what goes well with broccoli cheddar soup

It might be tough to think of what goes well with broccoli cheddar soup because of its rich and powerful taste.

This blog will reveal some of the greatest combinations. Keep reading!

Bread bowl, Garlic bread hot dogs, Potato and Cheese mashed potato puffs, leek waffles, Honeycrisp apple salad, Cheese and Garlic Crack Bread, and more are good sides for broccoli cheese soup.

What Is Broccoli Cheddar Soup?

what ois the broccoli cheddar soup

Broccoli cheddar soup is creamy comfort food made with cheddar cheese and tender broccoli.

It’s thick and substantial, with flavors that will leave you wanting more.

Its tastes are derived from butter, stock, aromatics, and some vegetables to give it a nutritious kick.

What Goes Well with Broccoli Cheddar Soup?

There are various sides to broccoli cheese soup that complement its flavors and richness without overshadowing it.

Here are our favorite sides to go with this soup.

1. Fries

Fries are the greatest comfort food in many areas of the globe, and they go well with broccoli cheddar soup.

You may prepare your fries from any potato, even sweet potatoes, which taste well with your soup.

2. Pasta Salad

a pasta salad

Pasta salad and broccoli cheddar soup may both be healthful on their own.

However, when you mix them, you know you get a broad variety of nutrients as well as a highly pleasant combination.

To make a perfect complement to your soup, make a pasta salad using penne or fusilli and vegetables of your choosing.

3. Coleslaw

What pairs well with broccoli cheddar soup?

The sour flavor of coleslaw makes it an excellent complement to broccoli cheddar soup because of its versatility.

In the summertime, coleslaw is traditionally served with grilled meals.

The contrasting tastes of the soup and the slaw work so well together to provide a satisfying meal that can be prepared in a short time for supper.

4. Steak

a steak

Broccoli cheddar soup is good for some people, but if you want more substance in your lunch, serve some steak.

Regardless of what you serve it with, steak is always a winner.

Some people like spreading the broccoli cheese soup on top as a sauce since it is already flavorful.

Even dipping the meat into the soup is encouraged by some.

5. Side Salad

Broccoli cheese soup may be fairly filling, particularly with cream or milk.

A sweet and acidic side salad may cut the richness and provide a more balanced lunch.

Whether you use spring kale, arugula, frisee, or another basis, a vinegar-based dressing will add brightness to your dish owing to the zing and tanginess of the vinegar or vinaigrette.

Tip: This dish can be ready in only five minutes, so there's no excuse not to include it on your dinner table.

6. Homemade Naan Bread

a naan bread

It is amazing how simple it is to prepare this homemade garlic naan bread that is soft, chewy, and highly tasty.

It is a wonderful accompaniment to various foods, including broccoli and cheddar soup.

Naan bread is often served in Indian cuisine, but it is versatile enough to fit any meal where it may be used as an edible scoop to pick up sauce or dip.

7. Sandwich with Grilled Cheese

There is no such thing as having too much cheese. 

You would assume that Grilled Cheese Sandwiches go best with tomato soup, but they’re also a great option when you’re stuck for anything to eat with broccoli cheddar soup.

These are both soothing and timeless. We will always like a golden sandwich stuffed with cheese, regardless of age.

8. Potato Salad

We usually consider salads with plenty of fresh veggies as nice sides for broccoli cheddar soup, but this potato salad would work well.

If you chill your potato salad before serving it, you’ll have the option of having a chilly side dish to go along with your hot soup.

The simplicity of this recipe ensures that the flavors will not overwhelm you while you are trying to enjoy your soup.

Simply by adding a dollop of soup to your potato salad, you can make it taste almost exactly like loaded potatoes!

9. Muffins

a muffins

What goes well with broccoli cheddar soup? Muffins go nicely with broccoli cheddar soups, and these cornmeal muffins make an excellent side dish.

Keto cornbread muffins taste and texture like traditional corn but are prepared without cornmeal.

You’ll adore mixing them with this sort of creamy soup since they’re so simple to create.

10. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Those who want bread with a little more zing may choose a basic grilled cheese sandwich.

While tomato soup is often served with these sandwiches, broccoli cheddar soup complements them, giving cheesiness a whole new meaning.

The sandwich will add taste and complexity, mainly if you use a variety of cheeses.

If you want additional protein, you may add some ham or bacon for a balanced supper that's satisfying and comforting.

11. Roasted Vegetables

a roasted vegetables

If you have trouble eating your vegetables, you’ve already taken a step in the right way by contemplating broccoli cheddar soup for supper.

How about including some vegetables in your broccoli cheddar soup sides?

Tip: Don't worry; this recipe doesn't call for additional broccoli, but you can undoubtedly roast some among your other vegetables if you wish.

12. Grilled Kielbasa

If you don’t like steak, consider another sort of protein: sausages.

This Polish sausage has depth and complexity, particularly when well grilled. When this occurs, the meatiness and fluids of the flesh come through.

The spices in the kielbasa go well with the broccoli cheddar soup. The addition of kielbasa adds a layer of salinity and umami to the meal and a savory taste.

13. Cauliflower Rice

a cauliflower rice

If you’re in the mood for rice but want to try something different, Cauliflower Rice could be the answer!

Pulse your cauliflower into rice-sized granules in a food processor.

This is exactly how to make cauliflower rice to accompany your broccoli cheddar soup!

14. Fried Beans

Fried beans will surprise you with how well they go with broccoli cheddar soup. You may eat them as a side dish or mix them into soup.

Make your fried beans hot to acquire a more authentic Mexican flavor and showcase your soup’s creamy texture.

15. Fried Bacon

Fried bacon is a great side dish and a topping for many recipes. It works well with spaghetti, omelets, stews, and soups.

You may cut the bacon into cubes and put it on top of your broccoli cheddar soup, or you can eat it in thin, crispy slices beside your bowl.

In either case, you’ll be pleased with the end outcome.

16.  Hot Dogs

a hotdogs

Hot dogs may be your favorite street snack, but have you ever had one with your broccoli cheddar soup?

You’re losing out if you don’t. Hot dogs are a terrific side dish for any soup since they round out your meal and offer you the best of both worlds.

When preparing your hot dogs, we suggest concentrating on flavors like garlic and rosemary and limiting the mustard.

They’ll taste much better next to your soup this way.

17. Crispy Kale

Crispy kale is simple to prepare if you have kale on hand and adds an intriguing texture and taste to your soup.

You can have your crispy kale with broccoli cheddar soup, a cheese topping on top or a dipping cheese sauce.

Tip: However, you may also throw it on top of the soup, losing its crispiness but blending the tastes delightfully.

18. Sweet and Spicy Chicken.

a sweet and spicy chicken

Sweet and spicy chicken is a popular Asian dish often served with rice.

However, you may serve this with your broccoli cheddar soup for a full taste profile.

If you want to make the meal full, add the rice as well, although it may be a bit much given how high calories the broccoli cheddar soup is.

19. Tortilla Wraps

Tortilla wraps may be produced in several ways. Fill them with vegetables, beans, or even meat and potatoes.

All you’ll need is a broccoli cheddar soup to make your wrap.

This kind of side dish combines distinct flavors and different textures. And it might quickly become your favorite supper option.

20. Wedges

a wedges

You’ll have the ultimate comfort meal if you serve wedges made of ordinary or sweet potatoes with your broccoli cheddar soup.

They will taste much better with a cheddar topping or a cheese sauce of your choosing.

21. Nachos

Nachos are widely available in supermarkets and come in various tastes such as cheese, paprika, and spicy.

All varieties of nachos work well with broccoli cheddar soup, mainly if the soup is creamy and thick.

Final Verdict

You’ll never have to wonder what goes well with broccoli cheddar soup again.

Thanks to this extensive selection of the above recipes that make the ideal accompaniments for broccoli cheddar soup.

Thanks for reading!