what to do with canned sweet potatoes

What to do with canned sweet potatoes? Canned sweet potatoes are not only processed but also partially cooked.

If you’re wondering what you can do with canned sweet potatoes, keep reading because we’ll go over many uses for canned potatoes as well as some of their health benefits.

Candied yams, Sweet Potato Soup, Sweet Potato Biscuits, Sweet Potato Muffins, Sweet Potato Cake, and Sweet Potato Marshmallow Bars are just a few of the delightful recipes that may be made using canned sweet potatoes.

What To Do with Canned Sweet Potatoes?

do with canned sweet potatoes

Canned sweet potatoes can be used to produce a variety of delectable recipes, including:

1. Sweet Potato Muffins

Muffins are the perfect way to use up canned sweet potatoes! This recipe yields twelve muffins and has all of the standard muffin ingredients, plus a can of sweet potatoes.

The topping comprises flour, brown sugar, butter, and vanilla extract. These do take a little longer to bake, perhaps 25 minutes.

These would also make excellent presents and are simple to package and distribute at work!

2. Sweet Potato Bread

When you want a decadent slice of bread, recipes using canned sweet potatoes may!

This delicious sweet potato bread boasts the distinct aromas of chai spice.

Reduce the pumpkin quantity and add one banana if you want a touch of banana.

If you want to add some micro chocolate chips, go ahead.  It’s tasty, but if you want to add icing or glaze on top, go ahead!

It is critical to measure carefully while making this loaf so that the bread does not turn out overly wet or too dry.

Pumpkin pie spice might be used in place of the chai spice. When planning, remember that it takes an hour or more to bake.

3. Creamy Sweet Potato Cookies with Cinnamon Frosting

a sweet potato cookies

Cookie recipes made with canned sweet potatoes are delicious!

The cinnamon cream cheese frosting lends delightful richness to every mouthful of these sweet potato cookies.

You can’t beat a can of yams that can be used as a side dish or a dessert! In this cookie recipe, there is one unique step.

A minimum of an hour must elapse between preparing the batter and placing it on the cookie sheet for baking. 

Cream cheese, butter, cinnamon, and vanilla flavor the icing.

4. Sweet Potatoes Casserole With Marshmallows

What can I do with canned sweet potatoes?

One of the most common ways to utilize canned sweet potatoes is in a sweet potato casserole, complete with marshmallows on top.

Canned sweet potatoes, butter, egg, cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg, vanilla, and those gorgeous little marshmallows are all included.

Super well-liked and straightforward!

5. Sweet Potatoes Salad with Canned Yams

sweet potatoes salad with yams

Excellent meal, which utilizes canned yams in a way you wouldn’t expect! Sweet potatoes are a great addition to a salad!

With soft sweet potatoes and cooked eggs, creamy mayo, crisp green onions, and celery, or Miracle Whip, this dish have it all!

Because the sweet potatoes are fully cooked, all that remains is to drain and chop!

All ingredients should be sliced and diced before being added and combined.

This salad is best served cold and after many hours of chilling.

6. Sweet Potato Dinner Roll

What to make with canned sweet potatoes? Here’s an unusual way to use canned sweet potatoes: make dinner rolls!

They’re simple to create and turn out fluffy and cuddly!

These rolls do not taste like sweet potatoes, but they contribute to flavor, and the yeast in the recipe consumes the sugar in the sweet potatoes, resulting in a new flavor.

This is an easy-to-follow recipe that requires an hour of rising time for the dough.

When it is time to bake, it is split into 16 balls and allowed to rise slightly again.

7. Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potato Soup

a sweet potato soup

Soup and canned sweet potato dishes go together like marshmallows and campfires!

Because the recipe uses canned sweet potatoes, this sweet and spicy sweet potato soup may be cooked all year!

Tart apples, spicy ginger, and a hint of lime are among the zesty tastes.

It begins with sautéed shallots in oil, followed by Granny Smith or McIntosh apples, lime zest, ginger, red pepper flakes, and cayenne pepper, then simmered until the apples are tender.

The stock, sweet potatoes, and salt are then added, and the mixture is heated to a boil.

The smoothness is due to using an immersion blender at the end! When serving, add a swirl of heavy cream.

8. Crock Pot Sweet Potatoes Casserole

Canned yam dishes are just as simple and tasty as canned sweet potato recipes.

What’s even better is making your favorite sweet potato dish in the slow cooker.

This is quite useful if you have many products that need oven time.

Canned sweet potatoes, butter, brown sugar, heavy cream, eggs, and cinnamon are among the ingredients.

In the final five minutes, little marshmallows are added for just the correct amount of melting.

Making this dish in a slow cooker also makes it simple to double the recipe if extra is required.

It is ready to serve after four hours!

9. Candied Yams

make a candied yams

Recipes made using canned yams that are labeled candied yams exude sweetness!

I learned something new here since I had always heard of candied yams and had even tasted them before, but I had never prepared them myself.

I was astounded at how simple it was. Drain and place the yams in a baking dish.

Cut the butter into thin pieces and distribute them evenly over the yams. Sprinkle with brown sugar, salt, and vanilla, and bake.

There’s plenty of space for more spices if desired!

10. Sweet Potato Banana Crunch

Several canned sweet potato recipes include another fruit, and this one does as well!

This dish is anything from average since it includes a banana and Cornflakes!

It comes together quickly with canned sweet potatoes, eggs, sugar, vanilla, banana, and salt combined in a casserole dish with pecans.

Alter rows of small marshmallows and the brown sugar, Cornflakes, and butter mixture for the topping.

11. Sweet Potato Sheet Cake

make sweet potato sheet cake

This traditional sheet cake recipe yields a dark-colored cake with cream cheese icing that resembles a spice cake.

Two cans of yams in syrup are required.

The mixture is cooked in two separate sheets or cake pans, resulting in two layers of cake with cream cheese icing in between and on top!

The chopped toasted pecans improve both the look and the flavor!

12. Sweet Potato Pie

Last but not least, we offer one of the best sweet potato pies ever. Most individuals have their own sweet potato pie recipes, but this one is worth a go.

It takes little more than an hour to prepare. However, the majority of that time is spent cooking.

You’ll need canned sweet potatoes, butter, sugar, evaporated milk, eggs, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt to prepare.

13. Sweet Potato Dump Cake

Dump cakes are a popular treat, and they are now one of the ways to utilize canned sweet potatoes!

make sweet potato dump cake

It is, after all, a dessert since a yellow boxed cake mix is utilized. Orange juice and brown sugar are incorporated into the sweet potatoes!

Pecans, or any nut, provide crunch but may be left out if you choose!

Savory and sweet go so well together! It’s really simple to create!

14. Sweet Potato Souffle Dip

Try this sweet potato souffle dip if you’re searching for a quick and easy way to eat sweet potatoes. It takes around 20 minutes to prepare and is quite tasty.

Pecans, canned sweet potatoes, cinnamon, brown sugar, allspice, and cream cheese are included.

It’s like a smaller, creamier, less difficult version of sweet potato casserole when you top it with the toasted marshmallow cream.

If you’re making it for the kids, serve it with crackers.

15. Sweet Potatoes with Fruits

the sweet potato and fruits

To round up this selection of canned sweet potato dishes, I’ve included an odd recipe.

Pineapple and golden raisins are the fruits used in this recipe.

Canned sweet potatoes,  pumpkin pie spice, crushed pineapple,  brown sugar, whiskey, golden raisins, chopped walnuts, shredded coconut, and salt are all combined in a casserole dish.

Combine, pour, and bake!

This side dish is sure to turn heads and will be requested again and again!

Final Verdict

What to do with canned sweet potatoes?

There are several canned sweet potato recipes that may lead you down a fun rabbit hole, filling your recipe box with amazing ideas for future cooking chances, as discussed above.

Thank you for dropping by to find out what to do with canned sweet potatoes or yams, and happy cooking!