is chocolate hummus vegan

When vegans look for the right dip or sauce they can eat safely, it is natural to ask, “Is Chocolate hummus vegan?”

Vegans abstain from using any items derived from animals and work to reduce the number of instances of animal cruelty in their daily lives.

So, they are naturally concerned about what is there in chocolate hummus and how it is made in the first place.

Many brands of chocolate hummus are now available, like Sabra and Trader Joe’s, but are they truly vegan?

Well, yes, chocolate hummus is vegan and does not contain any dairy or gluten, or animal-derived products to render it unusable for vegans. 

Is Chocolate Hummus Vegan or Not?

chocolate hummus

Essentially a Middle Eastern dip or spread, hummus consists of tahini, chickpea puree, garlic, and lemon juice.

It is nutty. It is creamy. And it is quite delicious!

And, of course, there seems to be no real problem with the ingredients to make it off-limits for vegans. Right? 

Is Chocolate Hummus Safe for Vegans to Eat?

Yes, it is!

Although you may notice a change in recipes in different parts of the world, the basic ingredients are usually quite harmless for vegans.

chocolate hummus closeup

Speaking of chocolate hummus, it contains tahini, cocoa powder, garbanzo beans, and some type of sweetener.

Depending on the fat used in it, you may notice the taste to be quite similar to Nutella.

This is because it usually comes from the nutty flavor added by Tahini.

Tip: Turn to nut hummus containing walnuts, macadamias, cashews, or hazelnuts if you are not sure if the chocolate hummus you buy is vegan. 

Is Sabra Chocolate Hummus Vegan?

sabra chocolate hummus

Sabra is among the most popular brands offering high-quality hummus. Most of their products are safe for vegans.

But what about their chocolate hummus?

Turns out, their chocolate hummus is perfectly safe for vegans to enjoy.

In fact, if you are a vegan and looking for a tasty dip, you do not need to look any further than Sabra Hummus!

Classic Hummus is their flagship product and is made using tahini, chickpeas, lemon juice, and olive oil. 

What are the Main Ingredients of Sabra Hummus?

main ingredients sabra

The basic ingredients are quite the same as you find in any hummus around the world.

The list includes:

  • Tahini
  • Chickpeas
  • Salt
  • Garlic puree
  • Water
  • Citric acid

Moreover, they add olive oil to the majority of their recipes for texture and flavor.

That being said, Classic Hummus is the only flavor that does not contain olive oil. 


Although Sabra’s hummus is vegan, it contains soy oil and other additives that are okay but may not be optimal for hardcore vegans.

Tip: Eat chocolate hummus guilt-free, as it contains dark chocolate and is a good source of fiber and protein. 
sabra hummus flavors

Can You Get Different Flavors of Sabra Hummus?

Yes, you can.

The company offers many different flavors of hummus, including garlic, roasted red pepper, and black bean.

The good thing is that all of their products are gluten-free and dairy-free.

Therefore, they work great when you are on a gluten-free or vegan diet.

In fact, the pretzels you get with Sabra hummus are also vegan.  

Is Sabra Hummus Safe for Vegans with Food Allergy?

They usually are, but it is better to be safe, especially if you have a nut allergy.

They have clearly stated that their products share the same equipment used for processing tree nuts, sesame seeds, and wheat. 

Can You Find Other Vegan Sabra Products?

vegan sabra products

Yes, you can.

They maintain a good variety of vegan products, such as:

  • Mexican Street Corn-Inspired Guacamole
  • Classic Guacamole with Lime
  • Classic Guacamole
  • Spicy Guacamole
  • Sabra Breakfast Avocado Toast
  • Guacamole Rolled Tortilla Chips

Moreover, the dark chocolate dessert dip is also available. Is dark chocolate hummus vegan at Sabra?

Yes, it is, and it is also a healthy option with only 80 calories per serving.

Tip: Go with almond hummus if you want to avoid carbs and lectins found in hummus made of chickpeas. 

Are There Vegan Alternatives for Sabra Hummus?

vegan alternatives sabra hummus

Unless a specific flavor of hummus contains feta cheese or anything else, it will likely be vegan. And Sabra is always a safer choice.

It is available in a multitude of flavors, practically more than we can count. And although they do not advertise their brand as vegan, it is indeed vegan.

Now, what if you want to try another brand but want to ensure it is vegan-friend?

Here are some options to consider as a substitute for Sabra hummus: 

Lilly’s Hummus


This handmade hummus is rather tasty, even though it contains fewer ingredients.

But, it also means it is free from any preservatives and additives.

You can keep it in the pantry, but after opening it, it is important to refrigerate it.

Still, it is one of the few brands of hummus that can be stored for an extended period of time. 

Hummustir Organic Hummus

One distinctive feature of this hummus is that the tahini and other spices combine on top of the chickpea puree.

Since you have to mix it manually, it is fair to tag it homemade.

That is great, since it prevents the tahini from getting diluted in the chickpea sauce and keeps its distinctive flavor alive. 

Roots Hummus Original

roots hummus

You can choose from a wide range of varieties, almost as many as Sabra offers.

And it includes an oil-free original if you do not want your hummus to slide all over the place.

It is available in a variety of tube sizes, but there are no bite-sized options.

But as you would eat two or three of the snack size, you might be better off getting the standard size. 

Wild Garden Hummus Dip

The hummus is packaged in a nice tiny jar and can be stored on the shelf for an extended time.

wild garden hummus

The hummus from this brand just has three ingredients, but it is delicious.

There are no artificial flavors or colors added.

Once opened, it must be refrigerated, although you may find it so irresistible that you devour it in a single sitting.

Tip: Opt for tahini, a sesame seed paste, as an alternative to hummus if you are looking for the distinctively nutty flavor of hummus.

How Do You Use Your Vegan-Friendly Hummus?

how to use vegan hummus

Hummus is delicious and it is tasty with fewer calories compared to other snacks you can find.

Also, it is healthy because it contains nutritious chickpea.

But, if you have your vegan-friendly hummus, you do not need to eat it plain.

Instead, you can use it in many interesting recipes.

For instance: 

Mediterranean Sweet Potatoes

You can add hummus to any Mediterranean stuffed potato recipe to get an herby, earthy flavor.

Some other common ingredients include tomatoes, chickpeas, and hummus and garlic sauce. 

sweet potatoes

Meal Prep

You can always add hummus to your Mediterranean meal prep to get some additional protein.

It is easy to find a recipe with tabbouleh and hummus and various veggies. 

Chickpea Hummus Wraps

For an even healthier take on hummus, you can combine it with cold water and lemon.

This creamy dressing works perfectly for roasted butternut wraps, and you will love that spicy savory taste. 

What Can You Serve with Chocolate Hummus?

what to serve with chocolate hummus

You can serve your vegan-friendly chocolate hummus with many things. For instance: 


The perfect balance of salty and sweet will knock your socks off.

Some tasty options for snacks are pita chips, pretzels, or even just regular potato chips.

Pretzels or other similarly robust chips are recommended for dipping. 


Incorporating chocolate hummus into the mix provides both a tasty treat and a visually appealing dish.

You cannot go wrong with banana chips, dried apricots, grapes, or a bag of strawberries. 

food with hummus dip


Mix up some graham crackers or shortbread and you have yourself a delectable dessert in no time. 

Rice Cakes

Slather some chocolate hummus on your rice cakes, and dig into the crunch.

Tip: Those looking for a low-carb vegan hummus always have the option of going for vegetable hummus. 


Knowing the answer to, “Is chocolate hummus vegan?” is vital before adding it to your vegan diet.

Thankfully, hummus is almost always vegan, unless you opt for a specific flavor that calls for “restricted” ingredients.

Sabra is a great choice when you are a vegan, just like many other brands.

Still, it makes sense to double-check the ingredients of any brand before buying hummus.