how long is uncooked pasta good for

You are craving spaghetti, but you are the only one to eat it and now you wondered how long is uncooked pasta good for?

Picture this: you are at the store to buy spaghetti, craving so bad for it but how long is uncooked pasta good for.

What a great choice!

You have every intention of making spaghetti or another delicious pasta dish. Many of us get items from the store and forget to use them.

If you end up finding those spaghetti noodles in the back of your pantry in a few months, can they still be eaten?

How long is uncooked pasta good for? And, when it comes to the cold, how long is uncooked pasta good for in the fridge?

The answer isn’t simple. It’s both yes and no. When it comes to uncooked spaghetti noodles, you can keep them in your pantry for many years. 

Here’s exactly how long you can leave them on the shelf:

How Long is Pasta Good For?

shelf life of pasta

Dry pasta, the most common kind of pasta and comes in a box from the grocery store, is sustainable for a while on the shelf.

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It does not go bad like a piece of meat or product does. While the spaghetti is sitting in the pantry, it won’t mold or become rotten.

Technically, dry pasta could last for a long time. Realistically, you should only use pasta that was purchased within the last two years.

But, do you want to know a little secret?

Almost every package of dry pasta has a date printed on it. That is not an expiration date, merely a suggestion for use. 

A “best if used by” date.

The manufacturer puts it on there as a guess for how long they think the product will stay fresh.

So, you don’t have to throw away pasta in a box if it’s past its “best if used by” date.

However, if you have cooked or made fresh pasta, that’s different. It is a food that will mold or go rotten because it has eggs and moisture in it.

You should eat the fresh pasta within two days of purchasing.

Tip: The pasta will last longer if you store it in the freezer.

How Long is Uncooked Pasta Good For?

If you are wondering if your pasta has passed its period of being fresh, here are some general guidelines to follow:

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uncooked pasta shelf life

Dry pasta does not expire, but the quality and freshness will dwindle. You can leave it in your pantry for around two years before it loses its freshness.

How long is opened and uncooked pasta good for? It still only stays at its peak freshness for around a year. 

Opened and unopened pasta boxes are not listed apart because it doesn’t cause a difference in shelf life, as long as the pasta is resealed and stored the right way.

You should eat fresh pasta within a couple of days of buying it, if it’s stored in a fridge. If you keep it in the freezer, it will stay good for two months.

Tip: Don’t put it in the pantry. The raw eggs will cause the pasta to dry out.

How Long is Uncooked Pasta Good For in the Fridge?

If you think putting the noodles in the fridge or freezer will help extend their shelf-life, done.

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It doesn’t extend it. It will keep the same two-year shelf-life.

How Can You Tell That Pasta is Bad?

knowing pasta gone bad

As we said before, dry pasta doesn’t go bad, but the flavor and quality will diminish as time goes on. You will have to judge based on smell, appearance, and texture.

If the hard noodles smell weird or have a funky color, throw them out.

If you have fresh pasta or cooked pasta, they will let you know when they are expired. Usually, there is mold on the noodles.

If there isn’t mold, still watch out for slimy or discolored noodles. It also may smell bad.

Can Expired Pasta Make Me Sick?

It may or may not! You have to decide if you are willing to take the risk.

Dry pasta won’t make you sick from bacterial growth because bacteria don’t grow on it.

However, fresh noodles and pasta that has been cooked can cause food poisoning if you eat them spoiled.

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expired pasta makes you sick

You may experience one of the following symptoms:

  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

How Can I Make My Pasta Last Longer Than The Original Shelf-life? 

If you are looking to stock up on pasta and not use it for a while, you should store the dry pasta that is not hot or wet. It should be cool, dark, and dry.

This will help keep the noodles good for a while. A pantry or a cupboard are great places to keep your macaroni, spaghetti, and favorite pasta.

To extra protect your pasta, take the dry pasta from the packaging you bought it in and move it to an airtight container.

This helps make sure no animals or bugs, like a pantry moth, will get inside.

Tip: A glass mason jar will work great! 

What About Fresh Pasta?

fresh pasta

It’s recommended that you eat fresh pasta within the first few days after purchase.

You don’t have to transfer it to another container because it will have already come in an airtight one.

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The pasta should stay in the fridge until you are ready to eat it.

If you wish to keep the pasta in the freezer, wrap it tightly in a few layers of aluminum foil or zip it up in a zip-lock bag. This will help prevent freezer burn.

If the pasta is cooked, store it in the fridge inside a sealed container until you are ready to eat it. But that’s only if you have extra noodles!

Can I Use The Freezer?

Another option is to freeze your past to preserve the taste. Using a freezer-safe container will help with that.

You will have to remember to cool the pasta under cold water to stop the cooking.

freeze pasta

Make sure to take the lid off before you freeze it, or it will be mushy when it is thawed.

Tip: Freezing will help keep your food for an extremely long time, but cooked pasta will begin to dry out when it is kept frozen for too long.

Reasons To Keep Uncooked Pasta for Long Periods of Time 

If you are curious why anyone would want to keep pasta for more than a couple of days, there are some legitimate reasons!

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Keeping extra food on hand can help you if there is a natural disaster in your area, if you can’t make it to the grocery store for a few days or if a storm prohibits you from going outside.

reasons keeping uncooked pasta long

It can also help you keep extra food options on hand in case you don’t want to make something else for dinner.

Food storage is a safe thing, but it can also help cut food costs and help the environment by avoiding food waste.


Now you know how long is uncooked pasta good for and don’t have to be afraid of it losing its freshness for a while.  

The next time you go to the grocery store you won’t be afraid to overbuy on the pasta! It’s delicious and it’s worth buying extra.

Uncooked pasta in its original packaging can last for a few years. Uncooked pasta in airtight concealed containers can last even longer!

That is fantastic news.

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You never have to worry about if the pasta is still fresh or if it needs to be thrown away. You now have all the information you need to make all the right pasta choices! Bonne appetite!