is hormel corned beef hash gluten free

Is Hormel corned beef hash gluten free? You may ask this when you are so much in love with beef hash but are afraid to try Hormel’s because of gluten sensitivities.

Hormel offers a number of branded products, and there is something available for everyone.

You can find a variety of sausage, ham, and other chicken, pork, and beef products here.

But, you know you are only interested in the beef hash. So, does corned beef hash have gluten?

Technically, the corned beef hash is gluten-free, and the same is the case with Hormel beef hash, so you can enjoy it even with your gluten sensitivities. 

Is Hormel Corned Beef Hash Gluten Free?

is hormel gluten free

Since beef and salt are the primary ingredients, corned beef is typically safe for those on a gluten-free diet.

You should nevertheless double-check the tin’s ingredients label just to be safe.

Typically, the corned beef hash does not contain gluten and is made using gluten-free ingredients such as potatoes, salt, meat, and onions.

If you are concerned about gluten, you can check the can of corned beef to be sure it does not include any by reading the ingredient list. 

What Exactly is Corned Beef?

Corned beef is the main ingredient in the corned beef hash, so you need to know exactly what it is to decide on its gluten-free status.

Corned beef is a common ingredient in many American dishes, including corned beef hash, Reuben sandwiches, and corned beef and cabbage.

The few ingredients needed to make this type of cured beef are self-explanatory.

Corned beef does not actually have any corn in it; rather, the term “corn” refers to the coarse salt that helps give the meat its characteristic cured flavor. 

Corned beef is a staple in many cultures around the world, and is safe for those with gluten allergies. 

What Exactly Is There in Hormel Corned Beef Hash?

what is the corned beef hash

Hormel’s corned beef hash is the best-selling brand in the United States for a good reason.

It is reminiscent of comfort food and holiday feasts, with potatoes, corned beef, and seasonings.

With its high protein content and adaptability (thanks to the inclusion of vegetables or other ingredients), you can easily add it to any classic breakfast.

 Every 236g serving of Hormel corned beef hash contains about 330 calories with 20g of total fat, 50mg of cholesterol, and 23g of carbs.

Tip: You may want to eat Hormel corned beef hash in moderation if on a low-salt diet, as each serving contains 760mg of sodium. 

Does Hormel Mary Kitchen Corn Beef Hash Contain Gluten?

does hormel contain gluten

No, it does not.

The ingredient list contains rehydrated potatoes, beef, sugar, water, sodium nitrite, spices, and less than 2% salt.

There is no gluten-containing grain added to this recipe, so you are safe when adding it to your gluten-free diet. 

Does Hormel Offer Gluten-Free Alternatives to Corned Beef Hash?

It sure does.

In fact, Hormel has supplied a list of all gluten-free items it sells to aid those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity. 

Breakfast Meats

the breakfast meats

When you want meats for breakfast, Hormel will never disappoint. And there are a number of gluten-free options available.

You can order apple and chicken breakfast sausage or deli and Italian meats.

It is also possible to find gluten-free burgers from Hormel. 


Hormel bacon crumbles are available for those worried about gluten sensitivities.

Similarly, you can also order low-sodium, center-cut Hormel bacon on a gluten-free diet.

Other interesting options include Canadian-style bacon, microwave bacon, fully cooked bacon, and premium bacon that uses brown sugar, applewood, jalapeno, cherrywood, and maple black pepper. 

Canned Chunk Meats

canned chunk meats

Hormel offers a variety of canned chunk meats for those struggling with gluten sensitivities.

Some of the best options include Hormel premium turkey breast, smoked ham, chicken breast, and white/dark turkey.

Hormel Chili

Hormel offers chili with and without beans. Considering your diet, you can also order chili sauce with beef and no beans.

Hormel ham, which is hardwood smoked, is yet another interesting option.

Other than these, you can also enjoy Chorizo, Italian dry salami, finocchiona, soppressata, and low-sodium salami.

Hormel also has gluten-free pot roast, dried beef sliced, mortadella, beef prime rib, and pancetta.

What Are Some Good Corned Beef Alternatives?

the corned beef alternatives

If you are confused about corned beef or do not want to go with it, know that other brands offer many interesting alternatives. 

Prima Della Beef Pastrami

When compared to similar products sold in grocery stores, Prima Della pastrami stands out for its superior flavor and high-quality USDA choice beef.

You can put pastrami in anything from a carbonara to a Reuben sandwich. It goes well with traditional sides such as potato and macaroni salad, pickles, coleslaw, and even chicken noodle soup. 

Note: There is a lot of sodium in corned beef and pastrami, and both share the same savory flavor. 

Alaska Smokehouse Salmon Fillet

This hand-filleted, traditionally brined smoked salmon is a delicious treat.

Interestingly, you can leave your smoked salmon at room temperature for as long as the gold pouch they come in remains unopened.

This fish is prepared with minimal ingredients yet provides substantial nutrition.

Since it is entirely wild-caught, it will inevitably have fewer calories than its farmed equivalent.

It has a high protein content, minimal carbohydrates, and is certified kosher. 

Mitica Jamon Serrano

a mitica jamon serrano

With only Spanish ham and sea salt as ingredients, Jamon serrano is always an interesting alternative to a corned beef hash.

Like prosciutto in flavor, Jamon serrano is best enjoyed with mild cheeses, delicate wines from Spain, and grilled veggies.

Its robust flavor and aroma are mainly the result of its country air curing.

This unprocessed ham does not require any cooking and is typically served in thin slices.

Made with sea salt and hung in the attic to cure, it has a salty flavor reminiscent of corned beef.

Tip: Do not add additional salt when using canned corned beef because it already contains enough. 

How Do You Make Gluten-Free Corned Beef Hash Like Hormel?

how to make gluten free corned beef

When you are unsure what contains gluten and what does not, you will be better off cooking it at home.

When you know corned beef is gluten-free but are confused about the hash, the best way is to play with your own ingredients.

With this easy and inexpensive tinned corned beef recipe, you can make a hearty meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner without breaking the bank.

And it gives Hormel a run for its money! 


  • Potatoes
  • Diced onion
  • Salt
  • Garlic
  • Fresh parsley
  • Canned corned beef 


Step #1: Prepare the Potatoes

prepare potatoes

Remove the potato skins and cut them into uniform cubes.

Take a pot of water and add half tsp of salt to it. Boil it.

Now, take the cubed potatoes and add them to the mix—Cook for 10 minutes, or until tender but still firm. Wash in a colander, then steam dry. 

Step #2: Prepare the Onion

Take a large pan and add 2 tbsp of oil to it. Now heat it over medium temperature.

Add a diced onion to the pan along with minced garlic.  Now, cook for about 5 minutes. 

Step #3: Add Potatoes

Add potatoes to the pan and cook for a short while until they turn brown. Be sure to stir gently for evenly cooked potatoes and onions. 

Step #4: Add Corned Beef

Add the corned beef, either shredded or diced, and spread it out in the pan when the potatoes have begun to crisp.

Wait 5 minutes more to serve so the corned beef is heated and the potatoes are crunchy. 

Step #5: Garnish!

Use chopped parsley and if you like, add a yolky fried egg to it for garnishing and enhanced flavors.

Tip: No need to use canned corned beef if you already have some leftover corned beef brisket. 

What Else Can You Add to Your Gluten-Free Corned Beef Hash?

what else can add

The great thing about corned beef hash is that you can always try different variations by adding other ingredients.

For instance, you can add any leftover cooked cabbage for additional flavor and texture.

Seasoning with black pepper will also make your dish taste even better.

Tip: Top your beef hash with a fried yolky egg by adding it to the mix in the last five minutes of cooking. 


Is Hormel corned beef hash gluten-free? Thankfully, it is.

The ingredients are pretty simple and you should not worry much about disturbing your gluten-free diet.

But, if you are unsure, you can always use corned beef and cook your own corned beef hash.

You do not always need canned corned beef for this because any leftover beef brisket will work just fine.