pasta substitute for diabetics

No one would argue against the significance of a healthy diet, and that is why many people look for a healthier pasta substitute for diabetics.

A person’s risk of developing diseases like obesity and diabetes is affected by their diet to a far greater extent than is commonly believed.

And those suffering from type 2 diabetes have an even greater need to be mindful of what they put into their bodies.

Looking for foods that maintain steady blood sugar levels is an important part of managing your illness.

And that is when many worry about including pasta in their diets, and often look for the best pasta substitute for diabetics.

Zucchini noodles are one of the best pasta substitutes, but you can try other diabetes-friendly pasta recipes with healthy veggies and low-fat sauces. 

Solving the Pasta Problem for Diabetics

solve pasta problem for diabetics

Pasta may be adaptable and economical, but it packs a lot of calories and carbohydrates.

In fact, a single cup of whole wheat pasta provides you with about 45g of carbs, or more depending on other ingredients.

To keep your diabetes under control, it is essential to switch to a low-carb diet.

And including pasta can throw the balance off and send your blood sugar levels through the roof.

If you really want to have it, you need to stick to a very small amount, which is probably not going to happen.

That is why it makes more sense to look for a pasta substitute in your diet. 

Eating Pasta When Suffering from Diabetes

eating pasta with suffering diabetes

Diabetics who want to consume pasta have options, including whole grain and wheat-based options.

They also need to think about how much pasta to serve and what to eat with it.

The thing is that though carbs are an important dietary component and essential for energy, diabetics have to be mindful about how many to eat. 

Those who have diabetes are more likely to practice better control of diabetes if they favor complex carbs.

That is mainly because complex carbs also contain vitamins, fiber, and minerals, which slow the digestive process of carbs. 

On the contrary, your body can absorb refined carbs almost instantly, which can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels.

Fact: Legumes and whole grains are complex carbs, so whole grain pasta is better than while pasta, which only provides you with refined carbs. 

Going in Favor of Egg Noodles for Diabetics

the egg noodles for diabetics

Those who believe pasta is not good often think that egg noodles serve as the best substitute.

Egg noodles are produced from eggs, and can be bought dried, fresh, or cooked at home.

They look pretty much the same as traditional noodles and can be substituted in the same dishes.

They are popular, but unfortunately, not the best substitute for pasta. In fact, a single serving of egg noodles contains over 40g of carbs, making them a less healthy option than other noodle options.

They may have a better GI than pasta, but the difference is not that impressive.

And just like your regular wheat noodles, you do not get any real nutrients from egg noodles. 

Making Egg Noodles Healthier

Just like with regular pasta, you can try to make egg noodles a bit healthier by serving them with better ingredients.

For instance, you can lower their impact on your blood sugar level if you eat a small amount with lots of veggies and some lean protein. 

Finding the Best Pasta Substitute for Diabetics

finding best pasta susbtitute

Individuals with diabetes are more vulnerable to the adverse effects of a diet high in carbohydrates, including weight gain, inflammation, and elevated blood sugar levels.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to satisfy your pasta appetite while also keeping your health in check, opting for a healthier option is the way to go. 

Ancient Whole Grains

Although ancient whole grains do not look anything like traditional pasta, you can use them to replace pasta in many dishes.

Those dishes taste just as hearty and are packed with even more nutrition.

Speaking of whole-grain options, quinoa has truly surged in popularity in recent years.

But, still, the regular American diet is more likely to include rice, wheat, and corn than sorghum or farro.

Cooking these ancient grains in water works just fine, but you can minimize the blandness by cooking in chicken or vegetable stock. 

You can enjoy them as a bed for grilled fish, or serve as a main dish with a variety of toppings, including protein, some veggies, and a sauce.

Fact: You can make pasta relatively healthier by using oils like olive oil, but sunflower oil and rapeseed oil deliver the same nutritional punch. 

Spaghetti Squash

a spaghetti squash

A common substitution for pasta is spaghetti squash. The name originates from the fact that when you cook the squash, it becomes stringy and resembles spaghetti.

The gentle sweetness of its flavor makes it ideal for tomato-based recipes. It can stand in for spaghetti when you want something healthier and lower in carbs.

What’s more, the number of carbs found in 1/3 cup of cooked pasta is the same in 1 ½ cup of cooked squash.

So, you can enjoy a larger portion of spaghetti squash while having the same effect on your blood sugar level that a smaller portion of regular pasta would have. 

Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini noodles or zoodles are a fantastic substitute for pasta for people who are watching their carbohydrate intake or have diabetes.

the zucchini noodles

Made from spiraled zucchini, Zoodles are a low-carb alternative to traditional spaghetti noodles that taste and feel the same. 

People with diabetes or an interest in reducing their carb intake will find this to be an excellent feature.

Fact: Zoodles are a healthy substitute for pasta and quite versatile to go perfectly in a variety of dishes, including salads, soups, casseroles, and stir-fries. 


Because of a flavor profile much similar to a tomato, but with a denser consistency, the eggplant goes well in many dishes as a pasta substitute.

Eggplant is a fantastic addition to any dinner since it takes on the flavors of whatever it is cooked with.

You can use it roasted, grilled, or fried in any recipe that calls for spaghetti.

Fiber and antioxidants can be found in abundance in eggplant, which is why it is such a great addition to any balanced diet. 

Fortified Pasta

a fortified pasta

While the ingredients matter here, going with fortified pasta usually makes more sense than the regular version.

Still high in carbs, but it is better than your regular pasta, especially when eaten in moderation.

So many times, it contains oats and barley, which add more fiber to the mix.

Protein-rich ingredients like lentils, egg whites, and other legumes are mixed in with the flour to make this pasta.

It is because of these ingredients that when compared to conventional pasta, fortified pasta provides additional fiber and protein while maintaining the same calorie count.

Fact: Fortified pasta is often high in omega3 fatty acids and studies show that an increase in omega-3 fatty acid intake can cut your chance of dying prematurely by 13%. 

 Gluten-Free Pasta

the gluten-free pasta

Instead of going with refined white pasta, you will be much better off going with gluten-free pasta.

It is not exactly a low-carb substitute but still limits that carb punch to a certain degree.

If you specifically look for gluten-free pasta products, you may end up finding quinoa pasta, brown rice pasta, etc., which are all low in carbs.

Still, you need to read the label because being gluten-free does not always mean it is a good choice for diabetics.

You may want to avoid it if it is rich in carbohydrates and lacking in protein and fiber.

Ideally, you should look for foods like chickpea pasta that are low in carbohydrates but high in fiber and protein.

Fact: Sticking with homemade pasta sauces is a better option because in comparison to bottled sauces, the amount of salt in homemade sauces is far lower. 


When looking for the best pasta substitute for diabetics, it is natural to feel confused, especially if you are still getting familiar with counting carbs.

You should know that carbs can affect your blood sugar adversely and cause it to rise quickly.

But, you really do not have to leave all the dishes involving pasta, as various substitutes are available, from fortified pasta and zucchini noodles to spaghetti squash and more.

Go with complex carbs whenever you can and you will help manage your diabetes better.