwich.

That charbroiled sandwich is essentially a chicken breast with tomato, lettuce, and BBQ sauce.

The taste is superb, and the starchy, supple potato bun is a hidden gem that makes every bite of this sandwich more soothing.

What you will also love is that their chicken is cooked to perfection, with a lovely charbroil on the surface and a tender, white interior that soaks up the tangy BBQ sauce.

Many people think this sandwich is better in every way than the traditional barbecue sandwich.

The bacon is what sets it apart. However, the chicken is well-seasoned, so it tastes much better than the BBQ-soaked chicken. 

Red Burrito and Tacos

the red burrito and tacos

The Red Burrito at Hardee’s is awesome. It consists of a heated tortilla loaded with refried beans, seasoned ground beef, and hot sauce.

Everything is then covered with melted cheddar cheese and red enchilada sauce.

The burritos are available in different varieties, including:

  • Chicken grilled burrito
  • Beef grilled burrito
  • Rice, bean, and cheese burrito

On the other hand, if you want tacos, you will not be disappointed.

Some good options include:

  • Beef taco salad
  • Chicken soft taco
  • Hardshell chicken taco
  • Chicken taco salad
Fact: Hardee's hot ham N' cheese sandwiches are popular for a full meal, as they come with a small drink, small fry, and chocolate chip cookie.

Chicken Tenders

hardee's chicken tenders

If you are looking for something heartier, you may want to try their all-star meals.

For instance, you can order a few pieces of hand-breaded chicken tenders.

They are delicious and served with a dipping sauce, a small drink, small fry, and a chocolate chip cookie.

You can choose from different quantities, which is great. Of course, their charbroiled chicken sandwiches are delicious, but nothing beats the simple comfort of fried chicken. 

All-white chicken breasts are dipped by hand in buttermilk before being gently breaded and cooked to a golden brown. 

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Does Hardee’s serve lunch in the morning? Well, they don’t, so you have to wait at least until 10:30 am to pick-up something from their lunch menu.

Lunchtime pickup from Hardee’s is highly suggested for those looking for something both nutritious and satisfying to eat while at the office. It is a quick fix for fatigue and refreshment.

They do not serve lunch all day either, so you have to keep track of their lunch hours to avoid you do not miss the slot.

But, even if you do, rest assured you have plenty of options to choose from no matter the time of the day.