can you freeze chocolate ganache

Can you freeze chocolate ganache? Ganache can be kept safe to eat and used in many other recipes if stored the right way.

We answer all of your questions about freezing chocolate in this blog post.

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Ganache may be refrigerated for two weeks and frozen since it is a stable combination. Unused ganache may be frozen for three months. Thaw ganache overnight in the fridge before using.

Can You Freeze Chocolate Ganache?

can freeze chocolate ganache

Yes, Ganache is a weight-equal blend of chocolate and cream.

Ganache is created in its most basic form by boiling cream, pouring the hot cream over the chopped chocolate, and whisking the mixture until the chocolate is completely melted and mixed.

In addition to butter for creamier flavoring extracts and texture or oils, other frequent additives include these:

Ganache that is more “loose” or “soft” at room temperature is ideal for filling chocolate molds and adorning desserts, such as cakes.

More chocolate provides a "firm" ganache that hardens when refrigerated. This ganache is rolled in cocoa powder to make truffles.

Can you freeze chocolate cake with ganache icing? You can freeze cakes that have already been ganache.

I’ve done it, and the cake turned out fine.

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I would suggest that you let it firm up first in the fridge and then wrap the whole cake in several layers of cling film, making sure all the air is out.

Just put it in a cake box and freeze it.

How To Freeze Chocolate Ganache

how freeze chocolate ganache

Freezing chocolate ganache is a simple method that requires little to no preparation.

The essential thing to remember is to keep air out of the ganache since this will dry it out and create a freezer burn.

Follow these steps to freeze your ganache:

Step#1. Allow It To Cool

Make sure that the chocolate Ganache is cool.

Put it on a cooling rack because it must be at room temperature. And let it cool for two hours.

Note: It's very important to wait until the ganache has cooled down because the steam will fill the container with water, which will turn into ice crystals and ruin the ganache.

Also, the hot ganache could momentarily change the freezer’s temperature, which could slightly thaw food that was stored there.

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Step#2. Portioning

portion ganache

Depending on how you plan to use your ganache, it may be easier to divide it into pieces before freezing it.

This is very important if the ganache is used more than once. It’s best to have more than you need so you don’t have to defrost more than you need.

Step#3. Packaging

Cover your Ganache before putting it in the freezer so germs and other smells can’t get in.

You can cover up your ganache in one of the ways described here.

Airtight Container

Find a suitable container. Ideally, one that doesn’t let air in.

You can wrap the ganache in cling film if you don’t have anything else, but this could get messy.

Fill the container with the ganache. Put some cling film over the ganache, and then tightly close the container.

If you’d rather use freezer bags, squeeze out all the air before you seal them.

Tip: Cover any exposed surfaces with cling film to keep them from getting the freezer burned. This will also stop skin from forming on top of the ganache.

Ice Cubes Tray

use ice cube tray

If you use an ice cube tray, put the ganache in each space.

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Make sure to leave a small space at the top of each slot so that the ganache has room to grow when it freezes.

Step#4. Refrigerate

Put the chocolate ganache in the refrigerator for three hours or until it is cold.

This will help the ganache keep its shape and help it freeze well.

Step#5. Label and Freeze

Take a marker pen and write down the date you created the ganache and the date it should be consumed.

The ganache would endure months at temperatures below 0°F.

However, as time passes, the quality continues to deteriorate.

Take great notice of the storage date to use the filling within a month for the best quality.

Tips for Freezing Chocolate Ganache

tips for freezing

Now that you know how to freeze it, here are some things you should do to get the best results when freezing chocolate ganache:

Keep Ganache Separate from the Other Foods

Don’t put ganache near things with strong smells, like onion, because the taste of these things will get into the ganache.

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Before putting anything in the freezer, it is important to keep strong smells from getting in.

Speed Up the Process of Mixing

When the ganache is defrosted, any grainy spots will need to be removed.

White Chocolate Is Something You Should Avoid

White chocolate doesn’t melt as quickly as dark chocolate, and it has a grainy texture. You don’t want your ganache to be at all grainy.

Check the Temperature

  1. Before you put your ganache in the freezer, make sure the temperature in the freezer hasn’t changed. (This will keep it from going bad or changing shape in the future.)
  2. Let the ganache cool completely before putting it in the freezer. This will help it keep its shape and texture.
  3. Freeze the ganache in separate pieces to take out what you need.

How To Defrost Chocolate Ganache?

defrosting chocolate ganache

It is very important to heat ganache the right way if you want to keep its rich flavor and texture.

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You can warm up ganache at room temperature or in a double boiler on the stove.

If you don’t follow the steps below for reheating chocolate ganache, you could ruin the whole batch.

Room Temperature

The best way to thaw chocolate ganache that has been chilled or frozen is to leave it at room temperature until it has softened.

Just put your ganache container on the counter and give it some time to soften.

This can take as little as 15–30 minutes if your ganache is in the fridge, but it will take about an hour if frozen.

If you let your ganache slowly come to room temperature, it will keep its original consistency.

This is the method I use almost every time I need to get ready to use chilled ganache. You should use this method as long as you have time to let the ganache soften at room temperature.

Note: Once your ganache has softened, stir it to ensure that any separation has been mixed back together.

Double Boiler

the double boiler

If you don’t have much time and need to heat your ganache quickly, you will need a double boiler.

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To heat ganache that has been refrigerated or frozen, put a couple of inches of water in the bottom pot of a double boiler and put the ganache in the top pot.

Turn the heat down to medium-low and stir the ganache until it’s the consistency you want.

When rewarming ganache in a double boiler, it's important to keep a close eye on it, so it doesn't burn. 

Stir your ganache constantly as it warms up, and take it out of the double boiler as soon as it has softened.

This is the fastest and safest way to warm up your ganache, so if you don’t have time to let it thaw at room temperature, this is the way to go.

FAQs About Can You Freeze Chocolate Ganache

questions about chocolate ganache

Do you have any additional questions related to freezing chocolate? The following are some of the other questions that are often asked.

What happens If You Put the Ganache in The Freezer?

The first is that when the ganache thaws, it will lose some of its shine and glossy look.

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The second problem is that, depending on the chocolates used, the ganache might not set when it’s frozen.

If you only used dark (bittersweet) chocolate, the ganache should be set up when it freezes.

Can Ganache be Frozen and Thawed Again?

You shouldn’t put the ganache back in the freezer after it has been thawed.

The ganache should be used within a few days and thrown away as soon as it starts to harden or change the texture.

Can You Microwave Ganache?

No, don’t microwave chocolate ganache. Burning ganache in the microwave changes its taste and consistency.

Even while monitoring intently, the microwave will burn your ganache. This will spoil your ganache, so you’ll have to start again or trash the recipe.

Final Verdict

Can you freeze chocolate ganache? Yes, chocolate ganache can be frozen, especially if you want to keep it for more than two weeks.

Even though ganache is made with dairy, it freezes really well. And it doesn’t take much work to freeze.

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