how to keep fried chicken crispy when transporting

It’s a question we get asked all the time: Are you wondering and thinking of how to keep fried chicken crispy when transporting?

Fried chicken is a popular dish that can be enjoyed at home or in restaurants.

Keeping fried chicken crispy when transporting is important to ensure that the food remains delicious and appetizing.

Make sure the chicken is cold before you transport it. The colder the meat, the crispier it will be when you finally eat it.

How To Keep Fried Food Warm Without Getting Soggy

keep fried food warm without getting soggy

You can keep fried food warm without making it soggy in a number of ways.

Before you start learning the methods, you should know what you’re working on and how that might affect the method you use.

First, think about what kind of food you want to store in the fridge.

Fried food can be made at home (that is, from scratch) or bought ready to eat from the store (from a fast food franchise).

Since they are all different, you need to use different methods to make sure they are all crisp.

Each brand or franchise in each category has different parts that can change the way you cook in some way.

If this method doesn’t work for the frozen food you’re using, remember that and try a different method the next time.

Note: If you look at how fried food is made, you'll see that it's always the same process, with only small changes in the amounts and method.

Method #1: Fry In A Very Hot Oil

frying in hot oil

This method requires you to follow a few procedures to get it done the right way. Below are the procedures you need to follow.

Clean The Food And Wash It, Then Add The Spices

The food is washed and cleaned to get rid of any dirt or strange tastes.

Most people don’t care, and it’s not necessary. It’s just meant to keep people safe.

After that, each piece of food is brushed with seasoned flour, then an egg mixture, and finally seasoned breadcrumbs.

There are many things that could be used instead of this. But the steps are always the same. Most of the time, each piece is coated twice.

Tip: This makes the coating better and makes the pieces crunchier and cleaner at the end.

Cook Between 320 And 360 Degrees

cooking chicken in oil

The food is then cooked in hot oils between 160°F and 320°F (320°F to 360°F).

Note: When you fry food in very hot oil, the water evaporates, leaving you with a dry, crispy dish. 

This is what happens when you put food in the fryer and it starts to sizzle. When the ingredient interacts with oil, it gives off water.

Method #2: Keep Food Crispy For An Hour After It Has Just Been Fried

This method is great if you just finished cooking and want to make sure your food is still crisp before serving it.

Or if you want to make sure your food is still good before going back for more.

using wire rack

Do the following after cooking is done to keep freshly fried food crispy for about an hour:

Put A Wire Rack On A Baking Sheet

When a batch or piece of food is done cooking, take it out of the fryer and put it on the rack.

Make sure that none of the pieces touch.

Tip: Keep doing this until your food is done.

Put It Somewhere Cool And Dry

Put it in a dry, cool place that doesn’t get direct sunlight or drafts. Both can speed up the process of absorbing water.

cooling fried chicken

The best choice is to use microwave dishes or an oven that has never been used to cook.

The “paper towel method” doesn’t work because if you leave the food in the oil, it gets mushy again.

Tip: This is a great way to get rid of extra fat and keep your food dry and crispy.

Method #3: Fry The Food Until It’s Crispy For A Few Hours

frying food until its crispy

What if you want your food to stay crispy for a long time, like at a big party or family reunion?

The first choice is great for nights that aren’t special. But sometimes you just want something you don’t have to think about for a few hours.

Follow these procedures to keep your food crispy for a few hours after you fry it:

Set Oven To 200 Degrees C & Put It On A Rack With Wires

The temperature of the oven should be 200°C (100°F). Put a wire rack in the baking pan or frying pan.

Once the whole batch or piece of food is done cooking, take it out of the fryer and put it on the wire rack. Make sure the parts don’t touch each other.

Keep doing this until the food is done.

Put The Pan And Rack In The Oven

put the pan in oven

After you’re done cooking, slide your baking pan and rack into an oven at low temperature.

The food can be cooked inside for about two hours before its food starts to get dry.

Tip: If your oven gets too hot, you can turn down the heat, but not too much because the moisture needs to keep escaping.

Tips On How To Keep Fried Chicken Crispy When Transporting

The key to keeping fried chicken crispy when transporting is to find a way to keep the heat in the chicken.

If you’re using an insulated carrier, make sure it’s not too thick or heavy.

If you are using a paper bag, try putting some holes in it so air can flow freely through it.

And if you’re just carrying the fried chicken in your hands, make sure that your hands are dry and warm (not cold).

Don’t worry—we’ve got a bunch of tips for how to make sure your fried chicken stays crispy when it’s hot out!

keeping fried chicken crispy

Tip #1. Keep It Cold

If you plan on transporting your fried chicken for any length of time, keep it in the fridge until right before you leave.

This will keep any moisture from seeping into your meal and making it soggy.

Tip #2. Use Wax Paper or Aluminum Foil to Separate Layers of Pieces 

If necessary, this will help keep the pieces from sticking together as they bake in the oven at home or travel in a cooler during transport.

Tip #3. Plan Ahead!

takeout fried chicken

If you’re going to be transporting your fried chicken over long distances, consider taking out-of-the-box meals that require minimal prep.

This can be like sandwiches or salads, instead of trying to make them on the go with fresh ingredients (unless those fresh ingredients are already prepped!).

At What Temperature Do You Reheat Fried Chicken?

Do you know the temperature at which to reheat fried chicken? It’s surprisingly low.

Fried chicken is one of the most popular fast food items in the world, and it’s no surprise why: it’s delicious.

But did you know that you can reheat fried chicken at a higher temperature than your oven?

The exact temperature will depend on how long you’ve kept the chicken at room temperature.

reheat fried chicken

But reheating your fried chicken at 170 degrees Fahrenheit is the best way to ensure that you don’t risk any nasty bacteria or spoilage.

According to the USDA, a three-pound bird can be safely kept at 140° F for 10 minutes but that’s for an already-cooked breast. 

If you’re treating your bird as raw meat, you’ll want to use a thermometer.

The USDA recommends reheating it between 160 and 190° F, depending on whether or not it’s been previously frozen or refrigerated.

If you want to get fancy with your chicken, you can also coat it in cornstarch before frying.

Note: This helps the coating stick better and keeps the meat from drying out during cooking.


So this is a summary of everything said on how to keep fried chicken crispy when transporting.

When transporting fried chicken, it’s important to keep in mind a few key tips. 

For starters, make sure the chicken is coated in oil or fat before frying.

This will help to prevent it from sticking to surfaces and becoming soggy when transported.

Additionally, fry the chicken in batches so that it doesn’t become overcrowded and start to cook under pressure from the heat. Thanks for reading!