easy dessert to go with mexican food

Is there an easy dessert to go with Mexican food?

You may ask this when having a Mexican-themed dinner in honor of Cinco de Mayo, celebrating Taco Tuesday, or getting ready for some other weekday?

Really, there is always some room for dessert, isn’t it? And thankfully, you can find many sweets with a Mexican twist to enjoy at your party.

There are a number of standout flavors in Mexican desserts, but what are some of the simplest dessert ideas to go with Mexican food?

The best dessert to go with Mexican food depends on your taste, but you cannot go wrong with fruit-stuffed empanadas or crispy churros. 

 Having Fun Tasting Mexican Desserts

fun in tasting mexican desserts

If you have a sweet tooth, the chances are you have already tried a number Mexican desserts.

But, not all of them take an equal amount of effort to cook.

Undoubtedly, it is because of burritos, tacos, quesadillas and carne asada that Mexican cuisine is well-liked around the world.

Interestingly, restaurants are putting their own spins on tacos or even combining them with other cuisines because they are so trendy right now.

No matter what savory dishes you enjoy the most, you will find a wide variety of options in Mexican cuisine, including some of the most delicious desserts in the Western Hemisphere.

Tip: Be sure to get more info about the caloric content of Mexican desserts because some of them may pack a punch and throw you off your diet plan. 

The Diversity in Mexican Desserts

the diversity in mexican desserts

If you only think of tres leches cake, churros, or sopaipillas when you talk about Mexican desserts, you are not alone.

So many people have experienced only these popular desserts, but the truth is that Mexican desserts are quite diverse and go beyond these tasty staples.

It originally started with the Aztecs and other Mexican pre-Columbian civilizations using nuts, fruits, milk, honey, and chocolate.

But later, the Spaniards introduced new baking techniques using new ingredients.

Specifically, the Spaniards brought over the oil used to make many of the fried foods.

In fact, the introduction of oils is often cited as a watershed moment in the evolution of Mexican cuisine. 

The Most Popular Dessert in Mexico

most popular dessert

It may surprise you to learn that Mexico does not have a signature sweet treat.

The country’s cuisine reflects the wide variations in landscape and climate across Mexico.

Different regions may strongly dispute which dessert is “the best” or most strongly associated with their national identity.

For this reason, there is no "official" national dessert because there are so many delicious options.

And that is also the reason why you may have to experiment a little to finally discover the dessert you love the most. 

Finding an Easy Dessert to Go with Mexican Food

easy dessert goes with mexican food

When you are enjoying Mexican cuisine, you have to try some popular desserts as well.

You can order some at any Mexican restaurant, but you can find some simple recipes to prepare the best sweet treat at home.

How simple or tricky it is to prepare that dessert depends on your cooking skills.

Whatever the case, here are some interesting dessert options to enjoy with Mexican food.

Apple Empanadas

Empanadas are a type of Mexican pastry that typically contains a savory filling, but can also be filled with something sweet.

You can always experiment a little here and may also find restaurants giving their own unique touch to empanadas.

For instance, many people use brown sugar, buttery chopped apples, and cinnamon to make the base of this traditional Mexican fruit treat.

Some would top it with a tangy tequila sauce to make it taste even better.

It is popular, it is sweet, but definitely not your mamma’s apple pie. But believe it or not, it is always better this way! 


a churros

If we are going to compile a list of everyone’s favorite Mexican sweets, churros have to be on it.

Although the origin of the churro is up for debate, many believe that the delicacy first appeared in Europe via the Portuguese, then made its way to Mexico via the Spanish.

It has almost become a generic term for Mexican sweets today. Sweet churros are made by frying sugar, dough, and cinnamon until it becomes crispy.

These sweets are sometimes dunked in cinnamon chocolate sauce. Everyone seems to be crazy over churros lately, and it is no wonder why.

But to reach the pinnacle of food-induced ecstasy, be sure to drench your churros in caramel or another sauce of your choice. 

Snowball Cookies

a snowball cookies

Snowball cookies are a must-have when enjoying Mexican food.

They also go by the name of Mexican Wedding Cookies, so do not be surprised if you find that on the menu.

These snowballs are SO worth tasting, especially seeing them all covered up in powdery confectioners’ sugar. 

You will become a fan of their “snowy” delectable texture. 

Tres Leches Cake

Tres leches cake is a traditional Mexican dessert that is a crowd-pleaser thanks to its rich flavor and tender crumb.

Sponge cake serves as the base for tres leches cake, which is soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream.

The texture and consistency may feel extra light if you go heavy on the butter.

You can make it taste even better by sprinkling strawberry slices all over the whipped frosting.

Alternatively, you can go with a drizzle of dulce de leche or mixed berries.

Tip: Going with homemade tres leches cake is a great choice because it never gets soggy even when you add sweet cream to this delicious confection.


a sopapillas

If you think a dash of heat perfectly complements sweetness, you will love sopapillas.

Apparently, they look like the Mexican equivalent of puff pastry, but they may actually taste so much better.

They are basically deep-fried dough pillows dusted with cinnamon sugar.

You can always try a combination of cheesecake and sopapilla – a sweet, crispy crust sandwiching creamy cheesecake filling is a match made in heaven.

Tip: You can also experiment a little with crushed red pepper and honey to make a delicious glaze to complement your sopapillas.

Mangonada Sorbet

The Mangonada is a traditional Mexican delicacy that consists of mango sorbet, chili powder, and chamoy.

The key ingredient here is chamoy, a sauce made of fermented fruits and chilies that works well with anything.

It is a great option because it offers a perfect balance of spicy, salty, sweet, and sour thanks to the use of real mango chunks. 

If you go with mangonada, be sure to try it on raw veggies, fresh fruits, and grilled corn.


a conchas

Are you looking for some traditional Mexican delicacy that is light and airy on the inside and has a delightfully crunchy outside? Try conchas!

These sweet yeast rolls serve as a staple of Mexican breakfast fare.

That said, they still come with enough of the standard dessert components, including sugar, butter, and chocolate powder.

Once you have a taste of it, you will be happy to try it at any time of day. And, another upside is that you can experiment a lot with designs.

 Fried Ice Cream

You may have tried many variations of vanilla ice cream, but do you know the fried version is even more delicious?

You will simply love that blast of crunch and flavor.

You can easily make it at home, and no fellas, you do not need a deep fryer either!

the fried ice cream

It can certainly qualify as one simple and easy dessert to enjoy with Mexican food. And do you know what steals the show? Fried cornflakes!

Unlike the name, you do not have to fry the ice cream itself – how can you?

But you have to fry cornflakes and then simply roll the ice cream in it. Voila! You have your deep-fried ice cream ready!

Tip: consider putting your money on the flan if you are looking for a caramel-flavored custard that is so smooth and creamy that it practically melts on your tongue.

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Finding an easy dessert to go with Mexican food does not have to be difficult. You can find dozens of recipes to cook everything at home.

But, keep in mind that what works for you ultimately depends on your unique taste.

And when your focus is on you getting a delicious sweet treat, you may be okay with trying something more complicated.

But, no matter your preferences, you can easily pick a recipe from our list to serve it with whatever Mexican delicacy you are going to cook.