what goes with ham sandwiches

Okay, so you are wondering what goes with ham sandwiches. You are not alone!

To this day, ham sandwiches remain a popular lunchtime option. If you wish to serve this American favorite, you may be at a loss as to what to use as a side dish.

Sure, ham is the star of the show no matter the occasion, but what to serve with ham sandwiches?

From crunchy coleslaw and tomato soup to ride pudding and macaroni and cheese, you can choose from a long list of sides to serve with ham sandwiches. 

Making Every Occasion Special with Ham

make the occasion special with ham sandwich

For so many people, ham is inextricably linked to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

It has always been the center of attention, no matter what.

Sharing this tender, flavorful meat with your loved ones is one of the best things to do.

But, interestingly, after the Christmas meal is complete, it is no surprise that ham sandwiches are frequently eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And there are never any complaints because you may switch up the condiments and sides served with the sandwiches daily. 

What Goes with Ham Sandwiches Perfectly?

what goes with ham sandwich perfectly

No doubt, ham sandwiches are just delicious on their own, but you can enhance the appeal by going with some unique sides.

So, what can you serve with ham sandwiches? Here are some options to consider: 

Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is the ultimate comfort food. It is sweet and creamy, and it goes wonderfully with the ham.

A bit reluctant to choose it for its carb content? Don’t worry! If you want a more nutritious rice pudding, try using brown rice instead of white.

What’s more, half-and-half can be swapped out for skim milk to cut calories and fat. 

Ambrosia Salad

an ambosia salad

The smokiness of the ham is brought out by the tropical flavors in the ambrosia salad.

No one can say no to a hearty bowl of ambrosia salad along with a juicy ham sandwich.

This tasty salad can be prepared with either cream cheese, sour cream, or cool whip.

Go with a cherry-topped Ambrosia salad with a dollop of whipped cream and you will love it even more. 

Mac & Cheese

The rich and savory taste of Mac & Cheese can quickly transform your ham sandwich into a creamy delight.

When you prepare macaroni and cheese, be sure to load it up with cheese. Melted cheese complements the dryness of the sandwich and makes it irresistible.

If you are pairing your ham sandwich with mac & cheese, you can give it a unique touch by using cheeses like feta or smoked cheddar.

You will simply love the robust flavor they bring to your sandwich. 

Tomato Soup

the tomato soup

It is just impossible to resist the combination of grilled cheese and tomato soup.

But a little risk-taking never hurts anyone, does it?

It won’t, at least not in this case, as tomato soup is yet another great companion for ham sandwiches.

What is amazing about this pair is that your tastebuds will get to experience a variety of contrasting sensations (savory, sweet, and acidic).

Fact: Going with tomato soup is a great choice because it only needs onions, tomatoes, and some butter to get everything ready. 

Clam Chowder

the clam chowder

If you are craving a dish with a lot of flavors, try this side.

The chowder is the definition of homey comfort food, with its savory blend of milk, clams, butter, potatoes, and bacon.

There will be a wonderful harmony of tastes and textures when you add a ham sandwich to the mix. 

Fruit Salad

What would help you make your ham sandwich a bit healthier? Some fruits would do, right?

Fruit salad is a refreshing and nutritious option for any meal. When paired with ham sandwiches, this makes for a filling and easy-to-make lunch.

The interesting thing is that any fruit will do for your fruit salad.

Tip: When making a fruit salad, you can prevent the quick browning of apples by brushing them with a bit of lemon juice just before serving. 

Potato Soup

the potato soup

Soup seems to be the ideal companion for ham sandwiches and that is mainly because it helps balance out the flavors. 

We have already covered tomato soup, but potato soup is the way to go if you need something richer.

Because potatoes are a starchy vegetable, pairing them with a starchy food like ham sandwiches makes for a filling meal.

It is the perfect combination of creamy potato, salty bacon, and tangy sour cream that makes this soup so delicious. 

Potato Salad

When you believe potatoes have to be around where there are ham sandwiches on your table, try a potato salad instead of soup.

You can quickly make a salad if you have some red potatoes, dill, and Dijon dressing on hand. 

Within minutes, it will be ready. Just try it with a ham sandwich for a delicious summertime meal!

The good thing is that it will be lighter in texture and flavor than traditional potato salads, thanks to the sauce and dill. 


the coleslow

Coleslaw is a great choice if you like to contrast one dish’s softness with another’s crunchiness.

The crunch of the carrots and cabbage is just what you need to break up the monotony of the ham and the bread.

To top it all off, it tastes great too!

Tip: To jazz up your coleslaw, you can use not only the standard fare, but also some walnuts or even raisins. 

Deviled Eggs

When you cannot find anything else, use eggs to your advantage. And you can use them in so many ways to complement your ham sandwiches.

A great idea is to turn them into deviled eggs. They go wonderfully with ham sandwiches, are simple to prepare, and are delicious. 

What Cheese Goes with Ham Sandwich?

You may have learned a bit about the best sides to serve with your ham sandwich, but there is something more to the story.

To make those sandwiches awesome, you need to combine them with the right cheese.

Here are some great options to consider: 

Swiss Cheese

a swiss cheese

Can you separate swiss cheese from a ham sandwich? Well, pretty hard to do, isn’t it?

When combined, Swiss cheese and ham are a tried-and-true classic. These days, you can find different varieties of swiss cheese, and they may even be characteristically similar to Emmental cheese.

Their distinctive nuttiness and earthiness make them stand out.

But, you will also love that salt, slightly pungent flavor of Swiss cheese when paired with your ham sandwich. 


Brie is an easily spreadable soft cheese with a slightly sharp flavor. You may even get hints of grass and mushrooms in its earthy flavor.

The exterior of this cheese has a greyish hue, while the interior is creamy white.

The best part is that it develops a deeper scent and richer, earthier flavors as it ages, making it a perfect choice for your ham sandwiches. 


the cheddar cheese

Both the flavor and accessibility of cheddar make it a popular choice for pairing with ham.

Cheddar cheese has a buttery, slightly salty, yet tangy flavor, and that flavor profile gets sharper as it ages.

The saltiness of the ham complements the savory cheese just perfectly. You can make it work even better when pairing it with honey-glazed ham. 


In particular, smoked Gouda is a fantastic complement to ham.

Fresh Gouda is known for its fudgy flavor with notes of nuts and fruits. With its great taste and gorgeous yellow, it compliments different kinds of meat, including ham and bacon.

What’s more, it is popular because it makes it quite simple to mix up a quick and delicious Gouda and ham melt. 

Additional Options to Consider

an additional options

Other than these four cheese options, you can also try some other varieties.

For instance:

  • Gruyere
  • Red Leicester
  • Parmesan
  • Velveeta

Just experiment a bit with different varieties until you find the best one to complement your ham sandwiches.

Fact: The sweetness of Gouda complements the tartness of fruit preserves, making it a standard component of charcuterie platters.


So, what goes with ham sandwiches? You already know the answer now, don’t you?

Of course, it ultimately depends on what you and your guests like.

But, anything from rice pudding, mac & cheese, and clam chowder to tomato soup, fruit salad, and coleslaw works just fine.

Pick whatever you like, but to make it irresistible, be sure to use the right cheese type for your ham sandwiches.