fastest way to thaw bacon

Maybe you are one of those who love bacon, but you think the typical method of thawing the bacon is a bit slow, and now you are looking for the fastest way to thaw bacon.

Search no more cause after reading this article to the end, you will know a couple of ways to thaw your bacon and the fastest method.

The refrigerator, a bowl of cold water, and a microwave are three secure ways to defrost bacon. Never defrost bacon at room temperature or on the kitchen counter.

What Is The Fastest Way To Thaw Bacon?

fast ways to thaw bacon

It’s no secret that bacon is delicious, and we’re not just talking about the breakfast version.

Bacon is so versatile, you can use it in just about any meal: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

But what if you want to thaw bacon fast? You don’t have time to wait around all day while your bacon thaws slowly in the fridge!

Luckily, there are a few methods to speed up the process of thawing your bacon.

Method #1: Thawing In Cold Water (Safest And Fastest Method)

If the package of bacon is still sealed, you could put it in a sink full of cold water. One of the safest ways to defrost food is to soak it in cold water.

This is because it doesn’t need to be heated, like an oven, microwave, or deep fryer.

Tip: It doesn't take more than 30 minutes from start to finish!

So, why is this method ideal?

use cold water

Most of us are using cold water to “defrost” bacon but placing the package in a Ziploc bag that is filled with cold water is actually the fastest and best way to do this. 

This technique works so well because water conducts heat, and we want to minimize the amount of time it takes for the bacon to thaw.

Holding the bag open under cold running water for about 5 minutes will allow most of the grease to drain out of it. 

Some people worry about whether this process is effective enough so their next option is to put their bacon in the refrigerator, where they think it will thaw even faster.

Tip: If you've been looking for how to unthaw bacon fast, this is the fastest and safest method.

Method #2: Thawing At Room Temperature

Time to defrost: Up to 90 minutes, depending on the room temperature.

thaw in room temperature

One of the safest ways to thaw bacon slices is to put them on a towel or plate on your kitchen counter or table and let them thaw naturally at room temperature.

This easy method works well for bacon that has been opened or that is in containers at home.

Once you’ve thawed bacon, it should be cold, not warm, so cook it right away or put it in the fridge.

Tip: It's best to put frozen bacon in a big bowl so that it doesn't leak water while it's thawing.

Method #3: Thawing In A Conventional Oven

The estimated time to defrost is 5 minutes. If you want to thaw bacon in a regular oven, make sure to take off all of the packaging first. 

If you don’t, the plastic will melt and ruin the bacon. Keep in mind that the goal is to get the bacon to stop being frozen.

thaw using oven

So, if you don’t want to overcook the food, it’s a good idea to check on it often as it thaws.

Note: You can also wrap the bacon in aluminum foil, but keep in mind that foil is an excellent heat conductor, so the food will thaw quickly.

Method #4: Thawing In The Fridge

If you’re like most people, you probably think of thawing bacon the same way your grandparents did: throwing it on the kitchen counter and hoping for the best. 

The truth is, freezing bacon can be a great way to store it and make it easy to prepare but it may take a few minutes longer to cook. 

To speed up the thawing process, place the bacon on a wire rack in a baking dish or on a paper towel-lined baking sheet.

thaw in the fridge

Method #5: Thawing In An Air Fryer

If you’re looking to save time and hassle when it comes to cooking bacon, you can use your air fryer to defrost and cook it quickly.

Simply preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit before adding your chopped bacon. 

Cook the bacon until it is slightly crispy on the outside, but still flexible inside. To finish cooking, remove from heat and enjoy

Note: The thawing time or cooking time of frozen bacon depends on the approximate weight of your food. But in general, it takes about five minutes to defrost bacon in a deep fryer.

Method #6: Thawing In A Microwave

If you’re short on time and want to get your bacon ready for dinner, try putting it in the microwave for about 30 seconds (or less) before cooking it.

thaw in microwave

Keep in mind, though, that the time it takes to defrost food depends on how much it weighs. 

This will help the meat cook more quickly, which will help prevent overcooking and ensure that it doesn’t dry out as easily when cooking on a grill later in the week.

On the other hand, if you’re going to cook up some eggs with your bacon as well, this method will ensure that both items are done at the same time without one burning longer than the other! 

Just put the frozen bacon in a dish or on a plate before heating it in the microwave.

Thaw frozen bacon in the container it came in, but don’t leave it alone, or the plastic might melt.

Note: Please remember that plastic wrap and foam trays can't handle high heat and shouldn't be used to heat up bacon in the microwave or reheat it.

How To Quickly Thaw Frozen Bacon

how to quickly thaw bacon

When you’re in a hurry, there is nothing worse than having to thaw out a frozen piece of bacon.

But if you know the trick to do it quickly, your bacon will be ready for the pan in no time.

Frozen bacon is a little bit of a pain to thaw, but it’s not as bad as you might think. Here are a few tips for getting your bacon back in the game!

Here’s how to get your bacon thawed in no time:

Step #1. Place It In A Pan To Boil

Place the bacon in a pan of cold water and bring it to a boil (don’t let it boil over).

This will help the fat separate from the meat itself, so you’ll be able to easily peel away the outer layer of fat when you’re done cooking.

Step #2. Remove From Heat And Allow To Cool

Once boiling, remove from heat and allow to cool for about 10 minutes.

You can also put the pan in an ice bath after removing it from the heat if you’d likeā€”just make sure not to leave any water in the pan when you add your food!

cool the bacon

Step #3. Pat Dry Using A Paper Towel

After 10 minutes have passed, use a paper towel or cloth towel to pat dry whatever extra moisture there might be on top of the bacon.

Then simply slice up your bacon and enjoy!


To sum everything up on the fastest way to thaw bacon. Bacon should never be frozen for long periods of time! It becomes watery and falls apart when you try to cook it. 

Don’t underestimate the power of cold water when it comes to thawing frozen foods. 

Cold water actually works faster to defrost foods than even the microwave, and it will save you time and energy. Try not to put it in the microwave, which strips the fat and flavor away.

We can therefore conclude that cold water is the best way to defrost bacon.