substitute for lemon thyme

Substitute for lemon thyme can be used when lemon thyme is not available.

What will you do if you run out of these core spices at a critical time? You’d obviously have to improvise.

Most persons prefer to use the normal-based thyme when lemon thyme is not available.

Personally, I love to make use of lemon thyme. This is because it gives my dish a minty taste with the combination of lemon and thyme.

But when my lemon thyme is finished I substitute other options.

Substitutes for lemon thyme include dried lemon, lemon zest,  lemon verbena dried lemon thyme, or lemon balm. Regular thyme added with any of the mint family can serve as a substitute for lemon thyme.

Why Is Lemon Thyme Essential?

lemon thyme essential

Lemon thyme is very essential. This is because aside from the aroma and the vibrant taste that makes a dish stand out, it also has its own health benefits.

It can be used as a recipe in any meal that needs a taste of lemon in it.

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The nutritional value of lemon thyme is the fact that it contains vitamin C, D, and B-complex. Antiseptic and antioxidant effects are also found in lemon thyme.

One of the importance of Lemon Thyme is that the creeping lemon thyme which is a type of lemon thyme is used as a mosquito repellent.

This type of lemon thyme doesn’t have any chemical solution in it, And for that reason, it doesn’t perform well like the chemical repellent.

Regardless of the numerous lemon thyme substitutes that are available,  none can beat the unique combination of lemon and thyme.

Why Do You Need Substitutes for Lemon Thyme?

why need substitutes

Everyone hates delays and rush hour. Most cooks hate to run out of spice.

We all know how worried and worked up we all get in the kitchen when we run out of spice.

That moment you are cooking or about to mix your salad and it’s time to put in our lemon thyme, only to realize that it’s just remaining a pinch.

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Yea! Sometimes we get worked up because our favorite spice is not available.

Most times we need to drink the lemon thyme with hot water as tea but it is not available.

This is because we don’t have substitutes for our spices. Having lemon thyme substitutes can save your cooking as well as save the day.

This is also applicable to every other spice.

Tip: make sure when going to the grocery store you get as many spices and also a substitute for each spice.

Top Substitutes For Lemon Thyme

top substitutes

What can I substitute for lemon thyme is a great question. As a chef, it is not every time you have the opportunity to make use of lemon thyme.

There are cases whereby you are cooking and you realize that you’ve run out of lemon thyme.

It is always advisable that while going to the grocery store to get your spices for cooking, one should make sure there are substitutes for the spices they are getting.

This is to ensure that when your favorite thyme is not available you have substitutes. 

Some of these thymes can be common thyme, caraway thyme and so many of them.

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List Of Best Substitutes For Lemon Thyme

Substitutes for Lemon thyme are very common.

And even though it will not give you the exact unique taste of Lemon thyme, you can still use it.

Lemon thyme is very special thyme because of its nature.

Lemon Verbena

a lemon verbena

This substitute is an amazing option for lemon thyme. This is due to the herbaceous flavor, light sweetness, and strong lemon fragrance it gives.

Salads, chicken, and also soups all share the same advantage from this herb.

Just as our regular thyme, it can survive high temperatures for a long period of time without significant loss in its potential.

Lemon verbena has health benefits too.

It can be used for the treatment of digestive disorders including indigestion and constipation.

While green tea is recommended for weight loss, Lemon verbena can be of help too. It strengthens the muscles and also reduces inflammation.

It has a little sweet greenish herb flavor and can be used in place of lemon thyme. It can be used in soups and stews.

Or simply added to herbal teas or lemonade for a refreshing flavor.

Tip: Be mindful of the quantity you make use of so it doesn’t cause you sleepiness and drowsiness.

Lemon Zest

a lemon zest

Lemon zest is another awesome substitute for lemon thyme. This is because it is used in a variety of recipes to impart a strong lemon flavor to a dish.

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Lemon zest or any zest of citrus fruit is an outer skin layer of the peel, and it has lots of flavors.

Lemon zest has its health benefits due to the fact that it has high antioxidants.

It also boosts the immune system and promotes a healthy heart. Common thyme can be found in the herbs area of the grocery store.

When you combine this along with lemon zest you’ve got a great substitute for lemon thyme.

Tip:  A teaspoon of lemon zest mixed with common thyme is enough. Do not overwhelm your dish with too much lemon zest to avoid an overly lemony meal.

Dried Lemon Thyme

a dried lemon thyme

This particular type of thyme is the dried part of fresh lemon thyme.

Fresh lemon thyme has a zesty flavor and aroma that is difficult to top.

The dried lemon type serves very well as the fresh lemon thyme even if it isn’t as lively as the fresh one.

But it’s still good for providing a dash of lemony flavor to warmer mouths foods, salads, sauces, and refreshing drinks.

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Dried lemon thyme has its own health benefits when it comes to acne and lowering high blood pressure it plays a vital role in the body.

Dried lemon thyme contains vitamin C and D, it is also very rich in iron. It is also very good for our respiratory health.

Tip:  Anytime you run out of fresh lemon thyme you can always make use of Dried Lemon Thyme.

Lemon Balm

the lemon balm

Lemon balm can also be used as a substitute for Lemon thyme because it comes from the same mint family.  

It can be used to perform miracles in terms of marinating seafood, salad, and so many others.

Lemon balm has its own health benefits too because it can help cure anxiety.

It can also help you sleep well if you are suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders. Its aroma makes the neighbors wonder how tasty your food gets.

Aside from the fresh leaves that act as an attractive garnish, it can be added with zest to make the dish taste lively.

This lemon balm can be added to bay leaves, allspice, rosemary, and the common thyme that we know to make a meal stand out.

Note: All the substitutes for lemon thyme have the same health benefits and same lemony taste notwithstanding.  They don't actually taste exactly like the lemon thyme though.

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Having a variety of substitutes for lemon thyme is necessary for both health benefits and in the kitchen too.

We have two types of thyme which is the regular thyme and the lemon thyme. Everyone loves lemon thyme and that is why it is very common.

Having substitutes for lemon thyme is good because it can be used to bake goods such as shortbread, meat pie, and cookies.

Having lemon zest, lemon verbena, dried lemon thyme, and lemon balm is good as substitutes because they all belong to the mint family.

When the flavor from these substitutes is used in baking it pairs well.

Try one of the outlined substitutes for lemon thyme and share with us your experience!

Would you?