does starburst have pork in it

Does Starburst have pork in it and you are unaware? Are you a candy lover? A Starburst one?  Well, let’s find out!

It is a known fact that in the 1960s, Starburst started as Opal fruits. And also that it is a product of the Wrigley Company.

Now, there is one disturbing thing that most candy lovers have been asking here and there all along.

And that is "does starburst have pork? Or “does starburst candy have pork in it?" 

Indeed these questions can be disturbing when you should not be eating pork for one reason or the other.

Of Course not, there isn’t any pork in Starburst. However, there is gelatin in Starburst that might have been extracted from animal products including pork.

Is Starburst A Good Candy?

starburst good candy

Before digging to find out the ingredients, the flavors, and the presence or absence of pork in Starburst, this is a good way to start.

Since 1960 when the Wrigley Company made the first Starburst, consumers fell in love with what that was.

To date, that hasn’t changed, neither the love nor the sweetness and the elegance they bear. It remains to be a good candy to date and tomorrow.

And that’s why as a hopeful and a lover you are questioning the presence or absence of pork in it.

Although a good candy, it would be haram to Muslims if it had pork in it. 

And to tell whether it does or it doesn’t, we need to review all the ingredients used for it.

What Are The Ingredients Used In Making Starburst?

what are ingredients used

Knowing the ingredients used in making Starburst is the first step to establishing whether or not there is pork in it.

Although the recipe for this might be something else. 

Much may not be known to the public, but at least we do know the ingredients used in the making of Starburst.

Below is a brief outline of the ingredients engaged in Starburst candy making.

  • Corn Syrup
  • Glucose Syrup and sugar
  • Modified Starch
  • Gelatin
  • Citric Acid
  • Palm fat
  • Concentrated fruit juices
  • Antioxidants
  • Flavorings
  • Maltodextrin
  • Beef

So, Does Starburst Have Pork In It?

does it have pork in it

There are convoluted opinions and myths on whether or not there is pork in Starburst candies.

This is a very decisive factor for people who wish to have a bite of these candies.

Usually, it all starts with religion and health issues. Muslims must be wary of the foods they take, by ensuring whether they are halal or not.

Starburst Candies

The presence of pork or products derived from pigs rules out the possibility of a certain food being halal, and so shall Starburst candies.

Thereby making it unacceptable for Muslims. Also, people who have received clinical advice, warning them against pork products must heed the advice.

Therefore, does Starburst have pork in it? The straight answer here is No. Starburst candies do not contain any pork in them.

However, Starburst contains gelatin that may be derived from pork.

Note: Starburst candies do not have pork in them.

Where Is The Gelatin In Starburst Derived From?

the gelatin in starburst

Although Starburst candies do not have any pork, they have gelatin.

Still, it becomes worrying when gelatin can be either derived from beef or pork.

Although Wrigley states that most of their products do not consist of animal products that as beef or dairy.

Most of their dairy products have gelatin. And in this case, we are therefore interested in where the gelatin in Starburst candies is from.

In Starburst candies, the gelatin is derived from pork. The gelatin is taken through thorough purification processes.

So, the kind of gelatin used in starburst candies so that we are clear is Pork.

Tip: Gelatin is a product made from the ligaments, tendons, skins, and bones of cows and pigs that is used as a thickener. 

Are Starburst Candies Halal?

starburst candy halal

Since there is Gelatin in Starbursts, which happens to be a pork product, Starburst candies can never be halal.

This, therefore, means that Muslims are not allowed to eat them.

I.e In the United States, Starbursts have gelatin and pork hence cannot be halal.

But in the United Kingdom, Starbursts do not have gelatin, thus halal.

Tip: Note that, Starbursts may contradict on whether they are ae Halal or not also depending on geographical location.

What Are The Various Types Of  Starburst Flavors?

types of starburst flavors

Even with the absence of pork, starburst candy is made in countless flavors, that shower them with a touch of sweetness.

Each flavor is natural, giving it the natural taste everyone looks for.

Below we have discussed a number of the various flavors found in starburst in length.

Regardless of the taste and flavor, there is still gelatin, from pork as an ingredient.

Orange Flavor

If Orange is your flavor, the Starburst orange flavor is a nice pick. Orange happens to have the tastiest flavor, it is what everyone loves and cherishes.

If you have the plan of sending out Starburst candies to a loved one, then Orange Starburst candy is perfect.

Mark you, it has gelatin from pork and wouldn’t work well as a surprise to a Muslim brother or friend.

This is the first flavor that should cross your mind, especially if it is going to be some kind of a surprise gift. Starburst Orange flavor candies fulfill your desire

Tip: This orange flavor is outrageously sweet.

Strawberry Flavor

a strawberry flavor

If you have never tried or tested the Starburst candy Strawberry flavor, then you should.

Imagine something that celebrities have been seen chewing, with happy expressions on their faces.

However, this strawberry flavor still has gelatin which is a pork product.

Starburst Candies

The Previous presidents of The United States Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton have been caught on camera chewing away this lovely strawberry starburst candy flavor.

So then it happens to be the dearest candy to most people.

Tip: The strawberry flavor is tart in its own way, and has become so popular.

Watermelon Flavour

We all like melons, although they are watery. They have a hidden taste that isn’t bitter but not as sweet.

The watermelon starburst flavor tastes exactly like the watermelon fruit.

a watermelon flavor

So if you love melons, then nothing will hold you back from loving this watermelon starburst flavor.

This flavor is sweet and subtle and tastes like a sugary watermelon.

It is succulent and inviting, you do not want to skip the experience you would get from this flavor.

Fortunately or unfortunately for you, it has gelatin-derived pork, you need to know this before settling on this flavor.

Cherry Flavor

Have you experienced the taste of cherry on ice cream? If you have, you recall how thrilling that was.

It is relatively sweet, not too tarty in all honesty. And like all the other flavors, cherry starburst too has gelatin – a pork product.

This flavor stands on the top list of flavors sold the most in starburst candies.

On several occasions, it has been ranked as one of the best starburst flavors of all time. 

a watermelon flavor

There are several other flavors you could find Starburst candies in.

The above stated are those we have found that stand out and are loved by most people. You shouldn’t, however, embroil yourself in those.

There is a whole long list of many others that will turn you on and give you an experience like no other.

 Here is a list of the other prominent flavors.

  • Lemon Flavor.
  • Lemon lime
  • Grape slushie
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Strawberry banana
  • Fruit punch
  • Cherry Kiwi
  • Mango melon


Does Starburst have Pork In It? If this question has been raising your eyebrows, then this article got that solved.

It is now clear that Starbursts do not have pork in them. But they have gelatin which is extracted from pork.

That still makes one want to know whether Starbursts are Halal, the answer becomes no. 

This is because the gelatin found here is pork and not a beef product.

Although there have also been exceptions. In certain areas like in the United Kingdom, Starbursts do not have gelatin, making them halal.

That is all for now.