does texas roadhouse use peanut oil

Does Texas Roadhouse use peanut oil? You are likely to ask this question if you are battling a peanut allergy.

It is naturally hard for anyone with food allergies to eat out. It can trigger anxiety, as they know who and what to trust.

And it makes sense, too, because very few people actually understand how to follow food allergy safety guidelines. And the same holds when you have a peanut allergy.

Still, you just cannot completely avoid dining out, and that is when you worry about, does Texas Roadhouse still have peanuts?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse still offers peanuts, but they do not use peanut oil while cooking.

Fact: Texas Roadhouse purchases well over 10 million pounds of peanuts and spends over $20 million a year on complimentary peanuts and bread. 
texas roadhouse peanut oil

Does Texas Roadhouse Use Peanut Oil?

No, they do not.

Considering Texas Roadhouse’s affinity with peanuts, it is natural to think they cook with peanut oil as well.

Thankfully, that is not the case, and you do not really have to worry about this, at least.

But, if your main concern is peanut allergy, you may not be aware of the fact that peanut oil is less likely to cause a reaction. 

Does Texas Roadhouse Cook with Peanut Oil?

No, they do not.

In fact, they make use of 100% refined soy oil to cook their food.

cooking using peanut oil

Does this mean you can safely eat at Texas Roadhouse when worried about a peanut allergy?

Yes, you can, but you have to be a bit careful because some of their menu items still contain various forms of peanuts.

The good idea is to inquire about it first or pay attention to the ingredient list before placing your order.

Unlike many other competitors, like Kentucky Fried Chicken, they do not rely on palm oil.

KFC is among the largest users of palm oil in products such as fries, chicken, tortillas, and buns.

Why is Texas Roadhouse in Love with Peanuts?

So many people visit Texas Roadhouse because of the whole dining out experience they have, and peanuts have a role to play.

There have been peanut shells scattered everywhere, making the dining area look more like a ballpark stadium than a steakhouse.

texas roadhouse love peanuts

Initially, they decided to go with popcorn as their choice of complementary snack, but bagged the idea later.

They thought the smell of popcorn was a bit too overpowering and masked freshly baked bread, which is also available for free. 

Why is Texas Roadhouse So Nuts About This Nut?

Turns out, it has something to do with their brand identity.

But, that is not all. They also believe serving complimentary peanuts is a source of pride for the brand. And there is more to it.

They Believe Peanuts Show Their Hospitality

At Texas Roadhouse, they maintain a no-fuss approach to food.

They also believe in making everything from the sides to the croutons and everything in between from scratch.

hospitality service

It is also because of this reason that they are careful about the pricing too, and make it suitable for everyone.

And offering a complimentary snack like peanuts is a way to show their hospitality. 

Why Do People Love Peanuts at Texas Roadhouse?

While some people are concerned about food allergies, others simply love the tradition of getting free peanuts and buns at Texas Roadhouse.

Peanuts are fantastic, and just the right food to enjoy before your meal, especially when eating out at a steakhouse.

These pea-sized nuts are crunchy, salty morsels and help you deal with your hunger while waiting for that porterhouse or ribeye. 

Do You Still Get Free Peanuts at Texas Roadhouse?

bowl of peanuts

While you no longer see peanuts scattered around on the floor, you can still get free peanuts at Texas Roadhouse.

You can still find many Mexican restaurants offering free salsa and chips to pair with your burrito, taco, and enchilada.

Yes, the number of these places offering freebies is shrinking, but Texas Roadhouse is still an exception.

It is important to bear in mind that not all Texas Roadhouse locations now serve peanuts.

Mostly, they come bagged or never make it to your table at all.

However, you may request a basket of complimentary bread with butter at any location. And if peanuts do not show up, do not be shy to ask about them. 

Does Texas Roadhouse Encourage to Throw Shells on the Floors?

peanut shells

Not anymore! It has changed post-Covid!

Texas Roadhouse is the largest steakhouse chain in the US and has a strong love for peanuts. And that is why you can still find complementary bucks of peanuts here.

Those poppable, peel-able, and delicious peanuts are a treat to have. But, you may not witness the same eating experience after COVID.

They no longer encourage customers to throw peanut shells on the floor.

For some, it is bad, as it spoils the experience.

But, for others, it is a welcome change, since the discarded shells with their oily residue turn the floors into a greased-up slip-and-slide.

Fact: Texas Roadhouse is the largest fast-food chain and serves well over 300,000 meals per day. 

Can the Smell of Peanuts at Texas Roadhouse Trigger a Reaction?

peanut smell allergy

While Texas Roadhouse no longer has peanut shells scattered around, you may still have peanuts “in the air”. So, should you worry about it?

Not really!

In most cases, people with a peanut allergy do not react as severely to airborne peanut dust.

You do not develop symptoms just because someone in the same room eats peanuts.

The issue arises when you unknowingly ingest peanuts or get exposed to peanut dust through cross-contamination.

shelled peanuts

Since the smell of peanuts lacks protein, you should be fine even when there is a “peanut” smell in the air.

It is still a good idea to avoid enclosed areas, such as Texas Roadhouse and Logan’s.

The chances of a reaction are minimal, but still present because of large amounts of peanut chunks in the air. 

Fact: Unlike what the name suggests, Texas Roadhouse opened its doors for the very first time in Clarksville, Indiana. 

Does Peanut Oil Cause Food Allergy?

To understand it better, you have to know how peanut oil is divided into different categories. 

What is Unrefined Peanut Oil?

food allergy peanut oil

Unrefined, or gourmet peanut oil, is likely to cause an allergic reaction because it still contains the protein responsible for allergy.

If you know a restaurant cooks in unrefined peanut oil, you should avoid it. 

What is Refined Peanut Oil?

As implied by the name, it is “refined” and purified, ensuring it does not contain any proteins responsible for allergic reactions.

The FDA has exempted refined peanut oil from allergy-causing foods.

So, you may be able to eat food cooked in refined peanut oil, without being exposed to any allergen.

allergic reaction to peanuts

How Do You Identify an Allergic Reaction to Peanut?

When entering Texas Roadhouse or any other restaurant with a love for nuts, and peanuts, in particular, you may immediately develop symptoms.

It usually takes a few minutes to develop a reaction, but in some cases, the reaction occurs in 4 hours.

The most common symptoms include swelling, hives, itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose.

Sometimes, you may experience vomiting and severe abdominal cramps.

If you notice trouble breathing, you should seek immediate medical attention.

The same is true if your reaction turns into anaphylaxis, which can be fatal. 

Can You Not Eat Other Nuts When Allergic to Peanuts?

In most cases, eating other nuts may be okay, even when you have a peanut allergy.

eat other types of nuts

Tree nuts and peanuts are in different families, which is why they may trigger the same response.

Still, you need to remember that sometimes tree nuts are processed in the same facility as peanuts.

Therefore, you must be careful about cross-contamination or you may develop a full-blown allergic reaction. 


It is better for children to avoid all sorts of nuts, as it is difficult for them to tell the difference between peanuts and other tree nuts.

Fact: You may end up saving $10-$15 on an appetizer by getting a free snack in the form of peanuts at Texas Roadhouse. 

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Peanuts are healthy and loaded with protein and antioxidants. Yet, they may not work for everyone, especially for someone with a peanut allergy, making it difficult to dine out.

And considering their love for peanuts, it is natural to ask, “Does Texas Roadhouse use peanut oil?” 

Apparently, they do not, but some of their dishes may still have peanuts as an ingredient.

So, be sure to check the ingredients and double-check with them to ensure you do not ingest peanuts unknowingly and end up with a reaction.