how to clean stuck-on grease from deep fryer

One must learn how to clean stuck-on grease from deep fryer because of how grease can cause your deep fryer to rust.

Deep fryers are a must-have in a home, restaurants, and big establishments that deal in fries.

Your fryer can become disgusting after being used and left to stay long without cleaning it.

Before the end of this article, you will learn and understand how to clean your deep fryer.

You must clean your deep fryer with the right soap and the right sponge. There are several methods and steps on how to clean a used deep fryer so read on and get the information you need.

Materials For Cleaning Deep Fryer

materials cleaning deep fryer

Cleaning stuck-on grease from a deep fryer is an easy process provided that you have the right materials, so don’t forget to get the following:

Dish Soap

This is an amazing material for washing a deep fryer.

All you need to do is add a few drops to the deep fryer and place it on heat to come to a boil.

Heat is known to be the best way to get the grease in your deep fryer easy to clean.

Plastic Putty Knife 

Using a plastic putty knife can be used to scrap out the stuck-on grease part in the deep fryer to make it easy the cleaning. 

Paper Towels

use paper towels

These are of great recommendation because you can use them to wipe off the wet deep fryer after cleaning.

Bristle Brush

Making use of a bristle brush is quite necessary. It helps to brush off the stuck-on hard part that the plastic scraper couldn’t reach

And also it can be important for temperature purposes

Sponge Container

Don’t forget to have a sponge container knowing that after washing, there will be oil in the sponge.


Clean towels are used to wipe off and clean the fryer right after washing it.

Baking Soda

use baking soda

Baking soda is known for the magnificent action that it takes when it comes to cleaning anything at all.

You can use it to turn a very dirty pot into a sparkling new pot.


White vinegar makes everything easy, and it dissolves the hard part of the stuck-on grease, so why not? 


Do not forget to get a bowl of fresh water, if the option is not available you can utilize a hose to rinse the deep fryer.

Tip: Regardless of what I said about baking soda it is optional.

How To Clean Stuck-on Grease From Deep Fryer

cleaning grease from deep fryer

There are steps and ways to get your deep fryer cleaned and get it ready for another use;

Let The Fryer Cool Down Before Washing

The first thing to do is to drain the used oil after the hot fryer must have settled and cooled down.

This is because after frying, the fryer will be hot and it is not advisable to start washing it immediately to avoid burning your hand.

As we know and according to science, water doesn’t go well with electricity, it causes a shock.

cool down the fryer

Therefore, before trying to wash the fryer, you should unplug it and make sure it has totally cooled down. 

Once your fryer has cooled, then the time to drain the used oil into a fresh container is advised. Any food bits are removed by the strainer.

Tip: Just throw the oil away if it is hazy or stinks and no longer looks to be okay.

Remove The Stuck-on Grease On The Basket

You can’t remove everything at once, of which I’m sure. So do well to soak your basket in a washing sink if there is any or in a big bowl. 

Then you can add your vinegar, your dish soap, and baking soda if you have any.

Let it sit for a few minutes while you focus on the deep fryer bowl.

fryer basket

Remove Stuck-on Grease From The Deep Fryer

At this stage, you must have drained the oil from the deep fryer and let your basket sit on the cleaning mixture.

Then go ahead to use your plastic scraper or putty knife to scrape out some burnt part of the grease. 

When you are done with the plastic scraper, take the bristle brush to brush out the corners of the deep fryer.

It is very important because you need to deep clean the fryer.

Remove Sticky Build-Ups By Boiling Soapy Water

soapy water

Having to remove sticky build-ups can be very difficult and that is why boiling soapy water is recommended. 

Pour water till it reaches the limit that the oil and then add your baking soda and liquid soap.

Leave it till it boils, then bring it down. When it is warm use the bristle brush or a sponge to scrub out the build-ups.

Tip: Keep in mind that the deep fryer is powered by electricity and you should never immerse it in water.

Use The Towel To Wipe Off The Basket And The Deep Fryer

You can take off the basket once the inside of your deep fryer is spotless. Use a soft-bristled brush or a used toothbrush to scrape it.

wipe deep fryer

After washing it, any muck should be quite simple to remove. 

Additionally, you should clean the exterior of your deep fryer using a sponge dampened with a little Dawn. To clean any crusted spots, use the toothbrush.

Knowing how to remove grease from a deep fryer properly requires that you understand many things.

For instance, you must understand the importance of keeping anything that has to do with your tummy clean.

Having grease on your deep fryer welcomes a lot of dirt because if sand or anything of sorts comes in contact with oil it sticks.

Tip: If you don't have a sponge strong enough to scrape the deep fryer you can soak it in water and leave it for some minutes.

Use A Rag To Clean The Heating Element

kitchen rag

Finally, if you can reach it, use a rag to clean the heating element. Ensure to sweep up excess oil and crumbs.

Certain apartments have open-air heaters (patio heater), whereas others have enclosed heaters that you can’t access. If you’re uncertain, consult your manual.

How Regular Should Your Deep Fryer Be Cleaned?

How to clean stuck-on grease from deep fryer should have its scheduled appointment.

I mean it is ok to clean it every day but that will only be too stressful.

There are so many multiple purposes the deep fryer was designed for.

regular cleaning deep fryer

A busy establishment would perform light fryer cleaning once a day.

And maybe extensive cleansing twice each week in a standard commercial scenario. 

Appliance maintenance is a crucial component of good equipment upkeep.

This is so especially if you want to preserve appliances found in a household or a company.

How To Care For Your Deep Fryer

Don’t ever leave the deep fryer unsupervised, and preserve the oil at quite a safe temperature. 

For any case of a disaster, keep a package of baking soda available to put out a fire. 

Don’t forget the fire extinguisher, it ought to ideally be located next to your kitchen.

caring for deep fryer

Avoid packing the fryer too tightly because this can decrease the oil’s temperature and therefore result in too greasy meals.

Pick a cooking oil that has a high smoke point, like canola, safflower, or peanut oil.

Count the number of times you’ve used the oil again and replace it as necessary. 

Also, before putting your meat in the fryer, ensure it is not moist. The oil may spray because of residual water, which could burn you or leave stains on your clothes.

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How to clean stuck-on grease from deep fryer is a guide that helps you understand how to take care of your deep fryer appliance.

Examine the filters to complete the cleaning. When your appliance includes a foam filter, thus it needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Before reusing the froth filter in the deep fryer, wash it with boiling water and soap. Rinse, and afterward allow it to air dry.