how long is beef stock good after opening

Hello and welcome, In this article, we would be answering the question; “How long is beef stock good after opening?”.

Beef stock (whether homemade or bought in a store), does make your cooking taste a whole lot better.

But in those cases where you have a lot more than you need, this brings the question of whether it can be stored.

And, how long is beef broth good after opening?

Let’s find out.

When stored properly, beef stock or beef broth can last as long as 3 to 5 in the refrigerator days before going bad.

Can Beef Stock Go Bad?

beef stock go bad

The use of beef stock in our cooking has become quite normal in modern times, whether it’s homemade beef stock or canned or packaged beef stock.

But can beef stock go bad?

Well, like most perishable products, beef stock or beef broth does have the tendency of going bad or spoiling.

However, depending on how it is stored, the time with which it goes bad depends on a few factors. 

Some of those factors would be; if the Beef stock is opened and if the beef stock was bought in a store or was made at home.

Note: To keep your beef stock from going bad, it is most important that you store them in a fridge after you have opened them.

Can You Freeze Beef Stock After Opening?

freeze beef stock

Yes, it is possible to freeze beef stock or beef broth after opening it. However, it has to be kept at a constant freezing temperature and stored in a proper ziplock bag.

Another simple option would be to pour the beef stock or broth into an ice cube tray and freeze it till they become ice cubes.

Once frozen, they can be transferred to a ziplock or freezer bag and placed in a separate compartment of the freezer.

While in the freezer, they can be stored for a long time and simply brought out and heated up for reuse.

But ensure the temperature remains constant, as fluctuations in cooling temperature can be damaging.

How Long Does Canned Beef Stock Last Before Opening?

canned beef stock last before opening

Canned or packaged beef stock is made to last a long time. This is because they are packaged in an environment that is aseptic and clean.

They do come with expiration dates on their packaging, but they can last a few months after the expiry date. 

They can be kept on a shelf or pantry for as long as 5 years but you have to ensure they are kept in a cool environment and that they are free from physical damage. 

Since they have such a high shelf life, it might be unnecessary to store your can of unopened beef stock in a fridge or freezer.

They do not contain any preservatives, so it might be unwise storing them in a humid or closed environment like a cupboard. 

Tip: Before purchasing beef stock or broth from the store, do ensure you check its packaging for expiration dates. 

How Long Does Homemade Beef Stock Last?

how long homemade beef stock last

Beef stock can be made in the comfort of your kitchen, you simply need a few ingredients like beef bones and some seasoning and you have your tasty beef stock. 

Now it is worth noting that homemade beef stock is not made to last nearly as long as canned or packaged beef stock. 

For this, we do not recommend that you store your homemade beef stock in a pantry or on a shelf as they can be affected by external factors and can go bad easily. 

putting broth in fridge

Instead, we recommend storing it in a fridge or perhaps in a freezer. If you choose to store it in a fridge, it can last as long as 3 to 5 days max.

However, when stored in a freezer, expect the homemade beef stock to last as long as 3 months.

Ensure you cover it up properly before you store it in the freezer.

Tip: This can mean storing it in a separate compartment of the freezer or the fridge.

How Long Is Beef Stock Good After Opening?

beef stock good after opening

If you have opened your can of beef stock and somehow realized that you would have to store it for later use, then, by all means, do as they can be stored after opening. 

It is, however, worth noting that canned beef stock that has been opened does not have the same shelf life as canned beef stock that has not been opened.

Once opened, they are exposed to various external bacteria that could cause spoilage. 

As much as they can not be stored in a pantry or on a shelf, they can be stored in the fridge as well as the freezer. 

When stored in the fridge, they can last as long as 4 to 5 days and when stored in the freezer, they are good for use for up to 6 months. 

Note: It is recommended that you empty the contents of the canned beef stock into a bowl or ziplock bag before placing it in the freezer. 

How To Know If Beef Stock Has Gone Bad

beef stock gone bad

Now that you know how long beef stock can last after being opened, how do you tell if it has gone bad?

Since it is made from beef bones, other perishable ingredients, and seasoning, it can easily go bad, look out for these symptoms. 

Factor #1: Color Change

Beef stock has a tendency to change color after it has gone bad.

The normal color of beef stock or broth is dark brown, however, if you notice a change in color, it most likely has gone bad. 

Throw away beef stock or beef broth that has a darker brown or almost black color.

If you notice blue circles or spots on it, it is not good for consumption. 

broth color

And if you notice beef stock that has turned to the color green, then it is most likely putrefied and should be disposed of.

Lastly, the beef bones could also change to a shiny curd, this is a sign that bacteria has acted on the fat, and it definitely should be disposed of. 

Tip: Ensure you properly dispose of the beef stock to avoid environmental pollution. 

Factor #2: A Bulge In The Can

For an unopened beef stock that is still in the can, aside from the expiration date, you can also tell if it has gone bad from the shape of the can. 

Although the cans are built to be durable, when stored improperly, they can change in shape.

bulge in can

You might notice a leak or a bulge in the can. If you do notice any of these, then you would need to dispose of them. 

This is often a sign of pressure from either a hot or physical impact on the can. It means the can is compromised and unsafe for consumption. 

Factor #3: The Smell

This is arguably the easiest way to tell if a beef stock has gone bad, and it is mostly for homemade beef stock or beef stock can that has been opened. 

When not stored the right way, the beef stock can exhibit a nasty smell that can be described as putrid.

This is because it is made from beef bones and other perishable ingredients, which are known to possess a foul smell when spoilt.

broth smell

Ideally, good beef stock or broth has an attractive aroma that definitely can affect the overall aroma of the food or dish it is used to prepare.

Note: Do not try or attempt tasting beef stock or broth that you suspect to have gone bad, as you risk food poisoning.


The use of beef stock in cooking is very good. Not only does it add great taste to your dishes and cuisines, but it also has a positive impact on the overall aroma of the meal.

Hopefully, with the article above, you should have no problem answering the question of “How long is beef stock good after opening.”

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