does kfc use real chicken

Does KFC use real chicken? How many times have you thought about it? 

Considering the name, Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC is all about high-quality chicken. 

It is also true that when you get a variety of chicken meals, it is natural to question how the restaurant procures and prepares them.  

And it was pretty obvious considering the rumors.

Many even believed the birds had been genetically engineered to the point that they collapsed. 

Some of them lacked proper noggin-stuffing! The same may be said of feathers!

  • So, is KFC chicken real chicken? 
  • Or, is it something you need to worry about?

Yes, KFC chicken is 100% real and meets food safety standards as well as independently assured animal welfare guidelines. 

Does KFC Use Real Chicken or Not?

the kfc chicken

The Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise KFC needs no introduction, as its name alone has become synonymous with delicious fast food.

You probably may not believe this, yet it all began with only one chef. 

More than seventy-five years ago, he put his special blend of herbs and spices into a burger; the rest is history.

Even though KFC chicken meals are all the rage, there are people who worry about the quality.  

And they even ask, “Is KFC’s chicken real?”

Fact: Kentucky Fried Chicken was founded in 1952 after Harland Sanders met Peter Harman at a cuisine conference in Salt Lake City.

KFC, Rumors, and Chicken Fiasco

the kfc rumors and fiasco

It was widely speculated that the company was forced to change its name to KFC in 1991 due to legal complications stemming from the company’s usage of artificial chicken.

Wild speculations abounded, but KFC stuck to its story that the new name was simply shorter and easier to remember. 

And they confirmed that they dropped the word “fried” in the hopes that it would win over health nuts with additional menu items. 

Expect the Real Chicken at KFC

KFC’s policies require that all of their chicken be fresh; thus, all of their meals are made with real chicken.

More than that, though, KFC spends a lot to guarantee that its chickens are of the highest quality. 

And one source of their poultry is American farms, which helps to maintain quality and cut costs as they do not have to import it. 

The Role of USDA in Maintaining Food Quality

checking the food quality

The USDA inspects each restaurant’s chicken before it is served. 

When the chicken is inspected, it is determined if it is of sufficient quality to meet its requirements.

You have to know that KFC is not going to use it unless it is inspected and approved by the USDA. 

At least that is the case in the US.

Once the chicken has been checked and found to be OK, it is sent to the kitchen to be cooked.

You can rest assured that everything you eat at KFC is made with real chicken. 

KFC Chicken In Different Countries

Okay, so it is clear that KFC has to follow USDA guidelines in the United States, but what about the rest of the world? 

Well, KFC always strives to meet local guidelines and safety standards. 

Take for example KFC in Australia. 

kfc in australia

The restaurant assures that it does not import ingredients, including chicken from other countries when functioning in Australia.

They get all their chickens from local Aussie poultry farms. 

The same is true for many other ingredients, such as tomatoes and lettuce, which have to be fresh. 

They also use locally produced flour to make their tortillas, burger buns, and dinner rolls.

Fact: Due to "low farming levels," KFC "occasionally" imports non-chicken produce from other countries, but stresses that this is merely a stopgap measure. 

Is the Chicken Real and Free of Hormones?

Even when many people believe KFC uses real chicken, they still question how those birds are raised in the first place.

It is understandable if you are worried about consuming hormones through your chicken.

Farmers who want a larger harvest often inject hens with growth hormones.

However, in the U.S, this is not the case because the USDA strictly prohibits farmers from using steroids on hens.

the chicken hen farms

Chickens treated with any type of growth hormones are illegal in the United States, thus nobody can buy or sell them.

It means that customers at KFC can expect real chicken without worrying about being exposed to any artificial hormones.  

In fact, KFC promises to use poultry that has never been exposed to steroids or hormones. 

Mutant Chickens Gibberish

A rumor about the restaurant using mutant chickens made people question the quality of KFC chicken. 

Many thought these genetically modified beasts would breathe and live using tubes inserted into their bodies.

It certainly sounded bizarre, but it was astonishing to find how many people actually believed that.

It all came to an end when in 2016, KFC successfully sued Chinese companies for allegedly propagating the claim that they were selling mutant chicken. 

This effectively put an end to the hoax.

The Shanghai court fined the businesses $91,191. 

They also demanded an apology for the offensive comments and photoshopped images of chickens posted on their social media pages.  

Fact: KFC is so popular around the world that eating it is now a Christmas tradition in Japan, with over three million families ordering on Christmas. 

The Process KFC Follows When Using Chickens

what is the kfc process

Today, KFC has come far and really managed to put an end to baseless rumors regarding the quality of its chicken. 

The fast-food restaurant now follows a three-step approach when handling chicken. 


It all starts with their chefs inspecting each piece of chicken in every new batch. 

They ensure it lives up to its reputation as serving the greatest chicken in the world. 


Once inspected and approved, the seasoning comes next.

kfc all spices

The seasoning process involves rolling fresh chicken in a mixture of 11 herbs and spices. 

They roll it seven times before rocking it for the same amount of time.


Once seasoned, then comes the cooking process.

After seasoning the chicken, they use a low-temperature pressure cooker to lock in all that delicious flavor for which they are famous.

Fact: Most people can recognize KFC from their famous paper buckets but they were not in use before 1957, and you could only purchase one piece of chicken. 

Should You Worry about KFC Chicken Raised on Antibiotics?

While many know KFC chicken is not mutated or loaded with hormones, there is still a concern regarding the use of antibiotics.

So, what’s the truth?

the truth about kfc

KFC’s chicken has never contained hormones, but they used antibiotics on their chicken.

It is no longer the case though, as the restaurant has made the switch since 2019. 

The Issue of Eating Food Loaded with Antibiotics

There is an increased risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in food that has been treated with antibiotics.

Antibiotics were formerly the standard treatment for preventing and killing germs, but bacteria have developed resistance to them. 

And, it is possible for some bacterial strains to develop resistance to antibiotics.

Infections caused by bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics are far more challenging to treat, and thus much more hazardous. 

The Connection Between Antibiotics and KFC Chicken

relation of antibiotics to chicken

The situation only worsens when antibiotics are used on animals raised for human consumption. 

And that is why the concern regarding KFC chicken containing antibiotics was real.

This is because there is a possibility that the animals used for food production harbor harmful microorganisms. 

It is possible that the bacteria in their stomachs will develop resistance to antibiotics if they are regularly administered.

It means that the meat could still be contaminated with pathogens when the chicken is slaughtered. 

If either the individual or the restaurant fails to adequately cook the food, the germs will survive, and lead to all sorts of problems.

Fortunately, you can eat chicken from KFC without worrying about ingesting antibiotics, as they are now very clear about not using such meat. 


Does KFC use real chicken? They most definitely do. 

It is obvious why you think the chicken is not real, as so many rumors have been in circulation to affect KFC’s popularity. 

Although the restaurant managed to clear most of it, they just cannot do much about the “aftereffects”. 

The truth is that KFC chicken is properly inspected and tested, so you do not have to worry about eating chicken containing antibiotics or hormones. 

Expect the best at KFC!