how to clean a chefman electric kettle

Knowing how to clean Chefman electric kettle properly can be very tricky. 

Chefman electric kettle is very popular for its efficiency as well as the fact that half of the kettle is made of glass, allowing you to properly see the content that is being boiled.

The presence of glass is what makes cleaning a Chefman electric kettle complicated.

Since the Chefman electric kettle is built differently from your average kettle, it should be cleaned especially for that same reason. No matter what methods are used in the cleaning, it should be glass sensitive.

Why Clean Your Chefman Electric Kettle?

Although a lot of people think you don’t have to clean a Chefman electric kettle and even if you do, a small cloth is enough but they are quite wrong. 

why clean your kettle

The presence of a filter in the kettle is what gives most people this impression and as I said, they are wrong to think that. 

Yes, the filter prevents dirt or any particle from entering the kettle but now and then, some things manage to sneak in. 

There is also calcium and magnesium residue in the kettle after being exposed to hard water.

Tip: These residues are dangerous to the kettle and to your health which is why it is important to get rid of them effectively.

How To Clean Chefman Electric Kettle

how to clean chefman kettle

We are now familiar with the Chefman electric kettle, how to clean it is the problem.

Like I said earlier, the Chefman electric kettle is different from your normal electric kettle, so you can clean them like one. 

No using baking soda, bleach, or other extreme things to clean the kettle because it leaves a residue, weakens the glass, and still leaves less to be desired. 

There are only two ways to clean Chefman electric that I am aware of. 

Those two methods are less likely to cause any form of damage to the kettle.  

Tip: You can make use of baking soda to clean a normal kettle.

Option 1. Using Hot Water And Dish Soap

Using hot water and dish soap is straightforward. Here are the steps to follow.

using dish soap

Step #1: Remove the filter

The first thing to do before being able to clean the kettle is to remove the filter. You have to make sure the kettle is disconnected from its power source and has not been recently used so it is old.

After that, you open the lid of the kettle by pressing the button on top of the handle.

Then you reach inside the kettle and grab from the side that is opposite the handle and remove the filter.

Tip: To return the filter, you just have to slide it back in as it was before and make sure it clicks or fits.

Step #2: Clean the kettle

After removing the filter, you have better access to clean the inside of the kettle properly. Make a solution of water and a little bit of dish soap. 

Use the solution and a very soft sponge or foam to clean the inside and outside of the kettle.

When doing this, the sponge or foam should be squeezed properly before being used to clean the kettle.

clean and wipe kettle

Step #3: Rinse it off

After washing the kettle to your satisfaction, you can then proceed to rinse the inside. You must make sure to only rinse the inside of the kettle. 

As for the outside, you use a wet cloth to wipe off the soap and then use a dry cloth to dry it off.

Step #4: Boil water

The next and final step here is to boil water. Because humans aren’t perfect, there is no guarantee that the kettle is soap free, so you have to boil water in the kettle to rid all of the remaining soap. 

The water should be half full and boiled for about ten to fifteen minutes. After that, your kettle should be as good as new.

Tip: Using hot water and dish soap might not always be effective.

Option 2. Using Vinegar And Lemon

use vinegar and lemon

Sometimes, the kettle might not have actual dirt but has mineral deposits of calcium and magnesium.

Calcium and magnesium buildup is not always bad but when it gets too much, it can damage your kettle and affect the taste of your tea.

Soap and hot water can’t clean that kind of build-up which brings us to the next method, using vinegar and lemon.

Vinegar and lemon can be used independently to get rid of mineral deposits stains but to get the best and long-lasting result, it is best to use both.

Here are the steps involved in using both.

Step #1: Make a cleaning mix

After removing the filter, you can proceed to make a cleaning mixture that is made up of half a lemon and half a cup of vinegar. 

making a cleaning mix

If you are making use of just lemon, you use a whole lemon and some water.

If you are making use of vinegar alone, you have enough vinegar to cover the bottom of the kettle and where the build-up is present.

Step #2: Add the mixture to the kettle

After making the perfect mixture, add it to the kettle. It should be enough to cover all the parts that have mineral deposits and stains.

Step #3: Boil

This part is simply self-explanation. After adding the mixture, turn on your kettle and let it boil. This is where the magic happens. 

boil water

When boiling, you’ll notice some whitish bubbles coming up, that’s the salts coming off. The boiling mixture cleans the kettle and removes all the stains leaving it shiny and new.

Step #4: Rinse and boil again

After boiling, you have to let the kettle cool and the liquid settle. After both have happened, you get rid of the mixture and rinse the kettle. 

Then you add some water back into the kettle and boil to remove the residue that must have been left behind. After that, your kettle is clean and good to go.

How To Clean The Chefman Electric Kettle Filter

Cleaning the filter is an entirely different ball game. Since you are cleaning it as a separate entity, it is much easier and you can use a wide range of products.

how to clean chefman kettle filter

Method #1: Using Soap and Water

Using soap and water to the filter is very easy. 

All you have to do is make a mixture of soap and water and use a sponge or an unused toothbrush to wash both the inside and the outside after which you clean thoroughly with water.

Method #2: Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

You can also use a solution of vinegar and baking soda to clean the filter if there are mineral deposits in it. 

You have to make a solution of an equal amount of baking soda and vinegar and apply it to the parts of the filter that has salt buildup. 

use vinegar and baking soda

Leave it for some minutes then scrub the whole filter with the mixture and rinse off thoroughly.

Method #3: Vinegar and Lemon

Last but not the least is the use of vinegar and lemon. 

In this method, you need to soak Chefman electric kettle filter in an acidic solution made with vinegar, lemon, or even both.

Leave it for some time before taking it out, then rinse properly.

Note: All methods above work well, just apply a method you’re most comfortable with.


We have finally gotten to the end of this article and one can finally see that knowing how to clean Chefman electric kettle is actually very important or else it would spoil quickly.

You can clean it with good old soap and water, or you can make use of vinegar and lemon. Whatever method you choose, you can never go wrong.

I hope this article has been helpful. Thank you very much for your time and patience. Stay safe!

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