what wine goes with shrimp scampi

What wine goes with shrimp scampi? Without a shadow of a doubt, scampi is a versatile and extremely delicious dish.

Shrimp scampi is a dish typically prepared in a sauce of white wine, butter, olive oil, and garlic. 

But it tastes at its very best when paired with wine, and that brings us to the burning question, “what wine goes best with shrimp scampi?”

Sauvignon Blanc goes great with shrimp scampi but you will also enjoy it with Vermentino, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and even Champagne. 

Making Shrimp Scampi Taste at Its Best

make the shrimp scampi taste best

Picture this: it is a gorgeous, bright day in the spring, and the sky is a brilliant blue with no clouds in sight and a robin or two chirping in the distance.

Just what is missing to make this picture whole? You are right, it has to be a healthy, delicious shrimp scampi dish.

In its traditional Italian form, the dish uses langoustines, but it is different in America.

In the United States, this dish is typically made using shrimp and served over many different things, such as:

  • Rice
  • Gnocchi
  • Toasted Bread
  • Noodles

But, you can make it taste even better. How? With a glass of crisp white wine that would go wonderfully with that mouthwatering main course! 

Complimenting Shrimp Scampi with Wine

complimenting the shrimp with wine

It is simpler than what most people think to find the perfect wine complement for shrimp scampi. 

This dish can be used in various ways, and its versatility allows you to experiment with various wine options.

It is worth mentioning that though the scampi sauce has stayed true to its classic form, the sides can be customized to your liking. 

But if you go with wine, you have to be a bit careful too, as not all of them may work great.  

What Wine Goes with Shrimp Scampi?

The buttery flavor of shrimp scampi becomes mild in wines with high acidity, so choose a wine with low acidity, such as Pinot Gris.

In case you want to stick with more acidic wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, be prepared to add more butter to your recipe. But if you are looking for the best option, you may have to experiment a little.

Nevertheless, a lot of people believe that it is better to stick to a light, dry white wine.

The reason is that the sharp acidity of the white wine is a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of the shrimp and helps balance out the dish.

With its buttery richness and pungent garlic flavor, Scampi pairs beautifully with a glass of Italian Pinot Grigio.

Pair the entrée with uncompromisingly dry pinot grigio, and you will love it more. 

Additional Options to Pair Wine with Shrimp Scampi

an additional options to pair wine

In case, you are not a fan of Pinot grigio, don’t worry.

There are many other great wine options, and here are a few to help you decide on the best wine to drink with shrimp scampi. 


What could be better than a bottle of invigorating Garganega from Italy to pair with a dish with strong Italian roots?

This dry white wine is known for its high acidity level and feels even better when it is still young.

That is when you can easily notice its citrus and green fruit notes. Traditional scampi is served à la carte with some garlic and olive oil to last a day.

Therefore, it stands to reason that a young wine would be a wonderful match for such an herbaceous dish.

Tip: Be very careful when going with some oaky white wine options because their vanilla sweetness will clash with garlic. 


a sancerre

When paired with a delicacy that is heavy on olive oil and butter, Sancerre’s sharp acidity can help cut through the richness.

To complement the shrimp, you can rely on grapefruit flavors, pear, green apple, and an underlying minerality to complement the shrimp.

To take everything to a whole new level, consider garnishing the risotto with some fresh herbs like oregano and thyme, which can help bring out the wine’s green notes. 


If you are looking for a high-acid wine with soft stonefruit and juicy grapefruit flavors, look no further than Albario.

It neutralizes the acidic components of your shrimp scampi, such as tomatoes, and balances the spicy and herbaceous flavors.

Albario is also a good choice because it tones down the heat of red pepper flakes in your bruschetta without masking the tomato’s natural sweetness. 


a chardonnay

Chardonnay’s distinctive buttery flavor makes it a natural complement to your shrimp scampi.

The best Chardonnay is the one harvested at the beginning of the growing season because it features fruity notes of guava and pineapple.

Also, if you have other foods on the menu that call for a full-bodied wine, this is a fantastic option.

A good idea is to go with a Chablis if you are looking for minerality and fruit aromas without the toast. 


We cannot let white wines take all the credit, can we? Well, you can definitely make it all unique with a solid Rosé.

Flavors of juicy red fruit, a hint of citrus, and a minerality that hints at umami may be found in this refreshing Rosé.

Rosé wine may be used in the same ways as dry white wine while cooking, so it is perfect for seafood recipes like your shrimp scampi.

Tip: In case you are confused between white and Rosé, you can definitely consider combining both. 

Sauvignon Blanc

a sauvignon blanc

With all that oil and butter, shrimp scampi is perfect with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. 

Because of its pronounced acidity, Sauvignon Blanc pairs particularly well with various forms of seafood served in heavy sauces.

Green herbaceous notes combine with tart accents of different fruits, such as:

  • Apple
  • Lime
  • Gooseberry
  • Passionfruit

Shrimp scampi and Sauvignon Blanc are excellent pairings since the wine’s acidity counteracts the saltiness of the meal.

You can also turn it into a healthy and delicious lunch any day of the week if you add a green leaf salad to your main course.

Tip: When you are not sure, it may also make sense to go with a bottle of vermouth, which can be both sweet and lingering, or dry and tart. 

Pinot Gris

a pinot gris

The best Pinot Gris comes from Alsace in France, but there are also great bottles made in Australia, California, and New Zealand.

The crisp, peppery flavor of Pinot Gris is a perfect complement to the flavorful shrimp scampi.

Pinot Gris has a multilayered flavor profile that includes hints of stone fruit and apple in addition to sweet spices like clove and ginger. 

With its robust body and sumptuous texture, it pairs wonderfully with rich, succulent shrimp despite its relatively moderate acidity. 


Champagne’s sharpness and sparkling bubbles pair well with shrimp. It is best to pair shrimp scampi with dry Champagne because it helps cut through the richness of the oil and butter.

a champagne

And what makes it special is that it complements your dish without masking the dish’s signature fish and garlic flavors.

With champagne, you will quickly notice flavors, like:

  • Cream
  • Almond
  • Peach
  • Toast

And the flavor profile works perfectly with a delicate minerality and a luscious apple fruitiness lurking in the background. 

Chenin Blanc

While France produces the finest wines, other countries like Australia, South Africa, and the United States also have excellent vintages. And that is when Chenin Blanc comes into the picture.

the chenin blanc

Chenin Blanc is a unique white wine because it shares a flavor profile with the much more acidic Sauvignon Blanc despite being lighter in body and acidity.

Quince, tart pear, and honey with hints of blackcurrant offer dishes that are otherwise laden with oil a much-needed boost of flavor.

It is mineral in nature, with hints of spice and floral notes and a silky, buttery aftertaste. So, how can you ignore it as a great wine option for shrimp scampi?

Tip: When picking wine, be sure to avoid cooking wines you find in the vinegar aisle because they can add a bitter flavor to your dish. 


What wine goes with shrimp scampi? While it ultimately depends on what you truly like, you will find more than enough white wine options to pair with your dish.

White wine with its high acidity is great for a buttery, oily dish like shrimp scampi.

But, truly, the options are many, and they work well so long as you already have a taste for that wine.