how to cook kalua pork sims 4

This article covers everything on how to cook Kalua Pork sims 4. So if that’s what you are searching for, you made it to the right page.

The standard Kalua pork from sims 4 is a delicious meal known to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. It is juicy pork meat cooked on a grill to perfection.

In this article, we provide methods on how to make Kalua Pork Sims 4, from your home kitchen or yard. So do read on to find out.  

Cooking a perfect Kalua pork can be done over an imu Hawaiian earth oven. This is practically an oven pit or oven in the ground. Add some Hawaiian salt to the pork.

What Do You Need To Make Kalua Pork?

make kalua pork

When it comes to reality, Kalua pork is a standard dish from the Hawaiian Islands. It is practically roasted or grilled pork meat made from an oven dog into the ground. 

This can be quite difficult to replicate at home. Since most of us aren’t used to digging large holes in the ground for the purpose of cooking meat.

However, we would share some insight on how you can make delicious pork without needing to desecrate your floors. 

For true lovers of Hawaiian culture, we would still cover the traditional way of cooking Kalua pork, so do not be worried. 

To make perfectly delicious Kalua Pork, you would need the following:

  • Pork Butt roast
  • Cups of Water
  • Hawaiian sea salt (for taste)
  • Some liquid grill or smoke flavoring. 
bowl of hawaiian salt

These are simple ingredients that can be picked up easily from online stores as well as standard retail stores like Walmart or Costco.

It is worth noting that Hawaiian salt might be a little difficult to find but there are alternatives.

Tip: In situations where you can’t find Hawaiian salt, you can opt for regular salt or perhaps a special fancy salt found in corners of the store.

How To Cook Kalua Pork With The Earth Oven

For starters, the earth oven is nothing special. It is a Hawaiian-inspired oven which, as we have stated earlier, is located underground.

It is also called the ‘Imu’ oven. 

Here, we would give a guide on how to make the oven and then a guide on how to cook the pork. 

kalua pork oven

Making The Imu Oven

Step #1. Make A Pit On The Ground

The first step to properly creating your Imu oven would be to dig a pit into the ground. This pit is called Iua.

It should be big enough to carry both rocks and the pig, so a proper measurement would be between 2 and 4 feet in depth.

Step #2. Make Fire With Hardwood 

With your hole properly dug, the next step would be to create a fire that would be used in heating up the stones.

hardwood fire

This can be done with hardwood like Kiawe wood.

Once the fire has been heated with Kiawe wood, place it inside the pit and then place some lava stones on top. 

Wait a few hours (2 to 3 hours), after the stones are properly heated, use a long stick to retrieve the lava stones and keep them aside.

After some time, the Kiawe wood should form charcoals which would keep the fire going. 

Note: Do not retrieve lava stones that have moisture in them. They can explode, which can lead to damage, so beware of them. 

Step #3. Prepare The Imu For Cooking

Your Imu is almost ready, with your stick in hand, move the remaining stones around to ensure they can hold large sticks. 

pork in earth oven

Next, place 2 giant wooden tongs on the Imu oven and then place the seasoned pig (which I would describe in a bit) on the tongs.

Banana leaves should be used to remove the charcoal debris and then placed on the pit to act as a covering for the pork

Tip: You can opt to wrap the pork in foil paper before choosing to add it to the tongs. 

Step #4. Cover The Imu 

You would want the pork to cook with proper earth elements, so cover it with lots of banana leaves.

After that is done, add some excavated dirt to the leaves to give them weight, and there you have it. 

Seasoning The Pig

seasoning the pork

When it comes to the pork, you would need to have it properly seasoned before placing it on the tongs described above.

Follow the guide below for a proper description of what to do. 

Step #1. Season The Pork Butt roast. 

You can do this with traditional Hawaiian salt. Well, it is possible to use regular salt, but Hawaiian salt is best.

After cleaning the pork butt, you would want to lay it on its sides and then rub the salt all over it. Do this in moderation, so it doesn’t end up too salty. 

After covering every part of the pork, keep it for some time, to allow the salt to sit in properly.

pork with seasoning
Tip: Since using an Imu oven, you won't need the smoke or grill flavoring.

Step #2. Wrap The Pork 

After the salt has properly been infused into the pork, you can then proceed to wrap it up with the standard aluminum foil to offer some protection. 

Step #3. Cook The Pork 

Then proceed to place the seasoned pork on the tongs as explained earlier.

Remember to cover it with banana leaves and then let it cook for a range of 6 to 8 hours, and you’re done.

Other Cooking Methods

other methods

As we have stated earlier, if you can’t go through the stress of digging an actual hole in the ground, you can make use of either an instant pot, a slow cooker, or perhaps a regular conventional oven. 

For this, you definitely would need to use the smoke flavoring to give your pork a lot more options when it comes to taste.

Do not leave excess juices from the pork, as you want it to be moist but not too moist.

How To Cook Kalua Pork Sims 4

cook kalua pork sims 4

The Sims 4 game made an interesting addition to the meals that can be prepared when completing certain tasks in the game.

The Odd Jobs task is one with lots of opportunities to earn some extra simoleons (game currency), which can be spent on items you find interesting. 

As one of the missions needed to complete the Odd Jobs task, you would need to cook a Kalua Pork, which can be quite difficult to find using the standard tips and guides being provided to you in the game. 

Luckily, this can be easily solved. On one of the expansion packs, you get to explore the tropical regions of the Sulani Islands. 

Located at a portion of the island in Ohan’ali town center, there is a familiar-looking pit across the beach.

If you guessed ‘Imu’, then you are correct. Interact and cook the Kalua Pork in this familiar-looking pit.

Can You Cook Kalua Pork Fast?

kalua pork and rice

Sadly, it does take a while for your Kalua Pork to be fully prepared. But after some time, your Kalua pork should be ready and you can finally complete the task. 

If you do have a lot of simoleons to spare, you can purchase a banana leaf grill from the store.

Tip: This should be enough to cook your Kalua Pork and it should be faster on the grill than when using the cooking pit or Imu.


There you have it. Everything you need on how to cook Kalua Pork Sims 4, As well as how to make it in the comfort of your kitchen.  

Kalua pork is quite delicious when made properly, and even though some might argue with its mode of cooking, you can’t deny its juicy lovely taste. 

Following the guide above should really help improve your cooking skill not just in The Sims 4 game but in real life. 

With that being said, do check out our website for more engaging articles like these, as you are guaranteed to learn something new.