is sonic chili beef or pork

When you are a vegan or worried about halal food, it is natural to ask, Is Sonic chili beef or pork?

There are different varieties available for those looking for Sonic chili. But, not all of them may be suitable for everyone.

For vegans, it is pretty straightforward – it contains meat, so it is off-limits.

Those worried about halal food or simply allergic to pork, may face issues when deciding.

So, does Sonic chili have pork or not?

It depends on the variety you order, but mostly Sonic chili is beef, but the newly added coney contains both pork and beef.

Is Sonic Chili Beef or Pork or What?

sonic chili beef pork

In most cases, it is beef. Off you go, vegans!

But, you may have to be careful about the variety you choose.

It was initially a limited-time offer. But the outcry from customers after the restaurant chain stopped serving it prompted a brief return to the menu at some locations.

Sonic’s signature chili cheese wraps may look simple but are quite delicious.

Simply put, it is a tortilla filled with chili, toppings, and a handful of those famous FRITOS corn chips. Do not be fooled, though, by its apparent simplicity.

You must sample this sandwich to believe it. 

Is There Pork in Sonic Chili?

pork in sonic chili

It depends on the variety you pick.

Their Hearty Chili Bowl is probably your best shot when you want to avoid pork.

The new Hearty Chili Bowl maintains the original’s deliciously savory beef flavor while adding some modern flair.

It works well as a quick bite, a complement to the main course, or even as a full meal on its own. 

Tip: Go with vegan food if you are looking for "halal" food because the slaughtering process is undisclosed, raising concerns about Sonic chili beef. 

What are the Ingredients of Sonic Chili?

ingredients sonic chili

The Sonic chili is a perfect delicacy made with tried-and-true ingredients.

The chili is a hit with the masses because of the abundance of healthy ingredients within.  

Sonic prepares its chili with kidney beans, hearty ground beef, and some spices.

The spices are the unsung heroes of this dish, and they pick them carefully. How they cook it at a low simmer using a Dutch oven adds to its flavor. 

Is Sonic Chili a High Calorie Food?

The new Chili Bowl is only 140 calories and is filled with tender meat, a bounty of beans, veggies, and hearty flavors.

Every bite is loaded with crunch and texture thanks to the addition of melty shredded cheese, FRITOS, and sliced onions.

are sonic chili beef

Are all Sonic Chili Varieties Beef?

Not really!

The premium chili cheese coney from SONIC features a grilled beef hot dog that is 6 inches long.

It is covered with cheese and chili that is heated and delivered in a warm, soft bakery bun.

However, the new coney is a combination of pork and beef, weighs a quarter pound, and comes with chili and cheese.

It is possible to customize it with jalapeno peppers or back to make it a unique dish. 

Does Sonic Make Use of Lard?

sonic chili use lard

While you may find some of Sonic’s items cooked using pork, they do not rely on lard though.

Most dishes at Sonic are cooked with vegetable oil. Several varieties of vegan sauces are available.

Sonic also offers sweet potato taters, which are delicious. Similar to these, they are cruelty-free and vegan.

Tip: Even when you go with a meatless dish, there is a risk of cross-contamination, which may not work for those who avoid pork. 

What Other than Sonic Chili is Not Vegan?

sonic chili non vegan food

If you are a vegan and looking for a meat-free option at Sonic, you may have a hard time making a choice.

Does Sonic chili have meat? You may be wondering!

While Sonic chili does not always contain pork, there is meat nonetheless.

Sonic’s limited vegan menu is especially disappointing for those who are used to seeing options like Impossible and Beyond burgers at other fast-food chains.

Sadly, not even Sonic Drive-vegetarian In’s burger is cruelty-free.

Holy crap!

Therefore, it is important to know what might not be a safer choice for those avoiding animal products as vegans. 

Asian Sweet Chili Sauce

You may want to avoid it because it looks harmless but uses milk as an ingredient.

sweet chili sauce

Depending on how strict you are with your diet rules, you may or may not be able to enjoy it safely. 

Shakes, Blasts, and Sundaes

All those shakes and blasts may be off-limit if you do not use dairy. Unfortunately, you cannot find any dairy-free milk options at Sonic. 

Everyday Deals

If you want to be on the safe side, avoiding any everyday deal is a good idea.

None of the items on their everyday deal menu is listed as vegan. 


fried pickles

You may think it is okay to try these mini appetizers, but it is not.

The reason is that they contain dairy products and are certainly not safe for vegans. 


When dairy is not for you, you may also have to avoid dishes made of eggs. That is why slaw at Sonic is not safe.

Tip: Order a refreshing tea with lemon and/or lime slices when you are not sure what to order at Sonic.  

How to Avoid Beef and Pork When Ordering at Sonic?

avoid beef and pork

For so many people, eating pork or meat is not an option.

Fast food restaurants like Sonic are not exactly known for being great options for vegans.

Sonic’s vegetarian options are at a record low, so they cannot offer you much in the way of enticement. 

Is There Nothing without Meat or Dairy at Sonic?

Can a vegan order at Sonic? If you mean burger, we are sorry to tell you that Sonic does not currently offer a vegetarian burger.

Unfortunately for plant-based eaters, the veggie burger at Sonic also comes with dairy (why??).

It means you will have to pass on this menu item.


However, if you are stuck eating vegan at Sonic because you have nowhere else to go, try these options: 

Go with the Pretzel

It is a good idea to order a pretzel, but hold the butter and the cheese.

Thankfully, you can find a number of vegan-friendly condiments or dipping sauces to make it work. 

Customize Your Sandwich

The idea is to play with toppings. Add as many toppings as you like to any bread option. Dip in some vegan sauces and go! 


Except for the pretzel and the hoagie bun, most of the breads may contain dairy. Ensure you inquire before placing an order.

You may be unable to eat most of the loaves with gluten sensitivity, including hamburger bun, hot dog bun, hoagie bun, and tortillas. 

fried tater tots

Opt for Fries and Tots

When you refuel, will it be with fries or some delicious tater tots?

Whatever your preference, many flavorful condiments are available beyond the traditional mustard and ketchup. 


It is up to you to decide whether or not you are comfortable eating fried in oil used to fry animal products as well.

You can always ask around to confirm, though. 

Go with a Fruity Beverage

fruity beverage

Feeling thirsty? You are in luck!

You can find colorful drinks to choose from when eating out at Sonic.

Everyone should be able to find a drink that suits their taste, whether they prefer a tart lemonade or a sugary slushie. 

Go with a Savory or Sweet Snack

You can have your choice of Fritos corn chips or applesauce.

You should go with the applesauce if you are looking for a more nutritious option.

If salty, crunchy corn chips are just irresistible. Be ready to give in to temptation!

Tip: Opt for sandwich toppings such as Fritos corn chips, dill pickle chips, avocado, onion, lettuce, and sweet pickle relish for a vegan twist.


For someone not ready to eat beef or pork, finding an alternative at a fast-food restaurant, like Sonic is hard.

Pork is usually not an option for so many people, but meat is something vegans want to avoid. When in confusion, it is natural to wonder, “Is Sonic chili beef or pork?”

Well, it is likely to have ground beef, which makes it suitable for those who avoid pork. Yet, it is not for vegans.

Just be sure to play around a little and you might be able to make your own “vegan” meal at Sonic.